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Chapter 2

We were now sat in mine and the girl’s apartment at college. Everyone is actually excited to be back for our second year of classes. Let’s just say our little group wasn’t little at all. Prince Ben was gone so was his guards, they had graduated we knew we might end up with new royals and guards, but we were ready to face them. Where Derek and I actually were was an extremely well-kept secret. We were back to the same situation as last year mostly with a few changes. We had 6 apartments all on the same level all opposite and next door to each other. My apartment was in the middle of course. In my apartment was Taylor, Erin, Sepiah and me. In the apartment next door was my husband, his 3 closest guards harry, Adam and Edward. A different Edward from prince’s Ben's boyfriend, we mostly call him Ed now so we don’t get confused. The other side of us is Princess Leona’s room. With her 2 guards Peter and Grace, and the practise room. Opposite her flat is Hannah and Paula with unfortunately 2 humans this is all of their first year here and we haven’t met the humans yet. We all mix better now thanks to Spencer’s help. Hannah and Paula haven’t arrived yet. Judah and Kacie would be dropping them of tomorrow. I can’t wait to find out what they thought of my shake up to the Amaris world. Drew keeps moaning about how hard it is to teach an old Amaris a new system, Derek has to keep going back to help, he really is better at this king role than he acts. I told my people I wouldn’t go back until they all wanted me, it was weird as apparently a lot of people wanted to vote now to bring me home and force my mother of her throne. If I could even call her my mother, I wasn’t even willing to try anymore. She just hurts me too much, my kidnapper Nicolette will be more of a mother to me than she ever can be. Opposite my apartment and next to Hannah’s. Is Sean my fake twin brother. Although I don’t think there’s anything fake about it now. We are as close as twins. With Kye, Jessie and King Spencer who is the Amaris first Halfling king, but if i get my way he defiantly wont be the last. Then next to them and opposite Derek are 4 guards who we are all friends with called Jake, Jirkar, Uwe and Mark. They are a mixture of Derek’s and Spencer’s guards. “I’m going for ice-cream with Paige and Leona anyone want to come?” Sepiah asks smiling from her beanbag where she had been texting. Paige was one of our human friends. No she had no clue we weren’t human, although i am getting tempted to tell her, i think its time we tell a few trusted humans and see what happens. if its the worst we can wipe minds. Paige was in the same classes as me and Sep and Leona and the four of us really did get on well. We had a nice group of human friends and it showed me that Amaris and Humans are more able to co live than previously believed. Although my group did have the rule that there is no drinking blood with humans around, even if we need it and no drinking from people without there consent. We all drunk from blood bags with no problem. Our blood is still in tomato juice bottles. It gave it a funny taste but we had all got used to it last year thanks to someones genius idea that drinking tomato juice is more common than drinking blood. after trying actual tomato juice i want to know why some humans are so crazy. “It’s okay I’m waiting to see if Derek can make it back tonight or tomorrow.” I tell her smiling. I miss Derek it is silly as we have only been apart 5 weeks and in those 5 weeks Spencer and I have been getting ourselves into trouble like we always do. I haven't really had much time to miss him, but it always felt like a part of me was missing when he isn’t with me. I love Derek with all my heart. “Oh come on we haven’t seen Paige and Leona all break.” Sep moans at me, its true but time differences between me and Derek are hard to work around. “Join you in a bit.” I tell her. She shrugs at me to say suit yourselves and she leaves with Jessie. Who moans at her as he was in the middle of setting up the PlayStation, but he wont let her go without him, hes more than just her guard hes her boyfriend. We now own 5 play stations believe me we didn’t need that many. “You got everything on the shopping list you think we’ll need?” Taylor ask us all. Looking at the shopping list she was writing. oh the joy shopping, i don't mind shopping really but if theirs going to be somewhere i'm attacked i always feel its going to be out shopping. You would think this was our first time doing this though with the military operation Taylor is going about it. “Pizza, pizza, pizza, eggs, cake mixture. Yep seems like you got everything.” Spencer teases without looking at the list, the irony is that possibly is exactly whats on the list. we maybe Amaris but we are still teenagers, mostly unhealthy teenagers at that. but we workout constantly we need the calories. “We are going to eat more than pizza and ice-cream and cakes this year?” Erin asks interested. “Do we even know how to cook anything else?” Kye asks sarcastically. “Kye did you cook at all last year?” I question with a smile, actually trying to remember if he did at all, come to think of it has he ever cooked or washed up? “no.” he told me honestly I laugh, being with my friends is always like the weight of the world is lifted of my shoulders. “So what’s the big plan for today?” Spencer asks. He is still kind of grumpy about his burns, i think they are stinging. I look at everyone in turn my little messed up family. “Well I’m going food shopping for 4 apartments who put their orders in.” Taylor says looking up from where she is sat with a notebook. “4 who didn’t put their orders in? I put Derek’s in?” I ask her checking my own organisation skills. “Leona said she’ll do her own. Hannah said she’ll do it with her human roommates when they all arrive.” Taylor says shrugging. I really didn’t think I could survive without Taylor and Sean keeping control of us all, they joked this wasn’t part of their responsibility. But they were meant to be in charge of us or in charge of protecting us same thing right? “So who you taking shopping?” I ask Taylor calmly, I think even they all can see I was shattered, i just want to veg on the sofa with Derek on the phone, well i would prefer with him here but the phone will do. But the amount Taylor is getting would be way too much for just one person so i knew she needed help. “Straws?” she says with a smile, it is strangely how a lot of things get sorted in my life. “I now know why Jessie and Sep run of.” I tell her with a smile. “I would love to come shopping but Kye and I are going to hack into the college system, and see how many Amaris are coming this year.” Sean tells his girlfriend Taylor with a smile. Yeah we all knew he hated shopping and he didn't mean the i would love to come. “Does that leave us?” Spencer asks shrugging as if he doesn't care what hes going into, hell shopping is possibly a vacation to what we've done this summer break. He looks at Jirkar Uwe Mark and Jake.“Yep me and Erin are going to relax.” I tell him with an innocent smile, they all looked at me. I wasn’t known to actually relax but I was so tired and laid out how i was currently you could tell i wasn't really going to get up to more than sleep. “Actually you two are in charge of unpacking everything.” Taylor tells me handing me my own to do list, although she gives me a worried look. “Where would we be without you?” I ask her taking the list. “Living out of cardboard boxes for a whole year.” She tells me laughing. Sean and Kye left then obviously having finished setting up what they had been. Taylor then drags 4 moaning boys shopping.

