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Chapter 35 - Spencer POV


I was sat having a very awkward conversation with King Theodor with Derek and Aiden. I think all of us knew this was awkward but were all too polite and trying to stick to ceremony. Taylor and her mother where stood chatting calmly. Both being told to relax. Sean was watching them with a smile. I think we all knew how much Taylor actually missed her mother. There was a knock at the door who was that? I heard Greg ask Adam to talk to me. Why did Greg need to talk to me? “Yes Lord Greg?” I asked politely I wasn’t even going to attempt his actual name. He seemed panicked. I think Adam had already picked up on that as he looked worried. “Hey I need to talk to you. Sam said she also needed you for a lesson and to bring the special book from her room and the special stuff.” He told me I could tell he was repeating what she had said carefully. Derek looked extremely worried. We all knew what book that was and stuff. “Again?” Derek asked really
worried. I saw it took all my cousins strength not to run out the room to Sam. I tried to stay calm and walked into her room. Like I walked into her and Derek’s room all the time which I don’t. But Sam had explained about the special book enough times for me to know if she needed it. It was important. I pocketed the sedatives that where in there. 2 spare In case of emergency. I came out the room to everyone looking a mixture of confused and worried. “Its fine it’s just class work with our friends, Sam forgot her books she texted me.” I said rolling my eyes trying to downplay my own worry. “Sean can you accompany Spencer and kill your sister for me.” Derek told Sean trying to joke he nodded and we left the room. “Where is she?” I asked Greg as soon as the door was shut. “Next door.” Greg said as worried as we all were. We went with him. We walked into Harrys apartment he had the unconscious Sam in the bath even though she wasn’t on fire. Yet anyway or if she had she was out already? “Has she?” Sean asked calmly. “Not yet.” Harry told him looking scared stiff. “Okay Sams right earth users don’t cope with stress very well.” I said trying to downplay it. She told me the best things to do was to stay calm. Yeah easier said than done Samira Alysa. “So what did she do?” Sean
asked calmly. “Well first she puked blood everywhere.” Greg told me looking like we were freaks to be so calm. “Okay then?” I asked. “She talked for a bit. Told me of for carrying her. Then she told me to run a bath. Passed out and that’s where we are so far.” Harry said still panicked. “So just a normal Sam day?” I asked with a weak smile. I was looking through the book. “Sam why the hell is this not in English.” I told her actually starting to panic myself. “She does this a lot?” Greg asked amazed scared but amazed. “It’s becoming a regular thing.” Sean admitted. “You found that number yet?” he asked me. “Make yourself useful.” I said to Greg handing him an injection. “What the hell?” he asked shocked. “Watch her. Wait until you have no choice then inject her.” I told him. Still flipping through the book. Sam had a lot of important numbers. But I couldn’t find anything that said Doctor in any of the languages she had taught me. “Sam why the hell have you wrote in gobbledegook.” I almost screamed at her. “Is it French Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese she wouldn’t risk writing in something Derek, Taylor and I can’t read?” Sean asked me still trying to be calm. “Give it here.” Greg said holding out the injection for me. “You know what okay I’m trusting you with this
book. You need to find the closest thing that sounds like Doctor in here. Might be illegal doctor I don’t know.” I told him handing him Sam’s special book. Looking amazed through the book in his hands. He seemed to scan it. Then flicked to a different section. “Médecin illégale” he said handing me it after first checking the I’s then the M’s after working out what language it was. I handed him back the injection and starting dialling the doctor. Whilst Sean carried on fussing over getting everything ready for the elements to make an appearance. That was when Sam started making a tornado inside. I hadn’t seen the last time, but she had known it was coming enough to be able to get me to have the injection ready. “Hello Doctor Pawl. This is king Spencer Galanis. I need your help.” I told the doctor as soon as he answered the phone. “What’s happened?” The doctor asked me worried. “We are having another burn out. Same Guard.” I told him. The wind was getting worse. It was picking up objects and throwing them around the room “now?” Greg asked looking amazed at Sam. “Not yet.” Sean told him. “How quick can you get here?” I asked the doctor who was swearing. “I’m an hour’s drive away!” the doctor swore at me. “Is there any other doctor around here that can
