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Chapter 22 - Taylor POV


“I take it she wants to fight today?” I asked my boyfriend. He had just got back with Sam they had been laughing it still amazed me there actual twin relationship. Most people who saw them together would never doubt they were twins, even though they didn’t look as much like twins now they didn’t have the same eyes. “Of course she wants to fight. She thinks I’ve failed breaking George.” He told me with a grin. “We kind of have failed breaking him.” I pointed out. We had been trying all week to break him in. today was his day of fighting and I had wanted to teach him. So had Sean. So did most the other guards. But I knew Sam had been watching him all week. She could teach him a lesson more than anyone else. Even him not knowing she was the princess. Sam was so tiny being beaten by her knocked most hormonal men to pieces. Completely damaging their egos. Even though Sam was well known for being an amazing fighter, the real Sams
reputation said she was the best girl fighter in Europe. The only reason she only had a dragon level 4 was because she wasn’t disciplined. Also no one was willing to let her try for anything higher. I knew if she wanted to be she was higher to me in magical fighting defiantly. But most days Sam didn’t actually want to fight. Jumping from tall buildings yes. Running yes. Fighting no. for her to actually want to fight it would mean the person needed her to. Or someone had pissed her off a lot. She did her fight once a week normally. Never asked for anymore. But today I knew she wanted this. “If Derek says yes. Yes she can fight.” I told him. “I think you should sign her back on. She needs to start running with the rest of us. She’s going stir crazy. Did you know this week she’s learnt 4 languages fluently and read 7 different law books not to mention loads of story books?” I asked Sean. “7 she told me 3?” Sean told me laughing. I hit him jokingly. “It’s up to you. You can have apartment only training for a while. Get back to our normal groups. We’re causing a bit too much attention again.” Sean told me worriedly. “Okay. I think that will be best. Just tell everyone what we expect daily and make them get on with it?” I asked him. “Yeah like we did last year. The
older royal’s left still do that.” he pointed out. It was true we only meet with them once a month to have fights. They fitted in. there was also less of them so they didn’t actually stand out. Giggling started in Sams and Derek’s room. “Want to go where we can’t hear them?” I asked Sean trying to keep straight faced. “Defiantly.” He told me. We had a deal with Sam she didn’t ask about ours we didn’t ask about hers. We went into my room and started making out ourselves. The front door knocked. Who the hell could that be? Even Spencer had a bloody key now. Only ones who didn’t where the ones not actually part of Sams and Derek’s and Spencer’s guards. I pulled away from Sean. “Ignore it.” Sean told me. “If I don’t answer it and Georgina does we could all be in a lot of trouble.” I pointed out. He sighed and pulled of me. I knew Georgina wouldn’t come out her room until we went in to get her. She knew well enough what Derek and Sam where possibly getting up to. I went to the door adjusting my top. I knew I had the just making out look. I realised a bit late my bra was undone. Prince Aiden was stood the other side of the door looking nervous. “Can I help you your majesty?” I asked him as politely as I could. “I knocked next door and was told Prince
Derek was in here. I need to talk to him.” Aiden said sounding stressed. A water user stressed god I never thought I would see the day. “Um hes kind of busy.” I said. I could hear noises coming from Sam’s bedroom without wanting to. Curse our better hearing. “How important is it prince Aiden?” Sean said coming out my bedroom. His top still off. I knew he was planning to go get changed anyway. Prince Aiden must have suddenly realised what he had interrupted. “I wanted to tell him I have just been informed my father is visiting me tomorrow.” Aiden told us. Oh great a bloody king. “When does he arrive?” Sean asked calmly. “I’m not sure hes flying from Egypt.” Aiden told us calmly. “I think Alysa is going to court. With Kye.” Sean told me. I nodded. “Derek will be in fighting in half an hour. Hes just saying goodbye to Alysa as she’s going away for the weekend.” I told Aiden calmly. “Okay.” Aiden said. I think he finally realised what I meant by saying goodbye, as he looked very embarrassed. Erin walked into the apartment then. “Taylor do you realise your bras undone?” she asked me. I wanted to hit her. I always want to hit Erin. “Aiden would you like to come with me to see my apartment. King Spencer is getting ready to have a language lesson and its always more
entertaining than this.” Sean said calmly. Thankyou I mouthed at him. He kind of steered Aiden into the boys apartment and I shut the door. Erin Sep and I burst out laughing. “That was the most awkward thing ever.” Sep told me still laughing. “This whole situation is awkward.” I told them still laughing. “I’m going court with Kye?” Georgina asked popping her head around the corner. “Yeah I think Sam might actually be coming as well. So you could jump of a stop before and find somewhere windy like you planned.” I told her smiling. “Or if she doesn’t I could visit my own girlfriend as she’s getting slightly annoyed at me?” Georgina asked hopefully. “Or that.” I told her smiling. Derek came out of his and Sam’s room then. “Did you hear?” I asked him. “I heard.” He told me. “Derek did you realise your necks bleeding?” Sep said sniffing. Derek used his hand and wiped his neck. “I’ll sort it out before I go fighting. You’re going with Kye?” Derek asked Georgina. “Yeah is Sam going to come or not?” Georgina asked calmly. “She’s not going to. She’s ringing Marco to ask him to come here. She’s not ready to be that close to the court so powerless.” He told us. We all nodded. Sam was doing well she had two elements almost fully back but she had a hell of a long way to go. “Who should I
take with me?” Georgina asked calmly. Derek looked at me hopefully, “I would.” I started. “I didn’t mean to go I meant for you to sort it out.” he told me embarrassed. “I wouldn’t ever send you away from Sam.” he admitted to me. I realised that suddenly. Sam always kept me close. “You need to at least take 4 I told her.” “I’ll go” Erin said calmly. “You will?” Derek and I asked her at the same time. Erin had been keeping extremely close to Sam this week. What with water just coming back Erin was helping her fully reconnect. It meant Sam could lie on a Lilo in the pool area. “Yeah I got to pick something up from the hospital in court.” Erin said calmly. “What?” I asked worried. But she just gave me a look. I shut up. “Okay so Erin? Kye? 2 more.” I said calmly. “Send Jessie.” Sep said calmly. “You sure I thought you had plans?” “Only lady lessons for Sam with Sarah. Can’t do that with a visiting king.” “No keep Jessie. We will still try doing the lady lessons. Send Adam and Ed.” Derek said calmly. “You do realise you kind of need Adam or Ed yourself.” I pointed out. “Okay you decide. I got to go untie my wife before she sets the bed on fire.” Derek said calmly. Walking back into his bedroom. The girls and I all cracked up laughing again. “Okay this is
defiantly the most embarrassing conversation we’ve had since coming back to college.” Sep said. “What you picking up from the hospital?” I asked Erin worried. “We are almost out of birth control.” Erin told me calmly. “Yep defiantly the most embarrassing conversation ever.” Sam said coming out her bedroom. “Derek your necks still bleeding.” Sam told Derek embarrassed. We all cracked up we couldn’t deal anymore. It was agreed that Kye, Erin, Ed, Jirkar and Uwe were going back to the palace. The rest of us would stay. “Well I got to go. Teach Spencer loads of French swear words. Meet you next door.” Sam said escaping. She was still in a dress. “Well at least she can’t fight in a dress. Do not let her fight until I at least get back.” Derek told me sternly. As though I could control my friend. He had to know that was impossible. “I’m coming with you as your driver. Sean’s staying.” I told him.

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