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Chapter 19


alarm had only just gone off. He could have pressed snooze. But I realised this was the last time I could hug him and kiss him until tonight. We knew how to be just friends. We had done it for years and we were still friends. “I love you.” he told me as I opened my eyes. I wanted to bury myself into his arms and skip classes today. But I knew I couldn’t. I also had to give Judah a hug goodbye and a huge thank you for staying whilst I was at my weakest, he wouldn’t be here when I came back after class. He had to get back to boarding school to actually teach. I was still really weak but at least I was conscious and not in and out. After our shower I sat on the bed in my towel doing my hair whilst Derek got dressed, in just jeans and a t-shirt. I Put some dark purple jeans on a cute cartoon vest type white t-shirt and my black guardian jacket. Derek looked at me and smiled. “Don’t even tease about the dress.” I told him. He laughed at

me. “I still can’t believe Sep got you in a dress the first day last year and I missed it.” He told me kissing me. “A lots happened in a year.” I told him actually realising how much the two of us had done. Pulling my hair out the Plait he told me “A lots happened this week.” He had a point. “Pancakes are ready.” Taylor said hitting our door. “Did she make pancakes?” I asked Derek scared. “Judah made them” he told me laughing. “Are you sure I can’t keep Uncle Judah forever?” I asked him smiling. We kissed again but knew we needed to face the real world. Leaving my room I saw all the girls sat around the table digging into Pancakes. Including Georgina. Judah wasn’t there? “Where’s Uncle Judah?” I asked worried. “I’m here Sam.” he said smiling at me coming back in the room where he had obviously been taking a pile of Pancakes over to the boys. I laughed. “You’re spoiling all of us?” I asked him hugging him my thanks. Like always the Guardian teacher gave me a nervous hug back. “Okay so I have made you all enough meals to last you the month in the freezer section. The ones with blood in have red Labels. The plain have blue.” He told us I nodded. “I want you to at least have 10 bags a day of blood. I have upped your delivery to 2 times a week rather than the once.” He
told us. We all nodded our understanding. “No secret weddings. No dying. No almost dying. No killing anyone. No getting kidnapped. No robbing hospitals. No stealing cars. No blowing up malls.” Judah started his don’t list. “You did all that last year?” Georgina asked us laughing. “We haven’t robbed a hospital since we were juniors.” Erin reminded Judah with a smile. “I promise I will take it easy this year.” I told Judah with a smile. Digging into my own pancakes. Derek digging into his own. “Hannah and Paula not coming?” I asked him worried. “They can both cook.” He told us proud of the 2 younger girls. We all laughed. “Did Kacie decide they needed to learn?” Taylor asked him. “Yes she made it a huge thing last year teaching all the girls how to cook basic meals.” Judah told her laughing. “You all proved it was a much needed skill.” He told us smiling. “I still think we should try those cooking classes.” Taylor told me I laughed. Sooner than I wanted to it was time for us all to go to class. “Have a safe journey home.” Derek told Judah. “Thankyou Judah for everything again.” I told him hugging him. “I am always here for all if you if you need me.” He reminded us all we nodded. All hugging our old teacher goodbye. It was now time for our first day back at class best get a
mooch on. Technically Spencer and I shouldn’t have had a lecture till 11 today but we were going to Mrs Morton’s first year class. Taylor had class and so did Kye but my group technically could have been Lazy and had longer in bed. But they decided to go for a run before class. I realised they would stink most the day. But shrugged and went with Spencer.

