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Chapter 26 - Taylor POV


We were almost back at college when we got the phone call. I looked at it Kye was ringing. I answered. “Yes?” I asked him trying not to panic. “Well we got a lot of good news. Some very strange news. And Alysa can come back our planes just arrived.” Kye told me. “Put Jessie on if you can.” I told Kye. “What’s going on?” I asked Jessie. “How close are you to college?” he asked me calmly. “5 minutes?” I told him confused. “Okay we told them they having 15 minutes to get out of the airport. Our planes arrived. Kye is still going to go. It’s just Aiden’s dad.” Jessie told me calmly. “Tell her about the special guest.” I heard Kye tell Jessie.
“Who’s the special guest?” I asked confused. “Your mum.” Jessie told me calmly. “Okay.” I told him. Trying not to panic. “Okay?” Derek asked me confused not hearing the other side of the call or who was here. “Adam signal the car behind to pull over.” I told Adam he did Erin pulled over. “Who was going?” I asked the car behind. Erin I realised and another of Derek’s guards. “Okay change of plans. Alysa get in Erin’s car.” I told Georgina. “You’re going still.” I told her smiling she nodded. “I take it. It was just Aiden’s dad.” Derek said calmly. Rolling his eyes at the stress an early plane had caused. “Yeah and my mum.” I told him kind of shocked. I knew my mum she would put me before her own royal, she always had it was why I got to spend so much time with her growing up. Derek nodded. “I’m going to take you back to college. We’re going to sort everything out quickly as we can.” I told him smiling nervously. “You mean the state of the apartment.” Derek realised laughing. “So who’s going now? Are we taking Jessie?” Erin asked confused. “Yeah you Kye Jessie Uwe Alysa.” I looked in Erin’s car. “Jirkar. Everyone else in my car quickly we have to get back and warn them.” I told them they all complied. Quickly. 7 guards to 4 royals?” Adam asked me questionably as
he drove. “I know I sent too many. But if all goes well they will think the Real Ally’s gone.” I pointed out. “I don’t think we had a choice there was no way the rest would fit in this car.” Harry pointed out. “Actually we squeezed 9 girls into a small 5 seater before.” I told him seriously, none of us knew how we had managed that to this day. We even had managed 10 people at one point. We arrived at the college. Derek having rung Sam’s mobile on the drive back. “Why the hell is she not answering.” he asked me as if I had the answer. “We all know she’s fighting.” Harry told him seriously. Yep I thought she wouldn’t be able to resist. Derek rang Spencer, Derek putting him on loud speaker so we could all talk if we needed to. “Hi Derek you okay?” Spencer answered. “Put Sam or Sean on.” Derek told his cousin. “What’s wrong Derek?” Sam asked a few seconds later. “Nothing scary but Aiden’s dads here. So is Taylors mum. Clean the apartments quickly.” Derek warned them. “Okay so this is parent alert?” Sam asked trying not to laugh. “Pretty much.” I told her. “We do it for Ally.” I said with a laugh. We all knew she wasn’t alone. “Okay how long have we got?” she asked. “20 ish minutes max.” I warned her. “Okay panic then.” Sam said calmly. I could hear her saying. “Sean
Taylors mums one of Aiden’s dads guards go make sure you clean up all evidence in her room quickly. If anyone has anything they don’t want parents to see 15 minute warning hurry.” “This is the most embarrassing day ever.” Sam said in general. “Does that include the beer?” Sean asked her seriously. “Hide it in here.” I heard Peter say. Sam hung up then. I arrived back at college in what I knew was a 20 minute at least head start. “Okay all of you concentrate on hiding any evidence you wouldn’t want your own parents to see.” I told the rest. Derek laughed. “You all thought I was panicking when I made you clear up quickly before Marco arrived.” Derek teased but he went off to help. “Where are the other royals?” Derek asked them as soon as we got upstairs. “Aiden will be back in a second he has gone to get his own beers to hide in Peter’s fridge, the rest have gone back to their apartments till tomorrow.” Sam replied laughing. “We really should get a better parent alert.” Sean told me gently kissing me as he passed. “We really should stop parents visiting at college.” Sep told us laughing I noticed a lot of things was getting thrown quickly in a black sack. “You can’t chuck them we do still need them.” Sam pointed out when she saw what Sep was throwing.
