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Chapter 17 - Spencer POV


“You okay Sam?” I asked her she looked even paler than normal. “I’m fine I really do want ice-cream with everyone. Catch up before class tomorrow.” She told me with a smile. So we went for ice-cream. Chatting with the others about what they did for summer. Sepiah told them how she went to Egypt for a few weeks with her parents. Which was true we all kind of separated for a little bit. “I went home for a few weeks beat up my siblings boring really.” I told them. I had 2 weeks at home with my siblings most of my summer was taken up by missions. “I saw my brothers and baby niece and nephews.” Sam told her with a smile. She pulled out pictures. “Aww there so cute.” Leona told her looking at the pictures. We all joked about for a while. We noticed the others start to go. “So you and your husband?” Paige asked Sam watching Derek go to another table, rather than joining us like normal. “Are going through some problems.” Sam told her sadly. I
watched her look at Derek sadly. For god sake there plans really did suck. They were both going to be sneaking around again. Why not just come out to the new Amaris and tell them Sam was Alysa and Georgina her bodyguard be so much simpler. Because they didn’t do simple. “What’s up with the two of you?” Zach asked her worriedly. I think they all were shocked she had got married so young and already going through problems. “Just.” She stopped herself as she noticed the others moving. “I’ll explain tomorrow in class.” Sam told him looking sad. He looked confused. But she smiled at him. “We will work it out. I like to prove Mrs Morton wrong.” Sam told him smiling. “Please tell me you’re not going to pick on her as much this year.” Zach asked her laughing. “Actually she picks on me.” Sam told him with a smile. “If she picks on you just ignore her.” Leona suggested. “I can’t do that it would make class to boring.” Sam told her. We all laughed. I looked around the room everyone was blending in nicely. I was very shocked and impressed with Hannah and her friend. I remembered her from the wedding she had seemed so shy. But she was being so friendly to her human roommates, I could hear there talk about TV shows they all watched. When they
left with their roommates it was kind of a hint we had been here a long time. “So what are everyone’s plans for the rest of day?” I asked them all. “Just going to go play snooker if you fancy it.” Tyler said shrugging. “I’m up for a game.” Jessie said with a smile. “Sounds good.” I said. “I would join but I got to go talk to Sarah.” Sam said. “Why?” I asked her, “whose Sarah?” Paige asked her confused. “A weird relative of Derek’s and mine.” I said shrugging. “I’ll come.” I told her looking at her worried. We all said are goodbyes and split up. “You okay?” I double checked with her. “It went well.” she told me with a smile. “Yeah but it’s a year of the two of you pretending to not be together and all our friends know you are.” I told her. “I don’t know Spencer, I’m letting others arrange the plan I’m too tired.” Sam told me. “I think you should have just come clean and admitted you and Derek are together, who you are and if people try killing you we will deal with it.” I told her. “That’s the problem we don’t know who wants me dead. At least we can act like friends.” Sam told me shrugging. We went to my car, it wasn’t the same as the others and it made a change Sam letting me drive. She said she preferred to be behind the wheel after an escape plan went crazy. Knowing
her plans I was surprised they all didn’t. We arrived at Sarah’s house 10 minutes later. Mrs Morton’s little car sat in the drive I parked behind it. Sam had texted Derek. “This is a lot for your first day out of bed.” I told her worriedly. “I’m fine.” Sam told me with a smile. “Hi Mrs Morton.” I said to our teacher as she answered the door. “Victoria. Outside of class remember.” She told me with an honest smile. It was still awkward. She watched Sam confused like always. We went in. We got greeted by 3 very energetic dogs. Sam really surprised me all the time. She started fussing over the dogs straight away. “You look ill.” our teacher finally said to Sam. “I almost died a few times this summer. I’m just tired.” Sam told her shrugging. “You almost died a few times?” our teacher asked her. I think she never knew when to take Sam serious. I nodded. “Come on I’ll put the kettle on. Mum will want an update.” She told me. She still didn’t actually know who Sam was. She still thought she was just a guard. “You have 3 new royals and guards this year.” Sam warned her. She sighed, “Are they as bad as you lot?” she asked us. I had to smile at her. Sam and Mrs Morton actually had a funny relationship but they got on well. “Can anyone be as bad as me?” Sam asked her
