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Chapter 25 - Jessie POV


When the plane had fully come to a standstill I looked at Uwe and Kye. “So if we die who’s texting them?” Kye asked trying to give the situation a bit of calm we both where. Taylor and Adam would possibly attack first ask later. “Whoever is still alive?” I told him. We watched the Amaris climb of. 8 guards and 1 royal. Defiantly a king. “If this is Aiden’s dad you do realise he will now have to meet Alysa as she hasn’t escaped.” Uwe told me. “Yep.” “Good. So not just me who’s thinking this is going to kill us all.” Uwe said calmly. “Ready to die?” I asked Kye and Uwe calmly. “I think we were ready the moment we said yes to whose guards we were going to be.” Kye told me calmly. “Did you actually get asked I think I just got told?” I asked Kye calmly. I remembered meeting Sean the first day of junior year. He told me straight away I would see things that if I told anyone I would never be a guard. I had watched him all junior
year put in contacts and sneak out not knowing the real reason for it until Sams kidnapping. But I knew he was strong he gave me personal lessons in the evening. He said the royal he hoped I would be chosen for needed me at my strongest. “I think she chose us the moment she started school.” I told Kye smiling. “Yep that’s why Sean gave us all harder work outs than he did the rest of the class.” Kye said smiling. It was actually a very big privilege to have been chosen to be Alysa’s guards especially when you knew she had personally chosen you. I was very glad she had. The Amaris must have noticed us sat by our Black 7 seater. Believe me we had the universal huge guardian cars. “Name ranks?” A lady guard said coming to the fence. I looked at her very shocked. Wow Taylor looked a hell of a lot like her mum, I realised. “Jessie Royal Dragon 4.” I told her calmly. “You interrupted our royal’s flight plan.” I told her as sternly as I could. “Where is your royal?” she asked me confused. That was when our plane started landing. Kye looked up at it. “What do you want to do call it in. so she can go or wait?” Kye asked me seriously. “Who is your Royal?” I asked Taylors mum. “King Theodor.” Taylors mum said calmly. I nodded. “His business here?” I asked her. I
knew my level was higher than hers even though she wasn’t just years older than me she was 100s of years older than me. “Visiting his son Prince Aiden.” Taylors mum told me calmly. “Okay you have 15 minutes to leave the airport and your plane to depart.” I told her sternly as I could. Wow I never imagined talking to Taylors mum like this. “Kye ring this in please.” I told Kye. He was on it straight away.

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