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Chapter 21


A week past fast. Today was Friday, we had all just finished lessons for the day. “Please can I come at least watch tonight’s fight?” I asked Sean. Not exactly begging but I really did want to go. I wanted to face George I admit it. A week with my brother hadn’t worked. He needed to be taught a lesson Sam style. “No because I know you won’t just watch.” He told me laughing. “Oh come of it Sean. I’m ready to be signed back on. I got Earth fully back and water mostly.” I pointed out. “Not air and fire yet.” He pointed back out. “I hardly use air anyway.” I told him. “Ask Derek okay. If he says okay you can. But you are not fighting.” He told me. I smiled knowingly. “I mean it Sam you’re not fighting.” He told me trying not to laugh at the look I gave him. I put my arm through my brothers and smiled at him. “Sean can you sign me back on please?” I asked him. “NO.” he told me laughing. We were having a rare alone twin moment. No one else with us.
“Kye’s going back to court tonight.” Sean told me. “He wanted to know if you wanted to go?” he asked me seriously. We all knew I hadn’t been since I announced mine and Derek’s wedding. “I’m not ready Sean. I can’t face her yet.” I told him. “Sam. What about seeing Dad” he asked me knowingly. With that I realised as a guard not as me, I started debating it. I could go with Kye as a guard and pretend to be helping him set up the internet. Also whilst there I could pop in on everyone. It was a clever idea. “They want to see you. He needs to know you’re okay. He only hasn’t come because he has so much to do.” Sean reminded me. “Kye’s going to teach him how to email better the last 2 where almost like full 4 page letters.” I told my brother with a smile. “I’ll think about it. But I’m not sure I’m up to it yet.” I admitted. A flight that far of ground, then being in the court powerless was scary. I don’t know how I always make my friends think I’m fearless when everything scares me. “Do you want Dad to come here?” he asked me seriously. “I’m actually debating it.” I admitted. “You know he would. He would come if you asked.” Sean reminded me. “But if he comes he would bring the rest of the family.” I reminded him with a smile. Marco and Marianna had
been offered help and nannies but both turned them down. Both admitting due to the fact I was kidnapped as a baby they could never leave flick. I didn’t blame them. I loved Flick to pieces, I could never imagine her ever having a life like mine. I would literally go destroyer on the whole world if anyone ever hurt her. My nieces and nephews may not be related by blood but they were my family. “I’ll think about it.” I told Sean. “You haven’t got long to. Kye can bring Dad back if you do need him.” he told me. “I really will think about it. Let me talk to Alysa and Derek.” I told him. He nodded. “Alysa wants to talk to you. Something about maybe going somewhere with more wind than the campus.” He admitted. “Yeah I know. But I can’t think of anywhere windier. Except a beach.” I told him with a grin. We walked into mine and the girl’s apartment. Georgina who was pretending to be Alysa was sat playing poker with a few of Spencer’s guards and Spencer. “Okay really you all know she cheats right?” I asked them looking at Georgina’s pile. “How does she cheat?” Jirkar asked me worried. “She’s an air user she blows the cards she wants into her own pile.” I told them laughing. “SAM” Georgina told me of. “If you can’t play properly don’t play the game.” I told her
laughing. They all looked at her. “If you think she cheats at poker should play monopoly with her.” I told them laughing. “You both cheated at that monopoly game.” Sean told me. “That didn’t mean Marianna had to set my ass on fire.” Georgina told him. “It’s kind of the known punishment for pissing a fire user of.” I told her shrugging. “Do you lot actually play any games without cheating?” Spencer asked. We had once told him that we enjoyed laser quest and paintballing. He didn’t agree to the paintballing but we played laser. Let’s just say we proved what we meant when we said we played ruff. “We should go play laser when I’m better.” I told him with a huge smile. “Okay but I’m on your team next time.” He told me with a knowing smile. Derek came in smiling with Adam and Harry then. “Derek can I talk to you?” I asked my husband calmly putting my head to the side. My friends all knew if they didn’t run they might get compelled. “Okay everyone go get ready fight starts in an hour.” Sean told everyone with a smile. “Where do you want me?” Georgina asked me. I looked at her and smiled. “Somewhere that no one sees you until Derek’s no longer with me.” I told her. “I’ll go read in Erin’s room. Come get me when I’m needed.” she said. Everyone
