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Chapter 16 - Derek POV


“I’m really confused.” Aiden told me. “I don’t really know how to explain it.” I admitted to him. We were walking calmly to get ice-cream. Georgina was walking in front of me talking to Sean and Taylor. This was all very confusing. “Last year, we didn’t have the pressure of so many other royals. I just let the guards beat up whoever they wanted then we just kind of just said hello when we saw the others and all did group workouts.” I told him. “So the royals join in the workout?” he asked really confused. “Pretty much.” I told him. “Alysa’s very quiet.” Aiden told me. Looking at Georgina. “Yeah she wants a peaceful year and is quiet shy.” I told him shrugging. “So you’re all just friends?” Aiden asked us. “Yeah we are. So can we just be friends?” I asked him. “Yeah sounds good it sounds less awkward than calling you both your majesty’s in the human world.” he told me shrugging. “Yeah it’s why we like it.” “I’ll introduce you to everyone properly
later all the guards are doing different subjects we try to act human as possible. If you need any help you just need to ask Spencer.” I told him smiling. We walked into the ice-cream Parlour. I noticed that the others were doing well mixing. Hannah and Paula where sat talking to their human roommates in a booth with Lady Tamzin and her 2 guards just talking about how amazing everything was with this college. Sam and Spencer were sat talking to Paige and 2 other human friends, with Sep, Jessie, Leona and Grace. Talking about their first day back tomorrows plan. Peter and Kye were sat with Erin chatting. I couldn’t help but smile at everyone. Lord Greg was sat kissing his girlfriend. “Wow you’re really telling the truth you mix well?” Aiden said impressed. “One day if all goes well all of us will be able to.” I told him honestly. “We are hoping to bring mixing lessons into schools, to help ease this shock.” Sean told him smiling. “Ice-cream?” I asked them. Sean sat with Taylor and Georgina they were talking about the best place they could find Wind on campus. They all nodded. I pointed them over to the other lords table. I noticed Prince Aiden looking at Hannah. I couldn’t help but smile. “That’s Hannah she is training to be an accountant.” I told him smiling. He
looked at me confused wondering why I was telling him that. Sam was chewing her hair, but was looking proudly around the room at everyone. Soon everyone started going off to do their own things I was very proud of them all. I sat with the young prince and lord. Sam left with her group I didn’t know where to but I got a text a few minutes later.
Sam – That went well.
I had to smile. “Well I’m glad you’re all settled.” I told them calmly as I noticed Georgina Sean and Taylor getting ready to leave. “If you do need any help at all please let me no. you won’t see me and Alysa much” I told them “except in here we eat an awful lot of icecream.” Georgina said coming over. She smiled at them. My phone beeped in my pocket and I pulled it out.
Sam – Gone to talk to Mrs Morton and Sarah.
Sam had texted me.
I texted her back really quickly.
Derek – Wait for me.
Sam – To late Spencer and I are almost there.
Derek – What part of rest do you not understand?
Sam – Love you
I handed my phone to Sean he read the messages and laughed. “Can you actually control your sister?” I asked him. “No. I don’t think anyone could.” He told me laughing. Georgina read the texts and laughed as well. “She gets away with way too much.” Taylor said reading it laughing. Both the royals looked at us confused. “It seems my cousin has been dragged out by one of my guards.” I told them calmly. “Well I’m going to retire tonight I will see you all tomorrow after classes for a 20 mile run.” I told them. “See you tomorrow.” Georgina said smiling at them. I really weirdly took her hand. “This isn’t awkward.” Georgina told me when we were out of ear shot. “I know but it will have to work.” I told her. We got back to the girls apartment where Judah was stood cooking still. “Wow you weren’t kidding about the meals?” I asked him shocked. “No I wasn’t kidding.” He told me. “I leave tomorrow can you actually sort the mess out by then?” Judah asked worriedly. “I don’t know. I think it would have just been easier to say Sam was Alysa and not have her as a guard this year.” I admitted. “She’s still a sitting target.” Sean pointed out. “I’m going to go back home. We’re going to make a big thing of me leaving.
To go sort something out somewhere in the world.” Georgina explained. “I just want to get Sam reconnected to air before I go.” she told me. “Where is Sam?” Judah asked. “Getting into trouble somewhere.” Taylor told him. I texted Sam.
Derek – have you got to Mrs M’s?
Sam – We are at her house. Join us for tea?
I sighed “anyone fancy tea with Sarah I asked. “I will come.” Sean told me standing up. So we went to have tea with the old Amaris and her Halfling daughter.

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