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Chapter 31


I was sat on a train. I knew that because the train told me, I was on my way to Liege-Guillemins, Belgium. I opened my eyes. Sat opposite me was Nicolette she held me as a baby. “I don’t know what to call her Alysa or moon or her name?” She said to the man next to her. I looked at the man it was the guy who asked me if I was ready. “Alysa. It’s important no one hears her real name. Not until she herself is ready.” he told Nicolette sadly. “You need to go home to your family.” she told him. “I will they all just assume I’m in moaning currently.” He told her sadly. “It’s important she wouldn’t have told you to if it wasn’t.” She told him with a sad smile. “The death of my brother 2 years ago then my best friend they will forgive me hiding for a few days to cry.” He told her. “The court thinks I killed Beth.” Nicolette said tears in her eyes. “I know Nicky.” he told her sadly. “She needs regular blood.” Nicolette
said worriedly. “I know. There are people around that will help you. Tell them you’re raising a Halfling and you need it for you.” He told her. She nodded sadly. “Maybe you should go back now.” She told him worriedly. “I want to know you’re as far away as possible from the court first.” He told her. “Any clue where Tyrone is?” She asked him worried. “No. I told Beth I could have hidden my brother so I could find him but no she wanted her mum to be able to get into Marcos head.” He told her worriedly. “Why can’t her mum get into ours I never understood that?” Nicolette asked him confused. “The same reason Beth gave my son and Marcos brother a bit of moons blood it protects them from anyone else’s compulsion except moons. When her mums lock starts weakening you need to get bits of moons blood to Joe” He said with emotion I couldn’t read. I watched very confused. I kind of realised this guy was Derek’s dad. “So Moon can’t compel me?” Nicolette asked him. “Moon can’t compel you.” he told her. “Only Beth could compel you.” he said with a sad smile. “Beth should of blood shared with Marco then this mess wouldn’t have happened as badly.” Nicolette told him sadly. “Beth went to but the lock was already there.” He told her
sadly. They arrived at the station I went to climb of the train but I was falling again. I wanted to ask them did my blood make them love me. I wanted to make sure Derek didn’t just love me because he was forced to. I watched Nicolette teach me how to walk. I watched her teach me how to talk read write. The entire time running. Never settling. Never leaving evidence of me being there. It was why I wasn’t allowed much stuff it became obvious it needed to look like I wasn’t alive. I watched her purposely leave a top one day. With it a message. ONE DAY THE MOON WILL SHINE. I WILL ALWAYS PROTECT MOON FROM THE WAR NEVER FROM THE SUN. I watched us run again. I watched Joe read the message a sad look on his face. “Always keep moon a step ahead.” He said sadly. I watched my childhood almost in fast-forward. Like I was watching short 5 minute video clips. “Mummy?” little me said to Nicolette. I hardly ever said it I realised, she had never asked me to call her mum. I watched the hurt on her face. “I’m sorry Nicolette.” I told her I was still crying myself. I had watched how much Nicolette had loved me. I watched us reading books cuddled up. I watched her teach me how to ride a bike. Walk along building edges. I watched her jump buildings with me on her
back. Yeah the Amaris where going to be taught some safety. I watched us dancing in the living room in Japan. We were talking in Japanese. We went out that day I was about 6 I realised. “Alysa darling I need to leave you for an hour I need you stay at this park.” Nicolette told me sadly. “It’s important the people I need to see today can’t know you’re alive.” She explained. Child me nodded. “Okay mummy I will be good.” I told her. I walked into the park alone it was night-time pitch black but I didn’t have a single fear. I was wondering if I would get to go with her or stay with little me. When it happened. The Amaris man walked up to me. “Hello darling what’s your name?” he asked me. I looked at the face of Amir. “My mummy’s told me never to talk to vampires.” I told him. “Why you little brat.” He told me and started shaking me he went to bite me. That was when Nicolette appeared she kicked his ass. “You will never touch my child again.” she told him. “Are you they lady I am meant to meet about money?” he asked her spitting his words. “Darling back away from uncle Amir and go play.” she told me. I did. He looked at her and spat his words. “You should kill her.” he told her. “If I killed her there wouldn’t be a war like you want now would there.”
