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Chapter 30


I was sat in a huge chair my strawberry blonde curls framing my tiny face. Strawberry blonde when did I stop dyeing my hair? I was in a blood red dress. I felt on my head yep a crown. Its official I am having a nightmare. Wake up wake up. “Queen Alysa” a man said bowing at me. Yep this is a nightmare. Wake up wake up. I knew I was going to be queen I’m not dumb. Nothing bad had happened yet I reassured myself. I know this is a dream so I will wake up. See this through. I told myself. “Queen Alysa?” the guy repeated. “Yes?” I asked him nervously. “A world of harmony or darkness?” The man said to me. “Harmony.” I told him without a second thought. Please harmony don’t show me darkness please don’t. He smiled at me proudly his face switching to that of another stranger. “Destroyer?” He told me. “I’m not going to be the destroyer.” I told him firmly. “Healer?” The man said to me. “Restore our humanity” he told
me. I nodded my understanding he wasn’t telling me I was these things he was asking me to restore our humanity. This wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. I relaxed. I was too used to having nightmares when Derek wasn’t with me. I just assumed this would be one. “Destroyer or healer.” He told me shaking his head. I looked at him confused what did he mean, he said it as though he didn’t understand the words. “The sun and moon belong together harmony” He swopped face again. I looked at him worried he had King Robward’s face. My dad? Apparently but my little dig in my mother’s head that day I told her about my wedding made me not so sure. But if I admitted and asked what I wanted to I would hurt someone I loved. I would hurt a lot of people. “It’s wrong.” He told me. “What’s wrong?” I asked him confused. The ground around him started crumbling. I looked on in shock as the ground swallowed him up and took him away from me again. I felt like screaming. Had the dream shown me his face just to hurt me by taking him away from me? I would never get to know him wasn’t that enough did everything keep having to remind me of that. I assured myself this is a dream, this is a dream. The ground under the throne gave way and I fell. I was
falling through the court. People around me all staring at me. “I’m naked aren’t I?” I asked the person next to me. I knew it was meant to be Drew but it wasn’t actually him at the same time it was. . . Like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy. He nodded. I shrugged well that was nothing really to fear I knew it was a dream, I had the naked nightmare a lot. “Queen Alysa.” a man said handing me a knife. I looked at him. “What do you want me to do with this?” I asked him confused. I was falling again not knowing what my head was trying to tell me. I was dressed again thank god. My hair was still Strawberry blonde and in ringlets but I was dressed again. This time in jeans and a t-shirt. “ARE YOU READY?” someone asked me. I looked at them. I had no clue who he was meant to be. “For?” I asked him. “When you know the answer you will be ready.” he told me. Then he died straight in front of me. Blood going everywhere. I screamed. I sat bolt upright in my bed. I looked at the alarm clock 4am. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Splashing my face with water I noticed something. My hair had blood in and was still strawberry blonde. I looked at my reflection trying to work out what I had done to get blood in my hair I was covered in blood. Looking in the
mirror the ground started shaking around me. Was I causing an earthquake? I tried to steady the earth I still had earth. It shock me worse. The ground gave away from me I was falling I screamed again but I could see the apartment below I braced myself for the fall. I jumped 12 floors 1 floor wouldn’t hurt too badly. But the floor never came I kept falling. I was falling. I opened my eyes. I was still falling but I was in the sky. Okay am I still asleep? I must be I realised. Okay I can deal with this just keep calm. The ground approached me I squeezed my eyes shut. The first thing I knew was I was in a room and a baby was crying. No I couldn’t be. I had too much to do. I opened my eyes and looked at the room. I was in the castle. But I was in a room I didn’t recognise. It wasn’t my room. Did I have a different room? “It’s okay I’m here.” a voice said. I didn’t understand, I watched a girl with hair the same colour as mine pick the baby up. “It’s okay darling. I’m sorry sweetheart mummy will work it out.” the girl told the baby. I looked at her she looked like me but I wasn’t sure, was she me? She held the baby close to her. “Shhh mummy’s here. Mummy’s here little moon.” she told the baby calmly. I looked at her I didn’t know what to do. What was this meant to mean.
