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Chapter 20 - Derek POV


My first 3 lectures of the day went fine. It was strange not meeting up with Sam at lunch. For our normal blood. I went to go join the group training. I was amazed at how many people Sean was currently training. Okay we were all just training in a huge group. We all just normally trained when we wanted. I noticed Lady Tamzin standing with Hannah and Paula chatting away. I was glad the girls where so friendly. Even if all 3 of them where actually all so nervous. The only person I wanted to see really was my nervous wife. But of course Sam wasn’t here. She wasn’t strong enough. I noticed Georgina arrive laughing with Taylor, Kye, and Spencer with chatting away. I soon realised the only people not here was Sam, Erin Jessie and Jake. Even Leona and Sepiah where running and chatting. “How did your first day of classes go?” I asked Aiden and Greg, and there guards. Greg was watching Georgina running with the others looking impressed. Aiden I saw
kept checking Hannah out. “You should try talking to her.” I told him. Again he looked at me shocked, “you’re the same element you might find you have other things in common to.” I tried. I was worse than my wife I realised. But I remembered how nervous I had been to talk to Sam when I had first seen her. I caught Sean’s attention. Silently asking where Sam was. He pointed towards the pool area. I nodded. Erin and Jessie would of taken Sam swimming whilst the rest of us where away from her. “Well I can see how Samira gets her reputation for being a chatterbox.” One of Aiden’s guards said realising I was talking to them as a group. I wanted to laugh wondering what my wife had done. “Oh did Spencer take her today?” I asked trying not to let on I knew so much. “Yeah and I kind of agree if I was a fire user I would set that bloody guards of Tamzin’s ass alight.” Aiden said. I laughed, “as long as you don’t show your magic to humans be my guest.” I said shrugging. They all looked at me shocked. “I take it our teachers a Halfling?” Greg asked me interested. “Mrs Morton is indeed a Halfling. A registered one. She is no threat to you. You are all expected to actually do the work.” I told them. They nodded understanding. This was going a lot easier than
I expected. They had even accepted Georgina doing the running with guards. We did the routine and meet up in a clearing. “I’m going to go swimming.” Sepiah told me coming up with Hannah Leona and Grace. I knew she was telling me as the girls were going to go meet up with Sam Erin and Jessie. “Alysa is going to go find somewhere with Paula and Lady Tamzin and a few guards to find the best place to feel close to wind.” She told me. I nodded. “I will come swimming with you two give me 5 seconds to talk to Ally I said. “I’m a water element to I would love to come swimming if I may.” Aiden said. I realised that suddenly. “Are all your guards’ water?” I asked him interested. “Just me.” the guard called Jude told me I nodded. “Okay so were going to split up in elements I think. Sean nodded his understanding. “Okay can all Air go Stand by that tree? All fire there. All earth there. All water there.” He said pointing at 4 different locations I went up to Georgina and said. “Where are you going to go?” I asked her hugging her pretending we were just having a hug. “Sam said the windiest place on campus was the highest building’s rooftop so up there.” She told me. I nodded my understanding. “Who are you taking with you?” I asked her seriously. “Taylor and Mark are going
to stick with me even though it’s not there elements.” She assured me. I nodded Taylor was a fire. Mark was water. I noticed the groups in air group was, Lady Tamzin her guard Jo and Paula. I realised then including Georgina we only had 4 Air element Amaris. Fire was the biggest group, with Sean stood at the front of currently talking to Taylor similarly to how I was talking to the Fake Ally. In his group was George the guard no one seemed to like, 2 of prince Aiden’s guards Keith and Tom I remembered their names. Lord Greg’s guard Darrien. With of course Adam, Uwe and Jirkar. Waters group was Hannah, Sepiah, Leona, Grace. Prince Aiden, his guard Jude, Spencer’s and my Guards Ed and Mark although Mark was going to go with Georgina. Kye and Harry stood where earth was sent with Lord Greg and his girlfriend Jane. I realised we had more water and fire here than any other element. “Who you going to go with today Spence?” I asked my cousin trying to keep straight faced we never really did this. “I’m going to go earth.” He told me straight faced. I knew he Harry and Kye possibly planned PlayStation. “I fancy Air today.” Alysa said loudly. “Okay I’ll see you tonight.” I told her. As she walked up to the others and told them to come to windiest place she knew on campus. Taylor
and Mark going with them. Sean took the fire users of somewhere I had no clue but I trusted him to be extremely discreet. “Do you fancy just sneaking back and playing on the PlayStation with Spencer.” I heard Kye mumble to Lord Greg and his girlfriend. “Sounds good.” I heard Greg reply. “Just pretend where going to the gym.” Harry told him. “Go play PlayStation with Spencer.” I told them rolling my eyes. “So now the awkwardness is over I’m going swimming.” I said laughing. We Separated From Aiden briefly to all go back to our apartments to get changed.

