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Chapter 3 - Derek POV

“Hi mischief what’s this I hear about you almost getting yourself killed again?” I ask Sam as a greeting when she picks up her phone. I hadn’t heard anything of the sort, but sometimes it was easier to ask this and get the answer of what she’d done pretending i already know. it works for us. “We were fine. Spencer’s only got a few burn marks and there from me.” Sam informs me calmly, admitting straight away that she had done something. "he didn't have to moan to you." she says in her defence i have to laugh. “COLE.” I yell two seconds later as the 2 and half year old set his baby brothers teddy on fire. you cant take your eyes of a toddler for seconds! I shoot a blast of water at the teddy putting it out. Then I put him on time out like his mother told me to. He was really acting up at the moment. Kayla was having a much needed Nap and Drew was at the palace with Marco. i think they all needed a small break. Marianna and I were watching Cole and his 2 month old baby brother Toby. Whilst Marianna’s and Marcos 5 month old little girl Felicity was napping in her own buggy, looking the picture of innocence but god the lungs on that baby were impressive. “Don’t be too hard on him he can’t control his powers yet.” Marianna reminded me,Cole had literally just got his powers. Too early I personally thought. “Yeah he knew what he was doing.” I tell her picking the teddy up, he might be two but he knew it was his brothers. the teddy was only fit for the bin. I suddenly remembered I had been on the phone and went back to it. “What’s happened?” Sam asks me worried. “Cole set Toby’s teddy on fire.” I tell her. “At least it wasn’t Toby.” Sam informs me seriously. “Yeah do not give him the ideas.” i tell her seriously. “Is he still not getting used to it? He seemed fine last week.” Sam asks me worriedly. Cole's 2 and just in his terrible 2's hes not a naughty child really, but add fire magic and its dangerous. “Hold on Sam.” I tell her as the timeout buzzer went. Kayla's idea from watching human TV and i admit it is working. I go up to Cole and get down to his level like Kayla had told me to, i had seen both her and Derek do it this way and i admit it works for them. “Cole it’s not nice to set your brothers toys on fire. You need to apologise to Toby.” i tell him firmly but not like i am angry with him. He is crying and I just wanted to hug him how the hell did Kayla and Drew do this? “Sorry.” Cole says tears run down his tiny little face i know its to both his little brother and me and i can tell he means his words. We have a hug, because i cant stand seeing a toddler cry. then he goes back to playing nicely. Marianna looks as shattered as Kayla had. “Any of you getting any actual sleep?” I ask, the look she gives me makes me regret asking. "I got 3 hours last night.” Marianna informs me theirs challenge in her eyes that makes me know that if i say the wrong thing i will be in trouble here, Marianna is and always will be an amazing fighter and guard. “Are you sure you won’t need me till break?” I ask worriedly, because they are tired and leaving them to deal with our mess here isn't really fair. “We will be fine. Honestly we do need you both to actually complete college it is kind of a necessity. Alysa’s not Queen yet, she was the one who said no to the throne 2 years ago. The Amaris can wait for her to take the throne, when she’s finished college and ready.” She reminds me. It felt like I had too much stuff to do sometimes though. Although Marco and Drew were mostly doing everything this end for us. The Queen was using me as the go between to talk to her daughter. Both were as stubborn as each other. Not that I blamed Alysa for refusing to talk to her mum. She had been hurt a lot and she just doesn't know her mom and knows her mom isn't willing to ever get to know her. I really didn’t like my wife's mother much myself. “You do realise you are still on the phone?” Marianna reminds me with a smile, I look at the phone that's now sat on Kayla's coffee table. “Sam I’m so sorry.” I tell her picking up the phone, she was having a conversation her side and didn’t hear me. “Another 3 really? We only just got rid of 1” I hear Sam moan. “Another 3 what?” I ask worried. “royals.” she informs me, realising I was back. “Has Sean got their names?” I ask. Looking at Marianna. She had all the family trees ready to go for this situation for us. “There just a lord and Lady and one prince its fine.” Sean tells me coming on the phone, Knowing my wife shes just handed it to him saying you tell him. “Alysa will just have to show them she’s here. Won’t be too big a deal.” Sean assures me. he seems to have confidence in that and i trust him to keep her safe. hell i trust them all to. i trust her too, although sometimes i have to question that trust. shes a mischief really, who always seems to find herself in trouble. “When are you getting back?” Sam asks me taking the phone back. “I’ll be back before you even decided its ice-cream time tomorrow.” i inform her seriously. i plan to get a plane home as soon as Drew and Marco get in. Drew's private plane is already to go. i should get my own i am entitled, so is Alysa but we don't want to make it so obvious its us just landing. but then everyone possibly is putting two and two together with Drew's plane now. unless we fly commercial or with a different royal we are kind of obvious its why cars are the safest option. “Please don’t live on ice-cream again” Marianna tells me although she said it with a smile and i know fall well if she had the option she would take the challenge. “My plane leaves here as soon as I get to it. I just got to wait for Marco to get back then I’m coming.” i tell Sam. i miss her i really do. “Is Marco coming back to?” Sam asks only half joking. “Unfortunately I think he has too much stuff to do here.” I reply but i have to chuckle. “If you two don’t behave we will come.” Marianna informs me jokingly she was now changing Toby’s nappy which stank and i am so thankful i got out that job. How can something so small and cute make diapers that smelt that bad? Cole was now trying to comfort his crying brother. The teddy incident completely behind him. hes a sweet adorable toddler really. “I’ll be back soon.” i tell Sam having to smile at Cole. “I love you.” Sam says. “I love you too mischief. No getting into trouble.” i tell her, she laughs and says “I can’t promise anything. Bye love you” then she hangs up on me.