Was I pregnant? I watched the baby cause the room to shake. “Now really moon is there need for that?” she asked the baby. She sat down and gave the baby a bottle. I looked on really confused. “I don’t want to hide you. But I have no choice little moon.” The girl told the baby. No don’t hide her don’t hide her. I wanted to tell the girl. If she was me I didn’t want to hide my own baby. I watched the baby full asleep. The girl looked so sad. She looked outside. “I will tell him moon, when I get past the lock I will tell him.” She told the baby. Tell who? I wanted to ask the girl. I watched her put on a baggy dress and leave the room. I was falling again falling through the floor. If I was pregnant I refused to hide my own child it wasn’t fair. I had been hidden it wasn’t fair. I landed back in the court. “It’s all hush hush you understand. I am due very soon.” The queen told the man. “Of course Queen Jennifer.” The man said. I didn’t have a clue who he was but he was the person who asked me if I was ready. “It was announced a few months ago.” he told her. “Eliza has been seen a lot recently no one suspects?” She asked the man. “Of course not.” He told her. “Mum?” the girl asked that I had assumed was me asked confused. I now realised it was Beth. “You disappoint me
Elizabeth.” She told the girl. “Please don’t take moon away from me.” she begged the queen. “I am not going to. She will be your sister. She needs a better name than moon.” The queen told Beth. “Moon?” I said out loud. Beth looked at me tears in her eyes and ran out the room crying. I was falling again. I knew I was crying. I knew I think I always had known. “Is it true your mums pregnant?” Marco asked Beth shocked. They were sat in a park. Beth’s hair was in a black wig and the two of them where on swings. Marco looked so young. I watched Beth fight with herself. I could see her wanting to tell Marco. But then she looked defeated. I realised she had been trying to get in his head. “Yes Marco mums pregnant.” She told him. “That’s great you always wanted a sibling.” Marco told Beth. I saw the love for my sister in the way he talked to her. Well love for my mother I corrected myself. “Is she going to let you go to college?” Marco asked Beth. “No apparently I have to be queen.” Beth told him shrugging. She didn’t seem happy. “When Andrews old enough I will hand down the next in line to him then we can get married.” Marco told her with a smile. She smiled at Marco weekly. “I know I wish it didn’t have to be this way though.” Beth told him. “What way?” he
asked her clueless. “I’m a prisoner in a castle Marco. You’re my earth. You’re my comfort. Your also millions of miles away. Thanks to the bloody lock my mums put on your mind you’re also clueless.” Beth told him. “I will quit college if you want me to Beth.” Marco told her confused. “No of course not. Hey have you sorted out Tyrone’s money it’s really important?” Beth asked Marco worried. “Yeah Joe dropped of the money the other day. I don’t understand why you won’t let me or Agape do it. Hes desperate to tell him about Derek for months now.” Marco told her sadly. “It will make sense one day.” she told him. “One day we will sort the Amaris world out honey I promise. One day it will be safe for the moon for the truth.” Beth told him sadly. “I don’t understand what you see.” Marco told her. “I know darling you won’t until its time. The lock on your mind won’t allow you to, I’ve seen that much.” Beth told him. “Joe?” Beth said looking at a guard I hadn’t noticed until then. He came over. Wow it hurt to see young Joe. She looked Marco dead in the eye “go to sleep honey for a few seconds.” He instantly did. “Is everything in place? You always need to keep him a step behind and I need you to get the blood into him when Nicky leaves it.” She told Joe. He looked really
sad. “Is there no other way at all?” he asked her. “I’ve seen 12 possible futures none of them have me in.” she told him sadly. Looking up at the castle. She turned and smiled at both men Marco was now awake, “Hey I got to go back to the prison before the dragon sets fire to it. Apparently I’m getting death threats again.” Beth told them and shrugged. She left back to the palace. The world started crumbling around me again. I cried Beth knew what was coming she knew she wouldn’t get to raise me. She knew what ever happened she wasn’t going to be able to. She was defeated. I watched her act the perfect princess crying the whole time. “It’s okay moon.” She said calmly. I looked around the baby wasn’t in the room. “It’s okay one day you will understand. The world might not have wanted you but I did.” Beth was saying looking up at the sky. “Nicolette?” I heard Beth say. I looked shocked when the lady I thought was my mum came out of hiding. “Yes Beth?” Nicolette asked her worriedly. “People want me dead” Beth told her calmly. “I have seen it.” she told Nicolette. “I won’t let anyone hurt you Beth we need you.” Nicolette told my sister hugging her. “I’m not scared for myself. I’m scared for Moon.” Beth told her. “Your mums just announced Alysa’s birth. No
one will hurt a new-born baby.” Nicolette told Beth worriedly. “I need you to promise me something.” Beth told Nicolette. “Anything Beth.” Nicolette told her. “When the attack comes I need you to take moon and run. Keep her hidden. Always keep her hidden and safe.” Beth told Nicolette. “And love her.” Beth said crying. I had tears running down my face. “The attack won’t happen.” Nicolette insured Beth. “I’ve seen them and I die. I can’t let my mum raise her. Not after I die. Not with moon being who she is. You need to raise her to love humans” Beth told her. “What about Marco?” Nicolette asked her worried. “He has to big a lock in his head. I have been unpicking it but I can’t get through yet. Doesn’t help the bloody man is as stubborn as they come. Never meet such a stubborn earth user.” Beth said with a smile but sad. “He won’t give up hunting for her.” Nicolette told Beth. “I know but she can’t be with my mum. Not until she’s old enough to stand up to herself. Not until the locks had chance to fade on Marco.” Beth told Nicolette sadly. “You have to promise me you’ll protect her.” Beth told Nicolette. “Beth we’ve been best friends since we were 6 I’m never going to let anything happen to your baby.” Nicolette told her. “It will cost you your life.” Beth
admitted sadly. “To be honest Beth if we go to war I will be sent anyway to fight. You and I both know that.” Nicolette told her. “Thank you for not making me have to compel you to do this.” Beth told her hugging her. Again I was falling through the ground. I was sobbing. I looked around I was in the same park I was in the first time I had seen Marco with Beth. They were on the swing laughing. There were guards around but none in the actual park. “What’s wrong Beth?” Marco asked Beth looking at her concerned. “Just thinking how life could have been. If the moon didn’t shine so bright.” She said sadly. “You don’t want the moon to shine?” Marco asked her really confused. “Of course I want the moon to shine. Moon needs to shine.” Beth said looking directly at baby me. Marco looked really confused. “One day honey when she says her name the lock will be broken. When that happens I hope she and you are ready.” Beth said really sadly. “What’s going to happen when I tell him my name?” I begged her. Still crying. I then watched the attack. “THEY HAVE ALYSA SAVE ALYSA.” Beth yelled. It wasn’t to Marco like he thought it was to Nicolette. She grabbed me and she ran.

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