honestly. I laughed “do you have a lecture my first lesson with them?” Mrs Morton asked handing me her time table. It was a lot less stressful than mine. “No.” I said looking at it. “Then you two will be my teachers aid that class just tomorrow. You can tell my class how much work it is and just to drop it.” She told us smiling. “You really need to work on your motivational speaking.” I told her. “Yeah says the person who had to keep asking Derek what someone said in court this summer. Then when you finally managed to use a different language insult a king” Sam teased me. “You should all just be forced to talk one language not 8000 at once.” I told her. It was so confusing and hard to follow. “Well you can put that as one of the agendas.” Sam told me with a smile. We walked into the sitting room where Sarah was sat. “Oh hello dears.” The really old Amaris said with a smile. “Hello.” I said politely. “Hello.” Sam said stopping fussing over the dogs. Going polite guard instantly. Sam’s phone beeped. “I don’t want to be rude. But its Derek can I reply?” Sam asked Sarah politely. She amazed me how she could be polite when needed. “Of course, invite him.” Sarah said smiling at her. She walked to the table and Mrs Morton went to get the tea and cakes like normal. I sat. “How
was your summer?” I asked her smiling nicely. “Lovely and yours? Did I hear you say you almost died?” Sarah asked us worried. “Halflings don’t like being found.” Sam told her. “Well no dears of course they don’t.” Sarah told us smiling. “That’s a nasty burn was that caused by one of your peace missions?” Sarah asked me worried looking at my wrists. “No that was caused by Sam.” I told her truthfully. Mrs Morton came in with the tea and cakes on a tray with cups and put one out for all of us. She looked at my wrists as well. “What is your actual element?” she asked Sam confused. “You really need to start acting like a lady.” Sarah told her looking at my wrists. “I was never meant to be a royal.” Sam told her smiling. Mrs Morton laughed at this. They had no clue who Sam really was I had to remind myself they just thought she was a lady, though marriage. “So how did the peace missions go?” Sarah asked me interested. “Well we managed to find 80 Amaris with Halfling families.” I told her proudly. “Most tried to kill us before they let us talk.” Sam told her with a smile. “We got to the point we started writing notes about how if we were dead they wouldn’t be given their voting papers.” I told them. Both laughed at this. “You really don’t look well.” Sarah told Sam. “I’m fine.” Sam
lied. She looked really ill again. She had been getting paler as the day went on. I think she was over doing it. “So what did you all do? Just walk into the towns? If a huge group of Amaris walked in I would panic to.” Mrs Morton told us. Sam smiled at her. “Actually just me and Spencer did most of them. We left the others outside the towns.” Sam told her getting a shocked expression from both Sarah and our teacher. “Sam doesn’t look scary does she?” I asked them both. They took in my scary friend and shook their heads. “No she looks too little and young.” Sarah told her. “How old are you?” Sarah asked her interested. “According to Sean I’m 20 at the end of this month.” Sam said shrugging. “Amaris should really keep a better eye on their age.” I told her. “I’ve never known someone to always struggle so much working out how old she is.” Sarah told her honestly. “We never celebrate our birthday.” Sam shrugged. They both looked at Sam as confused as they always did. She confused everyone. “Sometimes Samira you are the most human Amaris I have met. Other times you are the strangest person in the world.” Mrs Morton told her seriously. Sam smiled weakly. “Do you need blood?” Mrs Morton asked her worriedly. “Do you have any spare bags?” she asked
shyly, Sam hated to admit she only drunk from bags. “Do you want it heated or anything?” Mrs Morton asked her. “No but could I possibly put it in my tea.” Sam asked politely. “Of course.” Sarah told her. Mrs Morton returned with a bag for her. Sam put it in her tea. “You really aren’t better yet are you?” I asked her worriedly. “I’m fine.” Sam told me rolling her eyes at the worried look I gave her. “You weren’t kidding when you said you almost died this summer?” Mrs Morton realised. That was when Derek must have arrived as there was a knock on the door and the dogs went nuts. Mrs Morton went to answer it. Sam and I sat politely with Sarah drinking our tea. “Do you need a doctor?” Sarah asked Sam worriedly. Derek came in joking with our teacher about how the cars went in height order on the drive. He was just with Sean who took Sam in worriedly. “I told you to take it easy you’re meant to be on bedrest.” Derek told Sam looking worried. “Do you need a doctor?” Sarah asked looking in a book. I realised she was possibly going to suggest a doctor. Derek looked at Sam worriedly. “It’s fine. I’m fine.” Sam assured us all. Mrs Morton sat back in her chair Derek and Sean joined us at the table. “So what happened to make you so weak?” Sarah asked what
was obviously a burning Question. Derek looked at Sam worriedly. “I’m burnt out.” Sam admitted. “You’re burnt out?” Mrs Morton asked confused. “It’s something a fire user does when they are over worked and don’t rest enough.” Sean explained quickly. But Sarah was looking at Sam really worriedly. “I’ve never heard of an Amaris your age doing that.” She told Sam extremely worried. “Neither had the doctor.” Sam said shrugging. “I wouldn’t have put you as a fire user.” Sarah told her. Neither would I, I realised Sam really was all the elements she wasn’t just one.

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