“So I can go back to college?” I ask Drew the moment he came in the door. He looks as shattered as Kayla had as well, it is kind of interesting how new parents survive the first year. Sam and i have no plans on kids for at least a 100 years. “Do you have to?” Drew asks me looking at me seriously. I have Cole sat on my lap calmly reading a book to him, hes more asleep than awake sucking his thumb but not willing to give in to sleep. Whilst Marianna and Kayla are both feeding baby’s which seems a messy affair if Toby's anything to go by. “Kind of need to get back or Alysa will kill me.” I tell him trying not to laugh at the fact he just looks so exhausted, most of that is the baby's and not the queen i hope. “Alysa really needs to sort things out with her mother it is getting silly. them both going behind each other to have things put in place. She only arranged the attack on the castle when Ally was older. Not everything else.” Kayla says but we aren't fully sure if that's true, but that's what the queen has admitted to Marco after serious questions. Marco wasn't happy at all, he has dedicated his life to protecting Alysa and her own mother was a threat to her. one no one saw. Kayla doesn't look impressed at herself for even suggesting it once it leaves her mouth, shes tired i know she is. but Alysa and the queen do need to get on the same page as having your current queen and your future queen disagreeing is not in the best for our people. “Yeah which lead to Alysa getting kidnapped and Joe’s death.” Both Drew and Marco point out angry at the queen rather than Ally. "Ally is lucky she even lived though that attack." Marco snaps, but we all know its not Kayla hes angry with, even Kayla knows that. “If she didn’t I would never of met Ally.” i remind them, it all happened for a reason. “Yeah and sometimes I wonder if that would be a good thing.” Marco says although he said it jokingly. If he had meant it he would never have helped us get married behind the Queens back like he had. Felicity decided then was the time to stink out the room though. “Come on I will give you a lift to the airport.” Marco say quickly. “I’ll come.” Drew say as quickly. “It’s your turn.” Marianna told Marco smiling, shaking her head at her husband. I said a quick goodbye to Kayla and Marianna and the baby’s and ran myself, before I got convinced to change the diaper, again.

At the airport I give Cole a huge hug as he came with us to drop me off. he loves to see the planes. I climb on the waiting aeroplane, with speeches from both Marco and Drew on keeping me and Ally safe and how ice-cream is a treat and not an everyday lunch meal. i think they should give up on that because my wife will never be convinced different. I can’t wait to get home to my own messed up version of a family. Ed, Harry and Adam and I played PlayStation most of the plane journey back to college, Drew's plane is amazing. we really should get our own.

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