left except Sean and Taylor. Erin was with Sep somewhere. Hannah and Paula with their human friends I was so proud of them. “What’s up?” Derek asked me as I shut us into my bedroom. We normally waited right to the end of the day when we knew we had no chance of being discovered to meet up. I sat on our desk chair. He sat on the edge of our bed. “Kye wants to know if I wanted to go back to court with him. Apparently as a guard to help.” I told him. “Do you want to go back?” he asked me but he caught my eyes and realised straight away I was actually torn myself. “I don’t want to leave you. The weekends the first time we can hide in here all day and I can actually spend time with you without being afraid someone will suspect something. I feel like we’ve been apart for months. I know it’s only been a few weeks but” I told him honestly. “But you want to see Marco.” he asked me. “I want to see Marco.” I admitted. “Sean said that he could come here. It was up to me. But if I said yes to him coming would that make it easier or harder?” I asked him. Not knowing his own plans. I knew Derek was following a step by step guide we had all set out. But I didn’t know where they were on the guide. “It would help to be able to see him.” he admitted. “Okay
so I’ll tell Kye to bring him back or we both go?” I asked him with a smile. “Ring Marco first. Make sure he actually can come here. If he can’t we will both go to court.” Derek told me with a knowing smile. But I think we both knew all it would take was me saying please come and Marco would. Marianna joked I had him wrapped around my little finger. But that honour went to her and Flick. “Are you wearing that dress just to tease me?” Derek asked me with a smile. “Would I do that?” I asked him. “Yes. Yes you would.” he told me. “No I’m not wearing the dress to tease you. Although if I knew it would I would of yesterday.” I told him with a grin. “Why are you wearing it?” he asked me grinning. “I had a how to be a lady lesson from Sarah today with Sep.” I told him laughing. “I bet that went well?” he grinned at me. “Yeah actually it went brilliantly. Apparently I would make a brilliant lady.” I told him with a grin. “Wow you behaved?” he guessed with a grin. “Don’t I always. I was on my best behaviour. Sean even gave me a clap.” I told him laughing. “Somehow you and best behaviour makes me imagine you spilling tea over someone’s head.” Derek told me honestly. I laughed but walked up to him and sat next to him on the bed. I took hold of his hand and looked him in the
eyes. Letting him know I was willing to compel here to get my own way. “No you are not fighting tonight.” He told me sternly. I smiled at him, “how did you know?” I asked him seriously. “I saw who’s due to fight tonight.” He told me sternly. “Sam you’re not fighting even if I have to tie you to this bed.” He told me. I couldn’t help but grin at this threat. “Is that a threat Mr Galanis?” I asked him smiling. “Defiantly Mrs Galanis.” He told me with a grin. “Go on then. Because I’m fighting tonight.” I told him laughing. He stood up and walked to the door. Oh I thought I had expected him to kiss me with that comment not walk out. Instead of walking out he locked the door. And pulled the tie from the dressing gown of. “You’re really tying me up?” I asked him laughing. “Yep you aren’t fighting.” He told me laughing. With that he picked me up “you can’t tie me up.” I told him giggling. But it was too late he laid me on the bed laughing. “Derek you can’t.” I laughed at him, pulling his top of over his head. I did end up tied to the bed. We were making out when I accidently bit his lip. I pulled away. “It’s okay Sally it was an accident.” He pointed out. Rather than pulling away from me he pulled me closer to him. Deeping our kiss, his blood going in my mouth. It exploded my senses.
He tasted so sweet. Yes we had shared blood our wedding day. We had done it once again since then. It’s what bound married Amaris to each other. It wasn’t a big thing. But it was like a drug to both of us. I bite my own lip so he could have some of my blood. I had one free hand the other tied up. I wished he hadn’t tied me to the bed. I wanted to touch dress became bunched up and rose. For the 2nd time in my life I was happy to be in a dress. He pulled it off. He let go of my mouth for a few seconds. I bite him my first time ever biting anyone. And it was my husband.

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