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Chapter 34


When will the pain stop? Somebody, please make it stop, I can’t take it anymore! The ground beneath me is drenched in my own blood and the blood of my husband. I am in so much pain. I can’t take this anymore. How am I even still standing? Does this mean I will be okay? No, impossible. There’s no fixing this. How am I still standing? I want to give up. If I live I have nothing left. No, I cannot give up, the world needs me. Everyone needs me. Giving up means I lose. Giving up means the world loses. I will never give up. There must be a way out of this, there must be a way I can live and save Derek. Surely there must be somebody around here, somebody who can help us. Save us. I’m tired. My entire body is shaking, I can’t keep this up any longer. I must lie down. It’s okay, I just need to make sure I keep my eyes open. Yes, that’s all. This’ll save my energy too and let me crawl to Derek. I just need to make sure I do not fall asleep. That can’t be too
difficult, besides, help will be here soon. I hope. They always come. Sean and Taylor always save me. I manage to get to Derek. He’s unconscious but he still has a pulse. I sigh a sigh of relief with blood he could heal. He could still survive. There’s no chance I can anymore. I’m bleeding from a knife wound the knife still in me. I know what I have to do. Yes I will die. But he needs to live, I’m not leaving without knowing hes still alive. I put my bleeding arm in his mouth. Letting my blood drip down his throat. The last of my blood. I watch colour slowly return to him. I’m going to die. Right here, any minute now. Saving the man I love. I can feel it, my body is growing weaker by the second, Derek still hasn’t woke up. But he will. He needs to the Amaris need him more than they realise. I made the right choose. Sending my child of with Sean and Taylor. They aren’t coming. They can’t. There’s no fixing this. Fine. Let this be the end then, but let it be a quick one. Just let me go. Don’t force me to endure the pain any longer. I’m so sleepy. I guess I’ll rest my eyes for a little while, just a little while. I may never open them again, but we’ll find out soon enough. First I must rest.

Greg looked at me shocked. But silent. I had felt all that at the same time as watching it. Tears running down my eyes. He didn’t know what dying me was thinking only I did I realised. I have a child? Derek and I looked the same age. But that meant nothing it could be 50 years it could be 5. “SAM.” Derek screamed coming around. I looked at him. He looked torn I was just still with it. My eyes slightly flickered. But I was gone. I couldn’t watch anymore I turned away. The scene faded in front of me and Greg. For a while I had forgotten he was with me. I was crying. The scene developed around me. I was with Sean just Sean. I looked at him. We were laughing about something stupid. “You can’t have any more pets surely?” he asked me laughing. “Hey it’s just 1 more dog.” I pointed out. I was holding a little puppy in my arms. “Yeah but Dads going to go nuts. Everyone is on and on about how the Amaris drink from dogs with the amount we currently are taking in.” he told me laughing. “Come on its alone on the streets we can’t leave it.” I pointed out. Sean wrapped an arm round mine. “Moon I really don’t understand you.” he told me. “Moon?” Greg asked me confused. “You ask about my name but not my death?” I ask him with a sad
smile. I knew I was seeing this one to ease my tension. “Come on we got to meet up with everyone.” I told him laughing. “You can’t take the dog into the meeting.” Sean told me laughing. “Of course not I’m going to leave him with Flick and tell Dad he has a new pet.” I teased. “Flicks 220 now she really isn’t going to like another puppy.” Sean told me laughing. But he threaded his arm in mine and we walked into the posh hotel. “What the hell took you so long?” Marco asked me. Looking frustrated but happy. “Calm down Dad. I always make it” I told him rolling my eyes. I walked into the room then it faded. But I knew this was a good future. The whole outlook of everything humans mixed in with Amaris. Amaris mixed with humans all around us. I smiled. I liked this future better. We were in another Future. I was sat in the ice-cream parlour with Paige, Zach, Kayden, and Spencer it looked to be a few years’ time. I didn’t know what we were talking about but we were laughing. That’s when it happened. The news reporter was shot dead on live television. Not just any one but one that was reporting next to an Amaris. He ripped his throat out. Everyone watched in shock as did I. then the scene faded and it happened again but the Amaris man didn’t do anything he looked
disgusted and frightened but he sat there calmly. “It’s all up to him?” I asked the dream. “no.” a voice said. I nodded my understanding. I carried on watching as more and more death scenes. With their opposites happened. “People our trying to out us?” I asked the dream. It agreed with that statement. I watched the world left in tatters. I watched a better future. “So what does Alysa need to do?” I asked the dream. But Greg and I got pulled out of there.

