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Chapter 18


“So what happened to make you so weak?” Sarah asked me looking extremely worried. I don’t know I always felt safer around my mum’s old friend, than I even felt around my mum. I trusted her enough to admit I wasn’t at my strongest I realised. I trusted her. I trusted Mrs Morton as well. Derek looked at me worriedly, I know I looked like crap. I felt like it so I must look it. Also they were all really worried so they must realise I wasn’t well. I decided then it would be best to tell abit of the truth. See how far I actually went telling them. “I’m burnt out.” I admitted. “You’re burnt out?” Mrs Morton asked me really confused, I realised no one really understood what that meant. “It’s something a fire user does when they are over worked and don’t rest enough.” Sean explained quickly for me. Sarah was looking at me like I was about to die in front of her. Even not telling her who I really was she had helped me come to terms understanding my own
mother. “I’ve never heard of an Amaris your age doing that.” She told me extremely worried. I knew she realised we were telling the truth. “Neither had the doctor.” I told her shrugging trying to downplay all there worry. I hated people worrying about me. “I wouldn’t have put you as a fire user.” Sarah told me. I wondered what element people would actually choose for me. I was so thankful when I was told I didn’t have to choose. Now I wondered if I had what everyone would think was my element. At school I had said it was water. It was true water and I had a special bond. But I wasn’t calm enough to be water. “Did you choice the right element?” Sarah asked me really worriedly, possibly thinking this was a reason I could burn out. I suppose if I had chosen the wrong element it would take up a lot of my magic perfecting one that wasn’t my natural element. “What element would you put me as?” I decided to ask. I was confused as to what one I would actually be myself. Sarah seemed to think. “What element are you both?” Sarah asked Derek and Sean. “Water.” Derek told her. “Fire.” Sean told her. Sarah seemed to really think. “I do not know.” Sarah said thinking. I realised I didn’t even know what element she was. “What element are you?” I asked
interested. “Air.” She told me with her words a nice breeze lifted my hair and danced around me. It made me smile. Air always seemed to want me to dance in it. “I would have put you as Air.” Mrs Morton told me. I looked at her wondering why? “Why?” I asked. “You’re always so flighty. Like you shouldn’t be sat still.” Mrs Morton explained. I couldn’t help but smile. That was because I was a nervous wreck as Derek would call me. Derek took hold of my hand. I smiled at him. Derek squeezed my hand tight, knowing what I needed. “I don’t have an element.” I told them seriously. “You don’t?” Sarah asked me but new realisation was crossing her face. I shook my head. It was time, time to come clean. I think it was time to come clean with everyone. I didn’t have much magic but I had enough for a small demonstration. I blew wind rattled around the room. I looked at a candle that Sarah had sat on the shelf and blinked. It came into life. I made a small water ball in my hand. And made the flowers at the centre of the table bloom. “I don’t have an element. I belong to them. They don’t belong to me.” I told them. They all looked at me really amazed. “You are princess Alysa?” Sarah asked me amazed but not freighted or like she wanted to hurt me. Just in shock that she
couldn’t believe I was sat in front of her like this. “You’re the most unprincess like princess I have ever met.” Mrs Morton told me in shock. I had to laugh, “I think that’s why I and the queen really don’t get on.” I told her laughing. “So you’re Alysa not Sepiah?” Sarah told me. “Yes Sep let you believe she was me. She keeps me safe in a way better than a guard can.” I explained. I’m sorry I tricked you. I like to feel safe before I reveal myself.” I told them smiling politely. “That’s okay I actually do understand.” Sarah told me looking at me in new light. I remembered she had once been my queen’s friend. “You look nothing like your mother or father.” Sarah told me honestly. I had to laugh again. “Uh thanks I think.” I told her smiling. “The Amaris world is not safe for me.” I told them both shrugging. “Wait didn’t you say you two just went into the towns alone?” Mrs Morton realised, looking even more shocked. “People told you I was a handful.” I told them trying to downplay it. I could tell both might actually tell me of. “You let your wife knowing she’s the future ruler walk into towns with no guards.” Mrs Morton rounded on Derek. “Are you actually a guard?” Mrs Morton asked me crossly. “Yes I did my guard training. None of the new Amaris know who I am.” I
told her. “And because Sams sick we can’t reveal it.” Sean told her. “Why were you in my class with no guards till Christmas?” Mrs Morton told me of. “Well I didn’t think you would attack me till then.” I told her wondering how revealing who I was ended up with me getting told of. “So you became a guard to protect yourself?” Sarah realised. I nodded. “Sam’s life’s always been in danger it always will be.” Derek explained squeezing my hand. “Especially now she’s poorly.” Spencer reminded them. “I’m not that poorly I still have earth.” I reminded them. “You’re not to use it to much or you might lose it.” Sean reminded me worriedly. “You do realise you’ve completely admitted to us your powerless at the moment.” Sarah told my group. “I trust you both.” I told them. “It’s why I always came here without feeling the need for guards.” I told them. “You never try to compel do you?” Mrs Morton said. Realising I could of compelled them to just listen to me and never to attack me. I smiled at her nervously and said “people should be able to make up their own choices.” “Sam would only use it as a last resort.” Derek told them smiling at me proudly. “Okay so do you go by Sam or Alysa?” Mrs Morton asked very confused. “Sam.” I told her with a smile. “Georgina
who you will meet goes by Alysa.” Sean told her. “She is also technically my wife until Sam is better.” Derek said not sounding happy. “But all your human friends know you two are married.” Mrs Morton said confused. “I have a headache.” I told them all. “I have one to.” Sarah told me. I smiled at her, “thank you for understanding and not trying to kill me. It makes a nice change.” I told them. “I told my friends Derek and I are going through problems.” I told them. “You did?” Derek asked me worriedly. “Yeah Paige asked why you didn’t come sit with us like you normally would.” I told him. Sean shock his head. “You’re nothing like your mother.” Sarah told me amazed. I didn’t know if that was a complement. “I don’t know her.” I told Sarah sadly. “Why is that?” She asked me worriedly. “Because there both stubborn.” Sean told her. I stuck my tongue out at him. But I decided to tell the truth. All of it.

5 hours later and 6 blood bags in me, we went home. “I never realised you had such an interesting childhood.” Spencer told me. Derek and Sean had gone back in Sean’s car. “It really does sound bad when I say it all like that.” I admitted. “13 alone in the world, you do
realise Sam is 10. That would be him in 3 years.” He pointed out. “Hes already taller than me.” I moaned. Spencer laughed. “Did Princess Maria really drive all over Washington on the wrong side of the road?” Spencer asked me laughing. “I told you I like to drive and I hate others driving me. Maria gave me that fear.” I told him laughing. “How did 10 people even fit in a small 5 seater?” Spencer asked me seriously. “I really don’t know I was unconscious most the escape. I think we all just knew we had to or we would die.” I told him seriously. “You know if you told me your life story before I became King. I would have run screaming at the thought of coming into your world.” Spencer told me I laughed. He parked his car next to Sean’s. “Do you think I told them too much?” I asked him worriedly. “No Sam I think you needed to tell them.” He told me shrugging. “I love the fact that Sarah and Mrs Morton both told you of though.” He laughed. “I no out of all that the main things they found a problem with was how often I stole things.” I laughed. We climbed out the car and went upstairs laughing and went into mine and the girl’s apartment.

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