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Chapter 32


Taylor was staring at me extremely worriedly. “Did I scream a lot?” I asked her. “Yeah.” She told me pulling me tighter to her. “What the hell did you dream?” she asked me worried. I wasn’t going to tell mum had told me not to. “It wasn’t a dream. I don’t think. I’m not sure. It was like memory’s being unlocked. Memory’s I didn’t even know about. Memory’s its time I faced, ones that hurt but made me see.” I told her truthfully. I felt the truth of my words flow from me. So did Taylor. “Were they bad memories Sam?” she asked me really worried. “I’m not sure anymore.” I admitted to her. “I love you.” I told her truthfully. “I know Sam.” she said smiling at me confused. “I don’t think I tell you all enough.” I told her truthfully. “Can you do me a favour?” I asked her worriedly. “What’s that?” She asked me worried. “Teach me.” I told her. “Sam you’re a know it all there’s nothing I can teach you.” Taylor told me laughing. I didn’t know what to say I toyed
over a few things. “I’m going to make a big mess for a while. Do you trust me?” I asked her worriedly. She laughed slightly. “Sam you make as big a mess as you need.” She told me grinning. “Okay can you help me except who I actually am?” I asked her worried. “What do you mean?” she asked me confused. “I don’t know that’s why I’m scared.” I admitted to her. She wrapped her arm round me. “I read yours and pops messages are you?” she asked me worried. “I’m not sure we all need to do a test. I don’t know if that’s what it’s showing me. Or something else. But something big is about to happen.” I told her. “What’s going to happen?” she asked me worried. “I don’t know.” I told her worriedly. Looking at the celling as if it may hold the answers. “I don’t want to hurt anyone.” I told her truthfully. “I no Sam.” Taylor told me worriedly. “I don’t know if I can be Sam much longer.” I told her truthfully. “Oh?” Taylor asked me really confused. “Are you having to be princess Alysa?” she asked me wanting to know what I was seeing. “I’m not sure. I think someone else, I think the healer.” I told her confused. “You could do that with your name. Honestly you don’t need to keep changing your name and hair.” She tried to tease me to get me out my worried mood.
I smiled weakly at her. “So can we not tell my husband about this?” I asked her. “It will make him worry too much.” I quickly told her. She reluctantly nodded. “Tay if I ever asked you to take my child and run would you?” I asked her. “Yes. If you told me to do that I would. I know that if you ever told me to it would be your last option why?” she asked me even more worried. “I’m just starting to understand things.” I told her hugging my friend tight. “So did I wake everyone with my screaming or just you?” I asked her worriedly. “I didn’t wait long enough to see I came straight in and tried to calm you.” Taylor told me hugging me still. I nodded. “So your mum possibly heard my nightmare? She’s going to think I have PTSD.” I told her. Sometimes I wondered if I did. “Oh can you tell your mum you’re dating Sean or Duncan please. In case I do?” I told her. “I don’t think I have ever heard you call him Duncan.” Taylor told me shocked. “He isn’t to me. He is my brother but his name doesn’t matter hes my brother where it matters.” I said pointing at my heart. Taylor looked at me confused but with a huge smile. “The strange thing Sam he is your twin even if you’re not related.” She told me with a smile. I smiled weakly. “Same as Marco is your dad even though” she started
but I interrupted. “Can we talk about this later? I need blood.” I told her heading her off. Before what was swirling in my head came out at 50 mile Sam blabber. I didn’t even bother getting dressed we went in our kitchen area and I boiled the kettle whilst Taylor made cereal with blood on for both of us. Sepiah must have heard us in the kitchen because she came out and wrapped me in a hug straight away. “I was that loud I take it?” I asked her worriedly. “Let’s just say if you’re going to be that loud every night I’m buying noise cancelling headphones.” She told me holding me tight. “Sepiah I love you.” I told her. “Okay I think someone really needs to be less loving.” Taylor tried to tease me but she seemed extremely worried. “I love you all.” I told them both pulling them tight in a group hug. “Are we going to be doing group hugs a lot today?” Sepiah asked me worried. “Because if so we all need to shower a lot more.” She said wriggling her nose. “Two showers a day not enough for you?” I said giving her a smile. “No. my smell must be stronger than both of yours as you always stink.” She moaned but with a smile. “I’m not sure. Not promising.” I told her truthfully hugging her tighter. Taylors mum came out the bathroom then she was in her guardian jacket and
looked like a grown up Taylor. “Would you like some breakfast?” I asked her trying to be calmer. I wasn’t wearing my contacts I didn’t even care if she knew who I was. We were still all stood in the group hug. “I’m glad to see no one murdered you like it sounded like.” Taylors mum told us looking confused. “I have a lot of bad dreams I have a lot of things I need to face. But I actually am ready to face them.” I told her. Thinking I actually was ready to face them. “Well I hope you succeed in doing that then Samira.” Taylors mum told me. I actually went to say my name. Taylor looked at me in real shock so did Sepiah. “Mum I need to tell you something. Do you have time before you need to be on duty?” Taylor asked her mum heading me of in what I was about to say. “Taylor darling I always have time for you.” her mum told her seriously. I smiled. Mum I thought you protected and watched over me even after you were dead I love you I love Nicolette too. “When you get back later if you have time I would like to formally introduce you to my boyfriend.” Taylor said. “I have been happily dating him since I was a junior. I would love for you and dad to get to know him.” Taylor told her mum. Rather than shocked or cross her mum looked surprised but happy. “I would
love to meet him darling.” she said. “Wow what drugs did you two get in you bloods this morning.” Sepiah asked me and Taylor, I pulled her back into a tight hug. “I love you both so much.” I told them hugging them. Taylors mum looked at us worried. “She hasn’t had any drugs mum.” Taylor told her mum seriously. “I think she’s having a mental break down but she’s not on drugs.” Taylor told her mum. “You should get to work before you end up being dragged in the hug.” Taylor warned her mother. But she said it laughing. “Are you girls sure you’re okay?” Taylors mum asked. “We will be fine.” I assured her realising she was worried for my sanity. She looked like she didn’t want to go but thankfully did. “Okay what drug are you on?” Sep asked me laughing as I pulled her back into a hug. “Okay what the hell did you dream girl. That’s making you hold onto us this tight.” Taylor asked me worried. “I’m okay. I promise I will sort it out.” I told them. “That makes me worry even more.” Sepiah told me worried. “I need to go see Derek.” I told the girls. They both looked at me like they wondered if I had finally snapped. “I will text him to come here.” Sepiah told me looking worried. I was already walking out the door to my husbands. I knocked on his door. Not even caring it
was possibly before the boys even woke up. A very tired looking Adam opened the door on guard. Taylor was right behind me. “What’s wrong what’s?” he started asking in a panic. I hugged him. He stood like a statue. Then gently patted my back stiffly. I wanted to laugh. “You do realise its only 8am on a Saturday?” he asked us very confused. But I had already walked past him and gone into Derek’s room. He sat bolt upright to his bedroom door being opened. “What’s wrong Sam?” he asked me looking panicked. I went up to him and hugged him tight. I then told him everything my whole dream. My whole fears the whole of the dream. My fear now. I held nothing back.