“Sam? Wake up.” I could feel someone shaking me. I didn’t recognise the voice. I was too tired to wake. I opened my eyes and looked straight in Lord Greg’s eyes. Why was Lord Greg here? Where was I? I looked around weakly. Had I fallen asleep outside? How long had I been here? I looked at the sun. 4pm. What the hell had I been doing? Why couldn’t I remember? The others wouldn’t even have realised I was missing yet. Or had they? “Where am I?” I asked trying not to sound as weak or panicked as I felt. I sat up and immediately puked blood everywhere. Great blood sick I was going to miss a lot of class and needed that doctor, again. I really need a hospital regular card. “Is that normal?” Greg asked me worried. I remembered
what I had just done and the fact I had taken him with me. He had seen everything I had. Including me calling Marco dad. Although the visions had never said who I actually was I realised. Flick had been 220 and I was still alive in one I realised. None of the visions let me die without a lot of blood and death. One thing was certain if I died I needed to make sure Derek lived or the whole world was destroyed. “No Greg puking bloods not normal. But that’s the first time I’ve taken someone with me. I needed the practise.” I told him weakly. Puking up blood again. Jane appeared she was alone obviously had come in hunt of Greg. “Jane go get Harry from the ice-cream parlour.” Greg ordered her. I tried to say thank you but another wave of sick came up. I puked all over the floor. Jane run of really fast, showing her training of running miles. The world started spinning again. I was about to close my eyes. “Don’t go to sleep.” Greg told me. I forced myself to stay conscious. I took a deep breath and forced myself to keep breathing calmly. “Do you have any blood?” I asked Greg as calmly as I could. “No I don’t carry it with me.” He told me almost apologising. “Well you really should start to.” I told him trying to joke. “Okay Sam I’ll do that.” he told me. I went to close my eyes he shook
me. God the Amaris needed better medical training. Than just shaking each other. “You can’t tell them what you saw.” I told him. “You can’t tell them I took you. They know I see but not what” I told him. One thing we had watched was the prior knowledge did not help any of my friends save themselves. “What do I tell them.” he asked shaking me as I closed my eyes. “You found me like this.” I told him puking up again. He nodded his understanding. Harry arrived then. “Hey Harry can we go back to your apartment and keep this a bit hush hush.” I asked him hopefully. He picked me up like I weighed nothing. “No fair Harry you promised you would never carry me.” I wined at him. “You promised you wouldn’t ever die on my watch.” He pointed out. It felt like I was flying I realised Harry was running with me in his arms. “If you drop me I’ll kill you.” I told him as he ran me up the stairs, “Sam.” He said shaking me as I closed my eyes. Again I was going to have to insist on better first aid training for people. We got back to Derek’s, Harrys Adams and Ed’s apartment. Jane and Greg with us. “What the hell happened?” Harry demanded from Greg. “I found her like it.” he lied for me. “Alright I need you to go get Derek and Sean from the royal meeting in the apartment next door. I’ll put
Sam in Derek’s bed for a rest.” He told him. I shook my head. “Why not?” he asked me worried. “You need to run me a bath before I set everything on fire.” I told him with a weak grin. “SAM” he yelled at me. “Jane run a bath.” He yelled at Jane. “Greg Derek and Sean.” He yelled. Again I shook my head. “YOU OUR NOT DOING THIS AGAIN.” he yelled at me. He was being so careful not to name me. “Greg get Spencer tell him you need to speak with him and to bring the book from my bedroom. That it’s very important for today’s lesson.” I told him. He nodded at me and run of next door. “What the hell Sam?” Harry asked me shaking me again. I see what my mum meant about earth users and stress. “Alright Harry I’m going to pass out in a few seconds. The doctor’s numbers in my book. You can tell Derek when hes alone. Okay.” I told him and passed out.

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