Spencer and I arrived before Mrs Morton’s class and even before she did. “So we got to tell the class why we actually like the class or tell them to drop it?” he asked me laughing. “I really don’t know. I do like it. It’s really a lot of work but it’s worth it.” I told him. Mrs Morton arrived then and smiled at us not looking at me as confused as normal. “All okay this morning? Ready to help me pick on new students?” she asked us. We both laughed. “If I set there ass on fire it’s because I have no control of my magic.” I told her laughing. She told us what she wanted from us. Basically she just wanted us to make it clear to the new students that they had to work hard. Mrs Morton introduced herself in a way very similar to last year. Picking on random students. Then she actually turned on us. “These are two of my second years. They are going to explain a bit
of what they learnt last year.” She told the class. Spencer went into a lot of detail on what he had learnt last year. I explained some of the group projects. I saw how the new royals and guards had set themselves up. The 3 of them were sat together not blending. I wanted to tell them they needed to mix. But spencer did it for me. “Everyone stand up and go introduce yourself to someone you never would.” Spencer said. “Mrs Morton likes to pick on people. She likes to put you in groups with people you never would think to talk to before.” I said, “But they become some of your best friends.” Spencer told the class. “Wow I am actually impressed with you two.” Mrs Morton told us. Soon we had the whole class talking to each other. I went and talked to Jane. I quietly said to her. “Stick with him. Just be boyfriend and girlfriend it makes a brilliant cover story.” And winked at her. They soon had all made name cards so Mrs Morton could learn who everyone was. I then found myself talking to a group with Aiden in. one of the humans asked me I question and I answered. I explained in a bit more detail other things. The whole time keeping an eye on Spencer. George pissed me of very quickly. I wanted to set his ass on fire. Very quietly so only Amaris ears
would pick up what I said I told them in Greek. “Akrivós epeidí fýlakes sas den simaínei óti prépei na eínai stin koryfí tis vasilikís. Chreiázontai chóro gia na máthoun kai na anaptychthoún . Chreiázetai pára polý meígma na eísai ánthropos . Énas frourós se káthe epípedo leitourgeí kalýtera.” Aiden who was close to me nodded his understanding. I always was amazed by my people’s language skills. “What did she say?” I heard George mumble. “Just because your guards doesn’t mean you have to be on top of the royal. They need space to learn and grow. You need to blend to be human. One guard on each level works best.” Jo told him. I smiled at her. She nodded her understanding. “Why couldn’t she just say that in bloody English?” George moaned. “I wish I was a fire user so I could set his ass on fire.” I mumbled. Prince Aiden who was closest laughed. “He really is a jerk.” He mumbled. I nodded, but went back to telling everyone about what books where best to borrow from the library and which ones to go out and buy.” “Thank you very much Spencer and Samira for your help today.” Mrs Morton told us near the end of her class. “No problem mam.” I said. When all her class was gone she smiled at us. “What did you say to Aiden to make him laugh?”
Spencer asked me. “I told him I wished I was a fire user so I could set George’s ass alight.” I told him laughing. He laughed. “I think Hannah wants to do the same thing. She said she had never met such a horrible guard.” He told me. “I’m going to have to get Hannah to find out if lady Tamzin wants him changed.” I told him. He nodded. We took are seats ready for our own lecture. “I think there surprised you don’t want me changed.” I told him with a grin.

“So spill.” Paige asked me. I was sat next to her with Sep my other side and Leona next to her then Erin. My guards dotted around the classroom chatting to their own friends. Zach who was now dating Paige looked at me as worried. Spencer sat next to him Peter and Sean the row in front chatting away. “It’s very complicated.” I explained. “I’m not bad mouthing my cousin or you. When I’m in reach to be punched” Spencer said looking like he wanted to stay out of it. “Are you fighting?” Paige asked me worried. Erin laughed. “They weren’t fighting last night.” “Leona hit Erin.” I told her she complied laughing. “We have a slight problem but we will fix it.” I told them. “What’s the problem?” Zach asked laughing but trying to go serious. “Some people
that know my mum arrived.” I said. “And that’s a problem because?” Paige asked confused. “Our mum doesn’t know there married. Sams not even meant to date. She’s meant to be going into an arranged marriage when she graduates.” Sean explained for me turning around to face us. Paige and Zach looked really confused. “Derek and I married fast, with my brothers help. We didn’t tell my parents. They still don’t know. The idea is when we go home after I graduate they can’t force me to marry someone as I’m already married” I said. “Oh s**t!” Paige realised. I nodded. “Where are you actually from that still believe in arranged marriages?” Zach asked me shocked. “It’s legal all over the world.” I told him shrugging putting slight amount of charm in my voice. So he wouldn’t question. “So you have to pretend not to be together?” Paige realised. I nodded both she and Zach looked concerned. “How is that going to work? You two couldn’t even bloody go an hour without kissing last year.” Peter asked laughing. They all looked at me worriedly. Sean and Spencer like they really wanted us to change the conversation. “It’s just going to have to. I will be spending a lot more time in my own apartment though. Your all invited.” I told them smiling. “Okay
that explains what’s going on between you two. But why was he holding that gingers hand? And why where you letting him” Zach asked rounding on my twin brother. “Zach it’s not nice to call people ginger.” Paige told him. I was laughing. “Alysa is French you’ll see her holding and kissing all of us.” Sean said coming to my aid. Sometimes it amazed me how he used the French excuse so much when he himself was French. I laughed so did Peter. Both of us knowing French people really don’t do that. I wasn’t scared that Derek was going to fall for Georgina first of I trusted him. Second she has a partner. “So basically I’m putting up with it.” I told them smiling. “May I suggest you sue your own parents when you graduate?” Zach told me seriously. “I plan to don’t worry.” I told him Laughing. “Alysa’s not staying long I don’t think.” Sean said. “Why is she here?” Paige asked. “She’s our cousin and doing a few weeks in America to try improve her English” I told them shrugging. “Isn’t France closer to England she could have gone there?” Paige pointed out. “Yeah you can tell my mum that if you ever meet her.” I laughed.

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