Nicolette told him. She said it calmly but I could see the hurt in the fact she had to say it. “Money to last you another 5 years.” He spat at her angrily. “Thank you. Now go.” Nicolette told him. “If you ever touch her whilst I’m alive again I will kill you.” Nicolette warned him. That was also the day she decided I needed a bit of guard training. It was sloppy she was obviously out of practise and we didn’t have time to do much. But I watched little me run and jump from trees. Run up trees. Start using the elements. But the whole time being told I needed to keep my special gifts to myself. I watched the day she purposely left my doll another note attached. STOP HUNTING THE MOON. WAIT FOR THE ECLIPSE. BIT OF MOONS BLOOD GET IT IN TO HIM. We were in a town in Hungary I watched the dog incident. “It’s Christmas.” Nicolette begged with the owners. “Your full blooded Amaris the Halflings will fear you.” The man told her. He looked so old to me. But his wife looked young I realised. “Stay away from that dog.” Nicolette warned me. I looked at the dog it was in a cage. It looked defeated. It looked hurt. I could see it was bleeding. I didn’t remember it looking so beaten I remembered it looking aggressive. I realised to a child it did. It was baring its teeth and growling but
it was in pain not aggressive. I looked at my mother begging her to let me help it. “It’s just for a few days. We won’t cause any trouble. We will stay in our room. Please just let me have shelter for Christmas.” Nicolette begged the owner. “If we our caught helping you we will be killed.” The lady told her. “Please she is the only one who can fix the mess.” Nicolette begged with the owner. I watched little me comfort the dog. Then using a first aid kit I kept in my pocket wrapping a bandage around its leg. It licked me. “3 days.” The Amaris lady said looking at me saddened. “Are you sure she will choose to heal?” she asked Nicolette. “I’m sure.” Nicolette said watching me with a mixture of love hurt sadness and happiness. I looked at her and asked. “May I have a puppy?” I watched everything the amount of times we run. The amount of times we almost got caught. The amount of times Nicolette got hurt protecting me. The humans that helped us the Amaris the Halflings. Nicolette changing her answers when it was needed. When people wanted the war. When they didn’t. We were in the town close to court it was a few weeks after London. I hadn’t expected to see this. I was watching cartoons in the living room when he arrived. “Nicky what are you thinking you’re
too close.” He told her. Then he looked at me, he seemed Sad. “She looks so much like Beth. She’s so beautiful” He said sadly. “Marco almost caught us. I’m hurt I just need a few days rest then I will be out of here.” she assured him. “More of moons blood get it into your son and Andrew.” She told him. “It’s a shame they can’t meet. Derek really doesn’t like the whole being a prince thing. I think moon would be able to talk some sense into him.” He told her with a sad smile. I actually had to laugh Derek would of only been about 9. The world faded around me again then I was 12 I smiled at Nicolette. I realised it wasn’t long before she left me. I realised something it was also the time I started looking the most like Beth. I saw her hurt every time she looked at me. I didn’t understand. I never had. She looked at the blossom tree. “Pink?” she asked me with a mixture of humour and confusion. “You said to choose a different colour to represent every country.” I told her worried I did something wrong. “But pink for Spain?” she asked me laughing. “It’s the country we saw all that pink salt in.” I told her smiling. We were talking in Spanish. She sighed. “Okay Spain it is.” She said laughing. I realised we had started to decide the country’s together. I wish I had never
chosen Spain. I realised it was a month before I lost her. I watched her go out that day. I never knew if when I saw things I would stay with me or her. Today I went with her. I watched her. I thought she had died in Spain but she hadn’t. She led them as far away from me as she could. Thankfully it didn’t make me see her death. I was thankful to see it wasn’t Marco who did it. Or Marianna or Joe. It was a different guard. One I hadn’t seen since but one of the faces that I had seen in this dream. I watched him die. She killed him with her last bit of magic. I wanted to wake up now I couldn’t watch anymore. I watched Marco. I watched him the whole time. Hunting me never knowing who he was actually hunting being snuck my blood every now and again. Sometimes we were actually in the same place at the same time. One day I was in a train station in turkey just before I decided on Paris. I was looking at destinations deciding where to go, Joe saw me. Marco was so close to me. He looked at me then at Marco and decided to pretend to get a lead then. I watched him fake a call that distracted Marco. When Marco was distracted he came up to me. I couldn’t remember this. Well actually I kind of could now I was watching it I was playing my guitar with the case open.
“Time to settle moon. Try Paris it will be safe for a while.” I don’t think I subconsciously heard him but I did use the ticket to Paris. I watched Marco hunt for me. I watched me with Naomi and Lucile. I watched everything. I watched Drew and me. Laughing at some of the stupider things we did. “Hello Moon.” A voice said to me. I thought it was someone talking to the other me and waited to see what would happen. I looked up at the sad face of Elizabeth. Of my mums. “Hi mum.” I said not sure what else to say. We suddenly were sat at a beach she looked at me sadly. “I’ve been here with you before?” I asked her but I already knew I had. I had dreams sat on this beach. I never really remembered much about them except feeling safe. It was one reason I always seemed to ask for beach and cocktails. “Why moon?” I asked her. “Ask me that another day. Now it’s time to wake. Do not tell anyone what you’ve seen. Not yet. Except your husband. Bring Marco and Derek with you next time.” She told me. I nodded my understanding as my alarm clock stirred me. “You need to face the past . . .” Her voice said as I came around.

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