“Okay what’s better our parents knowing were having safe sex. Or knowing we are having sex with no condoms around?” Sam asked seriously. “Them thinking you’re not having sex.” Aiden said bringing up his beers and taking them in Peter’s room. I realised the doors where open. “What’s going on?” Hannah asked opening her apartment door she was stood with her human roommates they were in pjs and looked like they were having a calm evening. “We have a parent alert.” I told her seriously. The girls all looked at us in confusion. “Hey can we hide Beers in your fridge were running out of room in Peters.” Aiden asked Hannah calmly. Sam nudged me. “Not the time Samira.” I told her with a smile. “Yeah go on then.” Hannah said confused, “you do realise we’ve put all the beers in the room they possibly will check out?” Sam asked me calmly. We all looked at her seriously. “It is the room we use as the clubhouse.” Sam pointed out straight faced. “Put all the beers in here.” Hannah’s human roommate said laughing. “You do realise parents our meant to come the first day’s then leave?” the other human roommate told us, I needed to learn the girls roommates names. I think she could tell we were all panicked. “Unfortunately my dad was working the day
I came college and now is here.” Aiden told them. So is my mum and Hannah’s.” I realised. Oh sugar Hannah was in as my little sister. “Oh Bloody Bandages.” Paula said. “You know what hide the beers anywhere or chuck them just hurry.” I told them. I ran into my room and quickly helped Sean empty his clothes from my wardrobe and draws. “Fresh sheets help.” Sam said going eww as she striped my bed for me. I had to laugh. “How often do you have this panic?” Aiden laughed watching as we seemed pros in the girl’s apartment. “Marco and Andrew come visit a lot. But Drew has the beer with us. Marco likes to see the condoms I think hes scared of baby Alysa’s” Sean explained. “Dads kind of given up trying to control me.” Sam said with a smile. “I think everyone’s given up trying to discipline you.” Aiden told her with a confused smile watching Sam shove a tray of already cooked cakes in the oven and put them on low heat. “For the smell” she explained. It took 10 minutes and the girl’s apartment and the boys all looked like everyone had their own room. Aiden suddenly piped up. “I’m confused?” “What about?” I asked him wondering. “Well if that’s your room.” he said pointing at Sam’s room in shock. “Derek did you and Alysa have
sex in my room again?” Sam tried. “We haven’t got time for this. Can we sort it out after the parents leave?” I asked them. “ARE YOU CHEATING ON ALYSA?” Aiden said way too loud. “No for goodness sake Derek would never cheat on me.” Sam said calmly. “You’re Alysa?” Aiden said in shock. “Mention it to our parents and your dead meat.” I told him. “WOW REALLY BUT YOU FIGHT AMAZING.” Aiden said shocked. “You had a fight today I told you no fighting.” Derek told Sam of. “Can we deal with all this after?” Sam asked calmly. “Did it work?” I asked Sam. “Well as long as no one tells the others who I am, we will have to see. But I got them all doing the knife exercise.” Sam told me looking at Aiden though. I was thankful Aiden’s guards were dealing with his apartment and the beer and not here to have heard who Sam actually was. “We really are the bad royals.” Sep said seriously from our now freshly hovered apartment. The boys doing the same. “Quick wash up.” I yelled at Sepiah. She was using water magic now to wash all the dishes we had just sat on the side. We heard the cars. “Okay here goes nothing?” Derek said trying to be calm. “I’ll remind you that when Marco arrives on Sunday.” I told him with a nervous smile. “Quick give Sean a kiss In
case you can’t for a while.” Sam told me. I did. “Sam sort yourself out.” I told Sam quickly she didn’t look enough like a guard at the moment. Also her green eyes would need hiding around adult Amaris she knew that. She ran in her room. “Tell anyone who she is and I will make it so your family tree ends with you.” Sean warned him. “So you’re not actually twins?” Aiden realised. “Can we please explain later?” I told him. “I won’t say okay.” Aiden assured us. “Later we will explain everything.” Derek said seriously. Sam came out her room quickly now in a pair of denim shorts a Green top saying bite me. Her contact in and her black hair hiding her face as much as possible. She handed Sean a pair he put his in quickly. “You two are way too good at hiding quickly.” I told them Sean quickly kissed me. “Way to much practise.” Sean told me. His eyes now brown. “Ready?” I asked them all getting ready to go greet the parents. We started making our way downstairs. “Sep Spencer Stay with whoever is left.” I said.

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