help?” I shouted at him. “Not that would help her no.” He shouted. “Okay is there anywhere I can go and steal the stuff I need?” I asked him worried. “Charlotte. Can bring them. Can you cope with just her until I get there?” The doctor asked me panicked. Charlotte was the Halfling nurse. “NOW?” Greg asked as the hurricane was almost the size of the couch. “Not yet.” I shouted at him. “Yes I need the stuff now.” I yelled at him. “Whatever you do don’t inject her unless you have no choice. Let her lose all the magic.” He told me. “I thought you said that was dangerous!” I screamed at him. “I’m going to have to hang up King Spencer to ring Charlotte. She will be with you in 10 minutes are you in the same room?” The Doctor asked me. “We are in the room next door to that one.” I yelled at him. “Now?” Greg asked. The hurricane was huge it was amazing Sam was keeping it just in this room. I realised then that yes Sam was unconscious but she was still keeping it in this room. “As a last procuration. If it gets any bigger.” I told him. He nodded. The wind died down then as instantly as it had started. “Wow!” Greg said. “What’s next?” I asked Sean. “She’s done Air so either water fire or earth.” He told me calmly. “She has done this before?” Greg asked a mixture of impressed and
worried. “Oh Sams a handful.” Sean said trying to downplay it. “Come on Sam you ow me more than a 6 pack now.” I told her. “Why is she in a bath when she hasn’t done fire yet?” Sean asked harry interested. Harry still looked extremely stressed so did Jane. “What was she like when you found her?” I asked him worried how long had she been sick for. “She was fine when she left me at the ice-cream place.” Harry assured us. “Although I really did think she was pregnant.” He admitted. “You let her leave you?” Sean scorned him. “She’s Sam I have no control at all.” Harry admitted. “You out rank her unless she bloody pulls the princess card.” Sean told him looking cross. “She’s a princess?” Greg asked. The boys bloody realised they had let slip a bit who Sam is. “Sometimes for smart people you really our idiots.” I told them shaking my head. “Who is she?” Greg asked amazed. We all looked at each other. Sam really wasn’t able to protect herself currently it wasn’t safe to let slip who she is. If Greg actually wanted to hurt her, now would be the time to do it and we all knew that. We all were tongue tied. When the door banged. Harry answered the door and charlotte stood there looking stressed. “How does she even have enough strength to bloody do this again?”
she asked us amazed. “God knows.” I told her seriously. “Where is she?” she asked us we all pointed to the bathroom she went in that direction. And walked in pulling out the IV as she went. “Okay what the bandages is happening?” Greg asked crossly. “Samira is having a burn out.” I told him trying to be calm. “Does she have burnouts regularly?” Greg asked really concerned. “Kind of at the moment.” Sean admitted looking worried at the bathroom. That was of course when Sam actually caught fire. Hey forward thinking she was already in the bath. Sean seemed to be pulling the fire straight of her. “This is really weak compared to last time.” he told charlotte worried. “Yeah I don’t think she has much magic left in her.” Charlotte told him calmly. Fire didn’t last long at all. “That didn’t last long at all. She’s lost 2 without any damage.” I said calmly. Here was hoping she could do another burnout without the need for a clean-up team. “WHY NOT SEND HER TO BLOODY HOSPITAL.” Greg yelled at us as if we were idiots. “Because the courts not safe.” Charlotte told him coming out the bathroom with Sam in Sean’s arms. She pointed at the sofa for him to lie Sam down. She looked at Greg like he was the dumbest person she had ever met. “We are going
to have to insist she really does rest this time. We can’t keep dealing with this. It’s dangerous for her and everyone else.” Charlotte told Sean. He was after all technically in charge of Sam medical details whilst she was unconscious. “She has been resting. I haven’t seen her use any magic in days.” He told her worried. “She’s used a lot of magic.” Charlotte insisted. That was when Sam started doing water. “The water was up to our knees. Sean picked Sam back up from the sofa before she went under the water. “She’s going to drown us.” He said. “No she will stop hopefully or we inject her.” Charlotte told him calmly. “Here’s a crazy idea send her to a hospital. Where there bloody trained.” Greg told us. “The courts not safe for Sam.” I said trying not to stress about that too much. Derek claimed one day it would be. But I think Sam would go nuts stuck there anyway. “The courts the safest place for an Amaris. Why are you Trusting Halflings with your guard and Sister? Not Trained Amaris Doctors?” Greg yelled at me and Sean. Charlotte suddenly realised that Greg didn’t know Who Sam was. We all stared at Greg. “Are you really that dumb to think a guard could do this?” Charlotte asked him calmly. Going to Inject Sam with the sedative as she had no choice. If she didn’t we
would drown. Derek opened the door then and water went rushing everywhere. I saw him quickly control it. And like a flying mass he sent it to all the drains in the apartment with his guards. Whilst Taylor and her mother tried to evaporate as much as possible.

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