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Chapter 27 - Sean POV


Well this wasn’t how I expected to meet Taylors mum. I had hoped for a nice calmer time, you know just the 4 of us well and Sam sat at a meal. Where I would calmly introduce myself. I knew Sam had wanted to meet Taylors mum for a while. She hated the fact she felt she stopped us all having our family. The thing is most Amaris guards don’t have relationships with their parents. Take mine for example, both our alive. Both know I’m still alive, both extremely proud of me but that’s all I hear from them except when I go back to court and see them in the castle. Sam made us a family, our messed up homemade family feels more real to all of us than our real ones. Kye jokes sometimes he feels like he was the one stolen. Sam did steal us but we all wouldn’t ever want to not have been nicked. I was thinking all this when Sam handed me my contacts I quickly put them in. “You two are way too good at hiding quickly.” Taylor told me with a
smile. She was nervous I realised. I quickly kissed her again. “Way to much practise.” I told her, realising we actually did have way to much practise. We had to do similar last year when Seps parents arrived. We needed a better parent warning system in place. “Ready?” Taylor asked me. No I wanted to say, but I knew she didn’t mean like that. We all went down stairs. Sam, Adam, Harry and I hovered back we let Taylor have the honour of being next to Derek. Like we would all want our parents to see us. I knew having herself next to Alysa would be a better honour. But Derek was the future King to all Amaris and I knew Derek would boast Taylor up if we wanted. “Hello father.” Aiden said calmly, to his Dad as he stepped out his car with his 8 guards. I watched Taylor’s mum climb out, wow Taylor took after her mum. It was hard to believe this Guard was the same lady who taught Taylor how to make gingerbread houses. She took in Taylor and seemed extremely proud like I knew she would. Sam nervously fidgeted she hated meeting adult Kings and queens and practically all Amaris. Our age she was getting used to but anything over 100 she seemed to panic. “Relax” I mumbled under my breath in French to her. To her and to myself. “Hello Aiden.” Aiden’s dad said then
realising who the royal was next to him he bowed politely at Derek. So did all his guards. “Hello King Theodor. Sorry for the mess at the airport we didn’t realise you were arriving when you did.” Derek told him politely. Okay I would ask him about that mess later he hadn’t admitted to a mess at the airport. “I am so sorry for any in convince I caused you.” King Theodor told him. “That is fine. Her Royal Highness Princess Alysa still managed to catch her plane. No harm caused.” Derek said politely. I realised he had said this to show that Alysa was gone. “Unfortunately it meant we swopped guards for the weekend but that is okay.” Derek said. I realised he was giving Taylor the honour of her mum realising she was Alysa’s guard. Aiden looked at Derek I think even he knew what he was doing. Sam was biting her bottom lip, I knew she wanted to tell us to just stop standing around like lemons. She did that a lot. “I would like to introduce you to a few of mine and Alysa guards. We are very swapped this week.” Derek explained calmly. This was so awkward. “Your majesty we should get back in doors. So we do not cause a scene.” Sam finally said trying to be polite. Looking at a few humans walking past. “Samira is right your highness.” Taylor said
calmly. “Of course would you like to accompany us back to my room? Or go have some private time with your son.” Derek asked politely. Aiden rolled his eyes. Obviously being water they always liked to be calm and this wasn’t calm so both Aiden and Derek were struggling. His dad looked very stressed. Meeting Derek was possibly very stressful. Everyone seemed stressed. Aiden’s dad calmly accompanied us back up to the extremely clean girl’s apartment. Taylors mum looked around impressed at the girls lounge. Obviously not realising that it had been really quickly tidied. “King Theodor nice to see you again.” Spencer said politely from the girl’s sofa where he was sat with Sepiah. He had a Greek book in front of him. “Greek I thought you were giving up and doing French?” Derek asked him. “Just ask everyone to talk English.” Aiden told him calmly. “Could I offer anybody a drink?” Sam asked calmly I realised she wanted to be busy and escape. “What do you have?” King Theodor asked her calmly he seemed at ease talking to guards I realised. I remembered how at ease Aiden already seemed when he started as well. Sam opened the fridge. And bite her lip again. “I can make some tea or coffee if you would like.” Sam asked politely. Taylor went to accompany
her in the kitchen I watched her hug and whisper something in her ear. As Theodor asked for a coffee and then surprised me by asking if any of his guards wanted a drink. “We have a guard lounge next door with a practise room if your guards would like to go relax for a bit.” Derek said calmly. I knew this many adult guards around him made him nervous too. A lot of the guards did just this, with Harry. Leaving us just in the girl’s apartment with Taylors mum and another guard and the royals. Sam brought a few teas and coffees out the kitchen, looked at Spencer’s work over his shoulder and smiled. I looked what he wrote and smiled myself. He had asked Sam how to say this is awkward. She wrote on the paper for him. He looked at it then said, “Afto eínai ávolo” the best pronunciation I had ever heard him use. “Defiantly.” Aiden told him with a smile. Sam handed the king his coffee then took Spencer’s Greek book and started correcting his work like she normally would. I knew she just needed to be busy to stop herself running. “I’m going to take Samira to my apartment to learn Greek would you like to accompany me Lady Sepiah.” Spencer said calmly. I nodded at him and Spencer Sam and Sep practically ran out of there. “Oh I never did
introduce you to Alysa and my guards. That didn’t go.” Derek said. “Samira RiverBae dragon level 4 has just left. This is Sean RiverBae Royal Dragon 5 Captain, Taylor Dasáki Royal Dragon 3 and Adam Kosta Royal Dragon 4.” Derek said very proudly of us. Derek looked nervous so did Aiden. “Dasáki any relation to you Zebina.” Aiden’s dad asked politely to Taylors mum. “My daughter Sire.” Taylors mum replied calmly but even I could tell she was itching just to hug Taylor. “At ease you can hug her if it’s okay with her king?” Aiden’s dad said confused, I realised he didn’t actually use etiquette. “Derek we don’t use etiquette at home.” Aiden told Derek calmly. “Thank god we don’t use it here either.” Derek said dropping etiquette instantly. “Sorry we never know how to act around visiting adult Amaris. Taylor hug your mum.” Derek said. “You really shouldn’t trust her teaching him languages she was trying to sneak him telling people he is an idiot in earlier.” Aiden told Derek obviously trying to break the ice in the room. Derek laughed. “Everyone at ease.” Derek said looking at us for help in what he was meant to do. Zebina and Taylor took the hint that they could hug and did. “Hello darling how have you been?” Zebina asked Taylor calmly. “Okay thankyou mum
you?” Taylor said calmly. “Good thankyou well I now know why you wouldn’t tell us who your royal was. I am very proud of you.” Zebina told Taylor. I was full of pride to hear those words for her. “Cakes are burning.” Adam said calmly. “Bandages.” I said running and getting them out. “Can I offer anyone burnt blood cakes?” Derek asked trying not to laugh. “I agree with Ally we need to get rid of etiquette and teach people how to actually talk to each other.” Derek said. “I don’t know what you mean mate I think we’re doing okay here.” I told Derek making sure I seemed joking. I watched Aiden’s dad realising we were actually friends. He really did seem to relax then. We very calmly talked for a while Taylor didn’t tell her mum I was her boyfriend but they caught up calmly then Aiden’s dad left for the hotel. Aiden stayed and chatted to Derek I think he had a lot to ask him. We now knew Aiden’s dad was staying at the hotel and was only staying till Wednesday. I realised that would give Taylor time to catch up with her mum. If she wasn’t always on duty.

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