“Are you sure it was my dad?” he asked me. “Yeah defiantly as he talked about you a few times.” I admitted to him. “And I have been being fed your blood since you were born?” he asked me confused. “Yeah.” I told him worriedly. “I really don’t understand that. They said it was so the queen couldn’t get in your head. But doesn’t blood sharing bond us?” I asked him confused. “You’re worried I only love you because of the blood.” Derek suddenly realised. “Oh Sally it doesn’t work like that. Blood sharing yes binds us but it
doesn’t make someone love someone. I could be bound to you and hate you. You having my blood though that makes you bound to me as well.” he teased me. “Really?” I asked him slightly happier. “it’s meant for something after being wed because it can break people if something happens to the other person.” He told me. “I really don’t understand a lot about being an Amaris. They are really dumb to want me to lead them.” I told him. He laughed. “I like the fact my dad told Nicolette he thought you could talk sense into me. I think you talk me into crazy things.” He laughed. “Do you think they knew?” he asked me. “I think deep down he did. As he wanted us to meet. But it wasn’t safe.” I told him. “I can’t believe all that time I could of known you.” he told me seriously. “Do you know why you’re seeing it now?” he asked worriedly. “I’m not sure. Something big is about to happen but I’m not sure what.” I told him truthfully. “All I know is she told me she would see me again and not to tell anyone but you what I saw. Oh and to bring you and Marco with me next time.” I told him. “You know one thing I think the dream was telling you?” he asked me. I looked at him confused. “You need to get your blood into our friends.” He told me worried. “I think your
right. Want to make a suggestion on how I do that?” I asked seriously. “Tell them the truth.” He told me. “Honey Beth couldn’t even get into Marco. She loved him more than anything.” I told him. Remembering my mother’s words to my dad. Your my earth my comfort. It was true earth always did comfort me. It also kind of made sense why earth never left me if it came from both side of the family. Water defiantly came from my husband. I kissed him gently. “So everyone thinks I’m having a mental breakdown today.” I told him with a small smile. “Honey I’m surprised you actually haven’t sometimes.” He told me smiling but looking like he was worried. “Like always I really do want beach and cocktails.” I told him with a grin. “And like always not safe.” He told me grinning planting a kiss on my forehead. 2 hours later we came out of Derek’s room. We had literally talked for 2 hours without a single break. We had only come out now as Derek needed blood. “Are you okay Sam?” Sean asked me extremely worried I pulled him into a really tight hug. “I love you.” I told my brother. “I love you to?” he told me confused but he meant his words. “You going to explain this break down?” he asked me worriedly. Spencer came in the room and I hugged him as well.
“Uh?” he asked confused. Then I literally pulled everyone into a group hug. “Okay we need men with white coats.” Sepiah told Derek worried. “Believe me she doesn’t she does just need the hugs.” He told her holding me I held his hand really tight. “You’re not Preg?” spencer started. “No.” I quickly told him. Everyone suddenly realised what he was about to ask. “No.” I said again rolling my eyes. But had to explain the emails with Pop and Doc. Then Sean went out and brought 3 pregnancy tests.

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