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Chapter 23


“Okay Spencer repeat after me.” I told Spencer calmly. We were sat in the room next door that belonged to Leona and her guards. Peter was having his blood stood in the kitchen. Grace Leona and Sep were working through a bit of law books I had already read this week. We were waiting for everyone to arrive for the fight in their spare room. That was dedicated to fighting. Today I was trying to teach Spencer a few sentences to help him in court. “Eimai ilithios. Den boró na milíso aftí ti glóssa. Parakaló peíte mou ti sas eípe sta angliká. Í na milísete me frouroí mou, óste na boroún na metafrásoun gia ména.” I told him. He looked at me really confused. So did the others. “I thought you were doing French today?” Peter asked me calmly. “We were but prince Aiden’s dads coming and Derek said to do Greek instead.” I said shrugging. “Okay can you slow it down so I can actually hear the words?” Spencer asked me so confused. “Eimai
ilithios.” I said calmly. “Eiamai illythios.” Spencer tried. “Eimai ilithios.” I said calmly. We were still on those two words when Sean knocked. He had Prince Aiden his guards Lady Tamzin and hers with him. I saw George I was going to convince my brother to let me fight. “Hello.” We all said calmly. “Greek today I thought it was French?” Sean asked looking at the Greek book in front of Spencer. “Derek said to teach him a few basic Greek sentences so I am. Unless you will be so kind to sign me back on. I have Alysa’s signature. Derek said it was up to you.” I tried with my brother. “He said no such thing. He said do not let you fight until he gets back.” Sep doped me in. “Oh so I’m actually allowed to fight today?” I said I high-fived Peter. “Yes but later.” Sep told me with a smile. “I will double check with him then I will.” Sean told me with a smile. “Okay Spence try again.” I said calmly to Spencer. “Okay but I still think you should just teach me how to say, do you speak English like Erin suggested.” Spencer told me. “That’s basically what this sentence is.” I told him truthfully. “Eimai ilithios. Den boró na milíso aftí ti glóssa. Parakaló peíte mou ti sas eípe sta angliká. Í na milísete me frouroí mou, óste na boroún na metafrásoun gia ména” I told him again
calmly. Everyone looked at me confused. “What the hell is she saying?” Spencer asked them all for help. Aiden looked at me really confused. “Why does he need the first bit? The rest I agree he needs but not the first bit.” I smiled at him. At least he understood Greek where was Taylor. “What the hell is she making me say? If this is another one of those rude sentences that she made me say in Greece, which almost got me killed. I am not allowing Derek to sign you back on if it’s like that.” Spencer told me. “Okay Spencer let’s try in French okay? Your French and German are coming on well ish and this sentence will help you. I promise.” I told him with a smile. “How many languages do you talk?” Jo asked me impressed. “Taylor speaks more. But a good few, we share language lessons.” I told her with a smile “Sean used to be able to speak 4. Greek is meant to be one of them.” I said rolling my eyes at Sean. “I choose not to translate you. It’s easier pretending I don’t understand you.” he told me with a smile. I knew he knew what I was getting Spencer to say. “You teach him the French.” I said leaning back. “Word for word?” he asked me with a grin. “Yep I want to hear you say it.” I said sticking my tongue out at my brother. “Je suis un idiot. Je ne peux pas parler cette
langue. S’il vous plaît me dire ce que vous avez dit en anglais. Ou parler à mes gardes afin qu’ils puissent traduire pour moi.” Sean said to Spencer. “Well one word I do understand is idiot. Is she making me tell people I am an idiot?” Spencer asked the room for help. “Don’t I always tell you to say that?” I asked him jokingly. He hit me on the head with the Greek dictionary. “Okay what I am getting you to say is.” I started and smiled at him. “I am an idiot. I cannot speak that language. Please tell me what you said in English. Or talk to my guards so they can translate for me.” I told him honestly. “Well the first bits the easiest and not needed.” He told me hitting me again. I laughed. “Who’s fighting first?” I asked Sean calmly. “Jo and Jude?” “No” I said calmly. “Keith and Peter.” He said calmly. “No.” I told him. Sep laughed. “Aiden and Spencer?” Sean tried knowing exactly what I was doing. I shrugged calmly. “No still doesn’t sound a good fight.” I told him smiling. “Who do you actually want to fight?” he asked me he already knew the answer. “I’ll take him, him and him.” I said pointing first at George. Then two of Aiden’s guards they hadn’t pissed me of but I wanted to come across cocky. “I don’t want to be sorting out dead bodies.” Peter said calmly. “We won’t
