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Chapter 33


I peed on the stick. So did Taylor and Sepiah. “Thanks Spencer.” Taylor mumbled under her breath. We didn’t want everyone knowing and now all our friends did. Spencer was on the laptop with Derek he was reading all our messages. Oh there’s a message from Canwestopbeingsoobvious and ICEburnsworsethanFIRE and EARTHisnotjusttrees. Spencer said with a grin. What’s they said? I asked worried. “Don’t worry ice not B. from Kye.” he said. Kye’s screen name was EARTHisnotjusttrees. Our screen names where abit obvious which is what Drew’s was all about. Erin’s was ICEburnsworsethanFIRE, nickname ice. “Thank god.” Taylor I and Sep said at the same time. Watching our own tests waiting. I went over to the boys and read the comments.
EARTHisnotjusttrees – ice is not b. we had her check moment we landed. She’s sorting out BC.
ICEburnsworsethanFIRE – thank you guys for telling the whole world. NOT!
POPVAMSAM – I’m staying out of this now. But always there if needed.
“Negative.” Taylor said with a sigh of relief at her own test. “Negative.” Sepiah said. Derek looked at me a mixture of wanting to know and fear. “Negative.” I said actually relived. Derek sighed a sigh of relief. “Who wants to tell all of YouTube?” Spencer asked laughing. “SMALLY.” Everyone said. I laughed trying to hide my actual feelings. “Hey I already told them I wasn’t.” I pointed out. I walked up to the computer and logged in.
SmallyVAM – all safe no B’s.
ReluctantCrown – I think we really need to sort out boundaries.
Canwestopbeingsoobvious – AGREE.
SmallyVAM – love you. You do realise your caps locks on?
Canwestopbeingsoobvious – LIKE ALWAYS NO TO EVERYTHING.
I laughed and looked at everyone. “You know are screen names are becoming a bit too vocal on her music.” Taylor warned us. “Yeah we are going to have to change soon.” I commented. “So you’re all defiantly not pregnant.” Adam asked worried. “It’s not certain but I don’t feel pregnant.” Sepiah told them. Taylor agreed with them. But she looked at me. “I know something big is about to happen. Something that is going to rock a lot of boats. But I don’t think it’s that. That I think would please everyone. Also would let them just get away with killing me.” I told them sticking my tongue out. Everyone suddenly looked at me. Realising what I meant. When I did have a child I wouldn’t be needed to the Amaris world anymore. I was making a huge mess as well. A lot of Amaris still wanted me dead. Whom I kidding a lot of all species want me dead. “So you do realise your late for lady lesson?” Spencer asked. I realised he was trying to ease the tension. “Oh great how un lady like.” I told them all. I ran into my room. I came out a few seconds later. In jeans and a t-shirt with the contacts in. “not safe to dress like a lady around campus.” I pointed out when
Sepiah went to say something. She nodded. Then we went to lady class. All of us that where still here.