Walking into the pool area I saw Erin and my wife laid on Lilo’s. I also noticed Jake and Jessie watching Sam even though they were doing laps. Sam was laid on a Lilo reading a book one hand in the water the other holding the book. “Didn’t you read that book 2 days ago?” I asked her looking at the book she was reading. It was one I knew she had finished. Aiden walked in the pool then. But I was going to at least be friends with Sam. “Yes this time I am reading the book in Bengali to start learning a new language.” Sam told me with a smile over her book. “Oh so we decided 16 languages are not enough?” I asked her. She gave me a
grin that said she doubted it. “How do you consider learning a new language resting?” I asked her. Spencer had joked that Sam needed to read a book on learning how to relax I think we needed to find her one. “Hello everyone.” I said diplomatically. Sam gave me a grin as if to say everyone? I looked at Aiden he was staring at Sam and Erin in there bikinis. I wanted to tell him not to, but even I had to admit both girls looked hot. That was thankfully when Hannah arrived. Like he couldn’t turn away I saw him start watching her and lady Sepiah laughing. Sam rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath “all he has to do is try talk to her. It is more creepy him just staring at her.” she had a point but I decided not to point it out. “How was today with Spencer?” I asked her interested. Well I had after all told all the royals I was friends with my guards. “Fine although I really think someone needs to Set Georges Ass on fire.” she told me not even looking up from her book. But I knew she wasn’t reading it anymore. She was watching everyone from behind her huge sunglasses. Hannah and Sepiah had come over to me so had Aiden and his guards I realised. “Tamzin really doesn’t like him. But her dads guards his dad so she kind of felt like she had to take him.” Hannah told us. “I
agree with you. I’ve been in 4 lectures with him today and if I was a fire user I would have set his ass on fire by now.” Aiden said. Shocking me by how quickly he had dropped etiquette. “Give him a week. If Sean can’t fix the attitude I will.” Sam told them. “Once you’re signed back on. Until then you are not allowed.” Sep told her sternly. She nodded at her even though I knew she had given herself a week to get better. “What did you do to get signed of?” Jude asked Sam interested. I knew Sams reputation would mean everyone would know she had done something amazing. Even though most of the things I prayed she wouldn’t do. “Let’s just say we had to sign her of to make her rest and it’s not working.” Erin came to the aid. She was after all senior to Sam as a guard. “Hey I am resting, I’m reading a book and on a Lilo what more do you want?” Sam asked her smiling. “When did learning a new language class as resting?” Hannah asked her seriously she must of missed me ask her the same thing. “Okay maybe I really don’t know what resting is.” Sam admitted. “Except Beach and cocktails which everyone keeps saying no to?” Sepiah said smiling at Sam. Sam and Sepiah looked at each other a knowing smile crept on Sams face. “Samira.” I warned
my wife trying not to laugh. “I’m not I’m not.” Sam said smiling. I sent a wave under the water to knock her of the Lilo.

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