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Chapter 29


“Okay time to go face royals.” I told them both. We went back to our apartment. Taylor and her mum were in our kitchen going through our fridge. I think her mum was making sure we didn’t have anything she would disapprove of. She seemed impressed about are amount of healthy meals. Thankyou Uncle Judah. The King and rest of his guards were gone. “Sean I thought you said it was still awkward?” I asked my brother. He gave me the universal sign to shut up he seemed the only one that looked awkward. So he meant meeting his girlfriend mum awkward. I actually laughed. Derek was sat on the PlayStation with Aiden both actually laughed. Spencer grabbed a controller I grabbed the other one. If they had dropped etiquette we could at least all pretend to be the friends we really where. Even before Derek and I was a couple we had been friends. “Sam shut up.” Taylor shrugged at me. “Why is
your blood in tomato bottles?” Taylors mum asked her intrigued. “We have humans up every now and again to study. So we act as human as we know how to.” I told her smiling. I had a lot I wanted to say to Aiden but I liked the fact he was seeing me as me. Joking with them all like normal people. I even managed to tease Sean to take some of his awkwardness away. Taylors mum didn’t even seem to notice anything unusual. We talked about loads of things and nothing. Taylors mum went to the toilet and came back looking concerned. “What’s wrong mum?” Taylor asked worriedly. “Well I have to say I am impressed with the state of the apartment. All of your levels. Your friendliness to each other. The only thing I am not impressed with is what’s missing.” Her mum told her. “What’s missing?” Sean asked confused. “Okay your all in college.” She told us. We all nodded. I knew she wasn’t going to say about missing Alysa’s books as Alysa had notebooks and they were full. “What’s missing is anything a parent would disapprove of.” Her mother told us, looking like she knew we had obviously hidden it. “Yeah all the alcohols in another fridge.” I told her with a grin. “SAMIRA.” 6 friends shouted at me. “Hey she knew we weren’t perfect.” I told them shrugging. Derek overlapped me.
“No fair you’re cheating I was distracted!” I told him. Aiden then overlapped me. Taylors mum seemed to slightly relax. I think she had been worried that everything was so clean tidy and straight. “Prince Marco visits a lot so we have everything he wouldn’t approve to see Alysa have in another room.” Taylor told her mum. “Which is pretty much everything.” Derek said shrugging. “Oh you get to meet Marco on Monday hes mean.” I told Aiden with a smile. “Can he control you?” Aiden asked laughing. “No one can control my sister. We have all actually given up.” Sean told him laughing. “The only reason I’m being good now is they got me signed off until I do.” I told him shrugging. “We will sign you back on it was just whilst you were injured.” Derek said rolling his eyes. “What have you been up to this summer? Or is it all top secret?” Taylors mum asked Taylor worried. “It’s not top secret the queen and court know Alysa’s doing it.” Derek said shrugging. “Handing out paperwork.” Spencer told her shrugging. “That makes it sound like we just handed paperwork to people.” Sean told him laughing. “Well I think I am going back to my apartment I will see you all when I see you.” Aiden said shrugging. “Adam will you accompany Aiden back to
his apartment make sure he is safe please.” Sean told Adam. He nodded his understanding and they were of. I understood Aiden would basically be threatened never to reveal who I was. “Do you have a room at the hotel or would you like to stay close to your daughter are you on duty or off?” Derek asked Taylors mum calmly. “She is welcome to take Erin’s room.” Sepiah said with a smile. “Where do you all sleep?” Taylors mum asked. I suddenly realised she had worked out we were a girls room short. I pointed at doors the original plan Taylor’s room Sepiah’s Erin’s mine. “Alysa and I sleep in a different apartment.” Derek told her with a smile “We just have the slight problem of being a few guards short this weekend due to assignments elsewhere.” Sean explained. I suddenly realised that. But it was easily fixed. “Derek can you Harry, Adam and Ed Sleep in your dorm like normal please.” Sean told him calmly. He nodded and left calmly with a “bye guys see you tomorrow.” Like it was normal. I rolled my eyes this was normal plan. We all did actually all have our own dedicated room. We were just trying to seem calm for Taylors mum. I knew why he was doing it. The only ones who would be guard shorts where me and Sepiah but we were perfectly positioned. “Rather than
there apartment for the weekend Jake will sleep in Kye’s and Mark Jessie’s.” Sean said calmly. Like it was no big deal. I realised he had already worked it out. The only person he left guard short was me and Sepiah and Taylors mum thought I was a guard so technically Sep wasn’t short. “Good night Spencer. I will see you tomorrow.” Sepiah said calmly. “Practise your French with Sean in the morning. I will see you at 2 for tea with Sarah?” I told him calmly he nodded. With that the groups left. Leaving me Sepiah Taylor and her mum alone in my apartment. “Does that happen every night or just while Alysa’s away with so many guards?” she asked interested. I think she realised we had tried to stick to rules. “Depends who’s visiting” I said shrugging. “We all have set tasks and days so we all know roughly what we are doing.” Taylor explained to her mother. Sepiah looked at me and Taylor the girls and I would normally couch out when the boys where gone and put a DVD on. “I have always wanted to meet you but I never thought it would be this strange.” I told Taylors mum seriously. “Sam was my roommate in school.” Taylor told her mum with a smile at me. “Oh so you all got choice from the same school?” her mum asked us with a smile. “Alysa kind of kidnapped us.” Sepiah said
shrugging. I had to laugh so did Tayler. “Do you all actually get on? You all okay?” her mum asked me and Taylor. I think she wanted to reassure herself we weren’t in over our heads. “My father is proud of me. Even though my reputation says I am out of control.” I said with a grin. It was true Marco was proud of me. She didn’t need to know I didn’t mean Sawyer. “I am great mum. Alysa’s just like a friend. She is amazing.” Taylor said smiling. “I am so proud of you Taylor.” Taylors mum told her hugging Taylor tight. I smiled at my best friend. “Now another question why is there no birth control in this place.” Her mother started scorning us. “Because we found out the courts done something to it. So we are on a strict ban at the moment.” I told her honestly. “Sam this is where you say because we are good girls” Sepiah told me rolling her eyes. “The court wants a baby Alysa?” Taylor asked laughing. “Apparently so. I think they forget Alysa is 19 still.” I told her with a smile. “You’re all really still children.” Taylors mum told us worriedly.

I took my contacts out and settled into bed. I was wearing just a baggy t-shirt of Derek’s and some shorts. No one would be able to tell it was Derek’s so I could
have breakfast in it with no problem. The girls and I had a relaxing evening getting to know Taylors mum. She was lovely. We managed not to talk about anything to do with being guards. I looked at my phone I had a text from both Sean and Derek.
Sean – All okay?
Derek – Are you okay?
I had to laugh there texts where almost exactly the same. I just replied all was fine night. Turned off my light and tried to go to sleep.

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