Walking into Sarah’s home I got attacked by the dogs. Like always I fussed over them. “Not until we settle down.” Derek told me grinning. “Why have you got coloured contacts in?” Mrs Morton asked. “Visiting royalty Alysa’s gone for weekend.” I told her shrugging trying to downplay it. “It really isn’t safe for you at all is it?” she asked me extremely worried. “I piss everyone of to the point they want to kill me. Done it since the day I was born.” I told her shrugging. She looked saddened and worried for me. I think rather than confuse her now I made her sad. I wanted to tell her what I now knew but knew I should stick with only telling Derek. Well defiantly until after I told Marco who I really was. I could imagine that conversation. It would defiantly hurt us both. Hi dad. Dad you have a block on your brain but you’ve been sneakily snuck my blood since I was born. To try and break it. It’s why you can now stick up to my grandmother. Hi dad my real names moon. What kind of name was moon? Was it a nickname what was my bloody name. No wonder I couldn’t reconnect to the elements I didn’t even know
who I was anymore. Wait that’s what the dream was showing me. Was it to help me reconnect? I needed answers. Derek sat opposite me. “I never understood this why can’t I just sit next to her.” Derek asked for me. “It’s just not done.” Sep and Sarah told us. “So were you an actual lady?” I asked Sarah interested. “Yes.” She told me. “What family?” I asked interested. “Your fathers.” I tried not to cough too much or burst out asking which one. “He was only a baby really. But his parents where so proud for him to be chosen to marry Jennifer.” She told me. I nodded. Oh grandfather. “So we are related?” I asked really confused. “Very distantly.” She told me with a smile. “Oh.” I said really confused. “Not as close as lord Greg’s related to you.” Sean told me. “Why do none of you tell me who my relatives our?” I stuck my tongue out. “Because you’re actually meant to study it.” Taylor told me sticking her tongue out. “So Greg is?” I asked interested. “Hes the youngest son of your fathers brother.” Sean told me. “Uh so my cousin?” I asked as confused as that sounded. “Hes a cousin.” Sep told me rolling her eyes. “We will work on family trees after we cope with manners.” Sarah told me with an encouraging smile. I had to laugh. She wasn’t making
me eat food I wouldn’t. In fact she had taught me how to move it about to look like I had eaten a bit. After lady lesson we went back to campus. “Can I go climb a tree?” I asked. I technically only had Harry who was an earth guard. “Do you need to?” Derek asked, worrying if I needed to connect and be comforted. “Slightly” I admitted. He nodded so Harry and I went off. The others and him went to meet up with Aiden and his father for more awkwardness. I knew Greg and Jane where about. I could sense them possibly on the ground talking somewhere. I had brought my guitar along today I hadn’t played in a while. But I decided I wanted to today. Harry looked at me worried. As I climbed the tree with it on my back. “Why so worried. I’ve been doing this all my life?” I asked him with a smile. “You worry me Sam. what if you actually fell?” he told me honestly. I grinned at him. I sat and strummed for a while and got a notebook out. “Do I get to at least hear some or read?” he asked me interested. I grinned at him. “Its rubbish pops the song writer and singer. I just used to do it to get money on the streets. As what else could I do for money at 13?” I pointed out with a smile. I strummed and wrote my feelings down. “Harry.” I said after a while. “Yeah
Sam?” he asked wonderingly. He had been reading a book relaxing in a nest I had made him. “If I asked you all to drink a bit of my blood and there was a good reason behind it would you all do it?” I asked interested. “Uh what?” he asked me really confused. “Don’t worry. Forget I asked.” I told him shrugging. “What the hell Sam. no wonders we all think you’re pregnant.” He told me. I would have pushed him out the tree then I had a thought come to me and I shrugged. “I’m not sure what’s going on yet. But I don’t think I’m pregnant.” I assured him. “Hey want to go get some ice-cream?” I said jumping down from the tree. I knew he felt unconfutable in it. He shrugged and jumped down. After a while a few others joined him from his own class. I shrugged at him to go mix with his human friends. I Joked with Hannah and Paula and there roommates for a while. Then set of alone back to the apartments. I sat down in a tree area and cried. I had wanted to cry for a while but hadn’t wanted to do it in front of anyone. I hadn’t wanted Harry with me in the tree earlier. I hated not seeming strong. “You okay?” Greg asked me. I hadn’t realised he was close by. How the hell had he got past my senses. I rubbed my eyes trying to hide the fact I had been crying. “I’m
fine.” I lied. “Why are you without a guard?” I asked him worried. Where were Jane and Darrien? “They are training with George and Jo trying to improve for next lesson.” He told me honestly. “They want to prove that they have what it takes.” He told me shrugging. “They have what it takes if they believe they can do it.” I told him with a weak smile. “Why are you crying?” he asked me worried. “I’m not.” I told him. He handed me a hankie chief from his pocket. “Really a hankie what are we middle agers?” I asked him teasingly. Trying to give some of the fierce guard reputation I was known for. “My dad taught me never to go anywhere without one.” He told me shrugging. “Your dad is he still alive?” I asked. He gave me a weak smile. “No my father died the same day as King Robward.” He told me. I nodded understanding. “Your uncle?” I asked as a question. “My uncle. Although the family wasn’t really close. Not after everything that happened.” Greg told me shrugging. “Why not?” I asked confused. He went to reply and then thought better of it. “Is Alysa really as shy as everyone says she is?” He asked me. “What do you mean?” I asked confused. I was fighting everything not to run away from him. “Well I keep wanting to talk to her but she runs of all the time. Then when visiting
royals get announced she just jumps on a plane and runs.” He told me shrugging. “She’s not a wimp if that’s what you’re implying.” I told him. “I wasn’t implying that.” he told me honestly. “She went back to court because of a rumour she needed to put right.” I told him trying to explain why Alysa had left. The real reason she had gone for the weekend to visit her girlfriend didn’t really fly of the tongue, when I needed to pretend she was me. “The pregnant ones?” he asked me interested. “Why does everyone seem to know about that except us?” I asked frustrated. “The rumours where the queens been planning to get Alysa pregnant before she’s 25 as that’s apparently when things will change.” He told me. “Well someone could have warned us.” I told him rolling my eyes. “Hey don’t shot the messenger. Is that what you’re crying about? You and Spencer expecting.” He asked me worried. “You think I’m dating Spencer?” I asked him confused. “Well every time I see you you’re with him.” he told me. I laughed. “Yeah Spencer is my friend nothing more.” I told him. “But your expecting?” he asked as a question and as though he already knew the answer. “I’m not but I just kind of starting to understand a few things. I think it took that shock to make me realise
them.” I told him. He looked at me confused. I sighed I really didn’t want to go into details that I understood why my mother hid my birth from people. “Hey don’t you normally have green eyes?” Greg asked me confused. Looking at me. “Nope always had brown.” I lied. “Well I should be getting back to my duties but I can’t leave you without a guard.” I mused out loud. “Can I ask you a weird question?” he asked me interested. “Why do we always ask that? That question alone is the weird one. I’m going to get Spencer to write that in his book. How to talk to each other for idiotic vampires.” I told him with an innocent smile. He laughed “is he really writing a book like that?” he asked me laughing. “Well no it’s about how to fit in the human world. But as he says were the dumbest geniuses hes ever met.” I told him smiling. “Go on ask your weird question.” I told him with a smile. “Okay do you really think people don’t realise your Alysa just because you dye your hair and wear contacts?” he asked me. “I’m not Alysa.” I told him with a lot of truth in my voice, I was but I wasn’t. I couldn’t even get my own head around it. But I knew that it came out as truth. He looked at me shocked, I realised he knew I wasn’t lying. “You’re really bad at your guess work
today.” I told him keeping a straight face. “First you accuse me of being pregnant. Then with Spencer. Then Alysa.” I said smiling. “Wow I really am.” he told me honestly. “Then can I ask why you were actually crying?” He asked me worried. “Let’s just say. When it comes no one will be ready.” I told him looking at the lake. Something came into my head it was a silly idea but it was worth the practise. “Do you trust me?” I asked him trying to be calm. “You’re a guard of course I do.” he told me. Oh we would go into not just trusting people just because there guards next lesson. I held out my hand to him. “If you take it you can’t let go okay?” I told him. “What do you mean?” he asked me really confused. “You won’t know unless you take it.” I told him a sad smile crept along my face. He took my hand.

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