Erin and I look at all the boxes. “We should have gone for ice-cream.” I tell her seriously regretting not taking Sepiah's option earlier. “Sepiah is really smarter than we all give her credit.” Erin tells me laughing. “Sep wrote the to do lists with Taylor of course she knew what she was doing.” I moan i should of realised that.

3 hours later Erin and I collapse on the sofa. 4 apartments now having the right stuff in for the right person. “Thank god were not responsible for Hannah’s and Paula’s.” Erin tells me. “And Leona’s.” I laugh my reply. “You know the irony is the boy’s kitchen stuff looks like it has never been used at all.” Erin jokes. "i think that is because it hasn't been." i inform her but i'm smiling. That of course was when Taylor returned with all the shopping. And 4 grumpy men. “Come on you are guards no one told you it was all physical work.” Taylor reminds them but shes trying her hardest not to laugh, i can not remember in any of our guard lessons shopping for your charges ever coming up. “We live on the top floor. You made us walk up the stairs.” Spencer moans. He was the only human in the mix well Halfling and i think sometimes we do forget he doesn't have as much energy and strength as all of us, because well we work him out so much he kind of does now. “Come on Spence the 30 miles starts tomorrow.” I reminded him smiling. “I hate you.” he tells me jokingly hes smiling. “How many new recruits do you recon Sean will get this year?” Uwe asks me with a smile. “God I hope none, I want a peaceful year.” I tell him with a smile, everyone looks at me shocked, well i always want a peaceful year but it never happens, they don't need to give me those looks, i'm trying to sort out my people without being there queen, but i know me becoming queen is becoming closer according to Derek. But i honestly don't think my people should be as broken as they our. “Aren’t you still hunting for Halflings?” Mark asks me, obviously hoping I was actually going to give them an easy year. “When I find more I thought I would just send you lot and Spencer.” I joke. They wine though. “What are you guards or mice?” I tease. “It’s not the fact we don’t like protecting you. It’s the fact you always almost get yourselves killed.” Uwe moans at me, these are people who chose to dedicate there lives to keep me safe, it does make me smile because i wouldn't ask them to give there lives up for me. in fact i'm known among my friends for putting there lives before my own.

Taylor sends a boy to each apartment with the food to unpack deciding shes had enough of there moaning and the stuff needs to go in the fridges. So it was just the 3 of us now. “This is just going to be a big Dorm again.” Erin tells us smiling as shes laid out on a beanbag. “Does anyone actually know what the plan for this year is?” I ask. “Lessons exercise not to die.” Taylor tells me with a smile where she is now laid of a sofa painting her nails. “I do love that sort of plan.” I tell her smiling. “Nothing big is going to happen this year?” Erin ask me. it is after all my choice what i get up to, even though i always feel like i am forced into my actions. “Depends on everyone out there not us.” I tell her smiling. "i think its time we just enjoy the last 3 years of college and concentrate on actully passing our courses, but having the Halflings back is important." i say seriously. "and technology in our home country don't forget that part." Erin says. "your only saying that because you hate missing your shows." i tease her. "So?" she asks. i laugh. My phone starts ringing finally Derek.

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