kill her.” Jude said shocked. “Not hers.” Peter told him with a smile. “Please not 6 again you hurt me.” Spencer said rolling his eyes. “I told you to duck.” I told him smiling. “1. Clean fighting no magic.” Sean told me sternly. “Okay I’ll take George.” I told him with a grin. “Did she just trick you all to get exactly what she wanted?” Jude asked Sean impressed with me. “Come on George.” I said calmly standing up and going in the fighting room. “Are you not even getting out the dress?” Spencer asked me. “No I got shorts on underneath.” I told him shrugging. “Didn’t you just tell her she wasn’t going to fight?” Aiden asked Sean confused. “He did but now she has got it in her head she is. No one can stop her.” Spencer told him. Rolling his eyes at me. “I can’t fight a girl.” George told Sean. I think he thought he was going to get to fight my twin brother. “Why not?” Sean asked him calmly. “Because she’s a girl!” George told him. “Well if you can’t beat me I suppose I will fight someone else. If your ego can’t take the risk of being beaten by a girl.” I told him with a cute smile. “What song?” Sep asked me. “Surprise me just not what a girl wants.” I told her grinning. “Fight her or we have you replaced. If you don’t have the strength to fight a girl in practise, what would happen
in a real battle?” Sean said calmly, even though I knew he was angry at George. Tamzin looked confused at Sep. “Sams going to teach your guard that girls can fight no matter their size.” Sep explained to her. “I will hurt her.” George told them all. “No she will hurt you. Just fight so we can get on with tidying the flat for another one tonight.” Peter said. “Ready or are you chicken?” I asked him calmly. Sep started playing the song. She had obviously known this was coming. I cartwheeled straight away from George. He looked at everyone nervously. I karate kicked him straight on the floor and had my arm over his heart. “Dead.” Grace said calmly. “I wasn’t ready.” George said. “Okay let’s do this properly. Like at school.” I told him calmly. I bowed to him politely he bowed to me. He went to hit me but with no power I went straight under his arm and punched him. I knocked him straight back to floor. He jumped up I could see he was embarrassed. I hit him again he went to hit me again. I jumped higher than his height. Without even the need to use any magic. I air kicked him He actually caught my ankle. That slightly impressed me. But I knew exactly how to get myself out of it and I did, I put my arms on the floor and with my body strength used the fact he was still
holding on to me to fling him against the wall. He fell to the ground again but jumped back up. He looked even more embarrassed. He started putting strength in. he was quiet easy to work out his moves. He was sloppy. I ducked I jumped I went on the floor and kicked his legs out from under him. I held my arm over his heart again. “Dead.” Grace said calmly smiling at me. George was sweaty out of breath I looked like I had done nothing. My dress wasn’t even messed up. “Do you want another round or not?” I asked the out of breath guard. “I think you made your point.” Sean told me rolling his eyes. “Okay Lady Tamzin.” I said calmly, she looked at me worriedly. “Yes?” She asked scared. “Come here a second.” I said indicating in the room. “I’m not going to attack you don’t worry.” I assured her. “Now George try grabbing her from behind.” I told him. He looked at me worried. “If you don’t do it I’ll ask another guard to.” I told him. He grabbed her from behind. “Peter you still got those fake knives from last year?” I asked Peter calmly. He brought 5 out the cupboard. “Aiden can you and Jude go in the same position please.” I said calmly. He complied confused but he and Jude went into the same position. Peter handed them both a knife. “Hold it to their throats it
won’t hurt them.” I said demonstrating it was plastic. They complied confused. “Okay Jo, Tom and Keith?” I said guessing the other two guards names they nodded. “Try get your royal out without them getting there throat cut or them getting killed.” I said and I sat down next to Spencer. “What are you doing?” Spencer asked. “Teaching.” I told him with a smile. “Sometimes I forget how much you watch everything.” Sean told me impressed. “What I can’t understand is how I still impress you.” I told him shrugging. I let them struggle for 40 minutes. Sean Piping up when a royal would be dead. “Okay you ready for a demonstration on how they could get out of that?” I asked. I looked around the room. “Leona?” I said smiling at the lady. She nodded at me. I nodded at Sean. “I hate you.” Sean told me. “You hate your gorgeous baby sister?” I asked him with a grin. He looked at me and smiled. “I’m not signing you back on now for another week. He told me. “That’s fine Alysa’s promised beach and cocktails next weekend.” I told him with a grin. We were actually going to go to the beach. “Leona show the royals how to escape.” I told my friend. She complied. Sean got hurt. “Now you try.” I admit I took a lot of joy watching Tamzin hurt George. Sean took over and followed up by
teaching the royals how to escape from a front knife attack, and back ones. And loads of different attacks where only they could get themselves out. I went calmly back to teaching Spencer sentences. “Okay Spencer repeat after me. Ma garde est le meilleur.” I told him, he smiled at me “My guards defiantly are the best. Crazy but the best.” He told me with an honest smile. Spencer’s phone started ringing.

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