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Chapter 24 - Taylor POV


“That planes not ours.” I said looking at the plane that was coming into land. Georgina was leaving earlier than we planned so we didn’t have to risk her coming across Aiden’s dad. Yes it was defiantly a private plane and carried our made up country’s flag. But it wasn’t right our plane had green wings and tip. This one had Red. “Whose plane is it then?” Georgina asked worriedly. Looking at the Amaris plane that was landing. “Derek we should get you and Alysa out of here.” Adam told him worriedly looking at the plane landing. “Do you think it’s just Aiden’s dad?” he said trying to stay calm, calm the whole situation. “Most likely but we can’t risk it.” Jessie told him. “You need to get back to college.” I realised and told him sternly. “You or Adam or me?” Jessie asked me as if I knew what to do. He was higher level than me. He was technically senior. Although he always tried to make
me in charge rather than him, when Sean wasn’t about. “Your higher level you decide.” I reminded him. If he told me to stay I would, if he told me to go I would. We all looked at the plane. The fact it was a private plane meant it was a high royal. Nothing below King or Queen had their own plane. Except of course are little team. Even then it wasn’t technically ours it was Drew’s. He just lent it to us. Alysa could have her own but it would be too easily to identify as hers. “Jessie?” Adam asked. Jessie remained silent thinking, where Adam and I were fire Jessie was a water and normally calmer, but sometimes I wished he was faster to react. “Alright here’s the plan. Adam you take Derek. Taylor Alysa.” Jessie said. “Go back to college. Warn them. Get Sam and Sean to take you all to the safe house.” Jessie said. “And what Jessie stay there forever?” Erin asked seriously before I could comment. I knew the moment we got to Sean he would take charge being higher level than Jessie. Being highest level possible. “I will text you when I know. Just get back and get everyone out of there until I know what’s happening.” Jessie told us. We got out of there straight back in the cars. Jessie stayed at the airport with Kye, and Uwe. Adam jumped in the wheel of I sat next to
him. Georgina looked at Derek. “Nothing ever goes to plan does it?” she asked him seriously. “Nope.” he told her. Nope I agreed.

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