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Chapter 28


“That was so awkward.” Spencer said. “Thank you for getting me out of there. I don’t think I could have lasted any longer.” I admitted to him. “I thought you did very well.” Sep assured me. Hugging me tight. “I hope Taylor gets to spend time with her mum. I never meant to steal you all away from your families.” I told them. “You turned my family’s life upside down. But none of us would want it any other way.” Spencer told me pushing me, Stacey especially had come out the best she had wanted to be an actress and with no longer having to hide her dad had agreed to let her try. “Hey I got to see the world I’m not complaining.” Sepiah said. “Yeah can we do that next summer nicely no death threats?” Spencer asked me with a smile. “Okay next summer we will do backpacking literally like humans do.” I told spencer smiling. He had shown me a video on YouTube of human backpacking it looked fun. “Have you heard the new song?” Sep asked me pulling
out Spencer’s laptop of the table and loading the real Sams new song. I listened and smiled, like her last 2 songs there was a message for me in it. She needed me to let her know I was okay. She was always willing to help me if I needed her to. We hid messages to each other in the comment section and she would spread my messages to the young Amaris. Lately the messages had been she was here if I needed her and for them to let me know they support me. A lot did leave comments to let us know they support us. But they didn’t know we personally commented back. Also that we used the comments to communicate with each other.

SmallyVAM – I love this song. A spark is always needed to change the world.
I wrote I wasn’t expecting a reply as quickly as I got one normally she would take days but I think she was watching it as it had been uploaded that day.
POPVAMSAM – Smally like always I am ready with a spark.
I thought about my reply ignoring the other comments that pinged on our little conversation. We needed to
update our names soon as we had a little following of our own trying to deceiver our messages. No one knowing that POPVAMSAM was the actual artist.
SmallyVAM – the worlds going to be set on fire with this music. But we got to wait. Got to wait until it’s ready to except it.
POPVAMSAM – when Laws ready to start the fire I am willing to light the match.
DOCVAMSE- this match is willing to light as well. Watch the BC.
A lot of others I assumed where Amaris and humans wrote about lighting the match as well. Some even offering that earth was needed as was the sea.
SmallyVAM – what’s wrong with the BC?
DOCVAMSE – it’s been adapted. Q ordered a B.
SmallyVAM- thanks for heads up will watch and order elsewhere for Law.
POPVAMSAM – how’s the childish fears?
SmallyVAM – still not windy. Fire still not burning. Water can drown. Earth can heal.
POPVAMSAM – this fire will burn for Law and you if you need it.
DOCVAMSE – So will this fire.
SmallyVAM – like always thanks for the sparks.

“What’s Bc and Q b?” Spencer asked me confused reading my conversation. “The court wants me to have a baby so I’m not the last heir to the throne. In case something happens to me. He’s warning me that my mums possibly fiddled with it.” I laughed, but then Erin saying she needed to pop to hospital registered in my head. “So your mums fiddled with the birth control?” Sep asked worried, I think she realised the same time about Erin. “God can’t she just let you finish college?” Spencer asked me looking shocked. “I think she wants to get me home.” I admitted. “Tricking you to get you home won’t make you like her.” Spencer pointed out. “I think she knows that. I think she doesn’t understand all I need is a sorry and the truth.” I admitted. “It’s not a word the Amaris really use.” Sep told me. “They need to learn it.” I told her.
SmallyVAM – sorry is an actual word something adult VAMS need to learn something Q needs to do or law will never be able to forgive the old sins.
POPVAMSAM – sorry means nothing without the feeling. Q still has a broken heart.
SmallyVAM – I am sorry. I really am. I changed your sparks it wasn’t fair. We broke Q heart to much as well but Law and I are sorry.
DOCVAMSEE – you helped this fire burn. You have nothing to be sorry about. Fire needs to burn. Fire always needs to burn. Your fire needs to burn and it will burn again. Law is always needed and wanted.
SmallyVAM – do you think the world actually wants the fire? Laws and Smally does but do the people.
POPVAMSAM – Smally the fires will always burn for Law. The oceans will always wave. The air will always whistle. The earth will always listen.
SmallyVAM – DOC can you fix the BC?
DOCVAMSE – I warned you of the BC as much as I can do currently. Will fix ASAP. Though C and Q do want a B.
SmallyVAM – Law wants to sort the mess out and wait until at least 100. Smally wants it to be safe. With the fire air sea and earth calm.
DOCVAMSE – yeah think C would go nuts.
SmallyVAM- I thought that was the point of Smally. : P
POPVAMSAM – it is the point of Smally but 100 is 100 :P
SmallyVAM – I’ll let you know about the Sparks. Think BC might have caught ice out. Doc might actually need you running low on faith. Still not got all the fears back. Now scared for ice.
DOCVAMSE – Fears are not back because Smally isn’t resting enough. Need me I will be there always need a legal Doc. Is it just ice you fear for?
SmallyVAM – Always will need you all. Will have to arrange Sparks at the beach, hoping moon cycle so we can listen to the air. Yeah I think it’s just ice.
POPVAMSAM – if fire doesn’t spark soon might do an evening tour to see Law.
DOCVAMSE - If anyone B I will be there. Is law is Smally?
SmallyVAM – LAW IS NOT B neither is Smally!!! But thankyou pop and doc. Love you both. Got to go hide the crowns
DOCVAMSE- the crown was stolen.
POPVAMSAM – the crown was found.
SmallyVAM – the crown must be hid.
POPVAMSAM- one day the crown will not need to be hid.
DOCVAMSE – We will be waiting for the crown.
SmallyVAM – the crowns will be waiting for the world.
I smiled at the screen it was our goodbye as always. “You’re lucky Kye has got all the computers so they can’t be tracked. But what if they ever find pop and Doc?” Spencer warned me. “They can defiantly both look after themselves Sean and I might be them but they were them before us.” I told him with a grin. It was true the real Sam and Sean made the reputations famous we just took it over. “Do you think it was just Erin caught?” Sep asked me worriedly. “I don’t feel like I am do you?” I asked her worried. “no.” she told me I
let out a sigh of relief. “We need to talk to everyone alone” Sep told me I nodded. I realised we would all need to check ourselves out but I defiantly didn’t feel pregnant not that I knew what it felt like. But Kayla told me if I ever was I would know. “I am too scared to go check.” I admitted. Spencer was reading the humans comments trying to work us out laughing. Not realising what me and Sepiah where actually talking about. “How’s the book going?” I asked him with a grin trying to get my head onto something else to worry about. “The how to act human?” he asked me with a grin “yeah?” “You all fail I’m starting to think I’m failing to.” he told me laughing. “Why don’t you text Sean and ask if it’s safe to go back?” Spencer asked. “Listen to this one. Sometimes I think they are an ancient race of beings that suck at pretending to be humans. That have their own crown that is getting ready to come out the closet.” He said I looked at the computer shocked.
EXERCISECANKILL - Sometimes I think they are an ancient race of beings that suck at pretending to be humans. That have their own crown that is getting ready to come out the closet.
“You wrote that!” I said hitting him. He laughed. “Should we risk going back or just sleep here as Kye,
Jessie, Jirkar, Erin, Alysa/Georgina, Uwe are all gone?” Sep asked me. “I really don’t think they will let the 3 of us be alone here. I’m surprised they’ve trusted me alone with you two this long.” I told them honestly. “Text him. You’ve been doing similar all evening it’s not going to kill you.” Spencer told me laughing. “Whose phone what saying?” I asked him worried. Spencer held out my phone and I texted Sean.
Sam – What’s plan tonight not enough guards.
Sean – Come back and we will make an excuse for me to leave and go to bed at my apartment tonight.
Sam – What’s guard plan tonight?
Sean – Sort it out when you’re here.
Sam – How was awkward conversation?
Sean – Still awkward T hasn’t admitted we are dating.
Sam – Give her time. She does love you.
Sean – I know that. It’s just awkward meeting her mum.
Sam – Imagine her mum meeting M omg Ms Coming Sunday? When are they leaving?
Sean – Wednesday.
Sam – Not good A will be back Monday to.
Sean – Will sort it Sam I promise.
Sean – hurry and come here I’m getting odd looks for texting.
Sam – on way back now. Make sure we don’t interrupt too much awkwardness.

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