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Chaper 36 - Derek POV


Okay I needed to know what was going on with Sam. I could hear the raised voices in the apartment next door. But not the words. Come on Moon. I thought it was strange the moment she had told me her mum called her moon I had wanted to use it. What the hell was happening to her? I didn’t care not being polite anymore. Everyone could hear the panic going on. When Charlotte arrived I knew it was serious. Great I still couldn’t appear to be rude. I sent Aiden a pleading look. I think even he could feel the sense of the Magic around us getting to dangerous level. We all could I realised. Okay I think I had to admit some truth. “By the sound of it one of our guards is having a burn out.” I said trying to be calm. Every single eye went to mine in shock. “Burn out but all your guards are so young.” Taylors mum told me worried. I knew she was worried for her own daughter. “This is our second this month.” Taylor admitted to her mother. “Your second guard
burning out?” Taylors mum asked me. Trying not to be angry I realised. “Yeah chances are it’s the same bloody guard.” Adam moaned. “I still think she’s pregnant.” He told me. I looked at him, yeah not the conversation to have in front of visiting kings and princes. “Do you need to fly her to court?” King Theodor asked me worried. “No she would possibly destroy court.” I admitted. Aiden suddenly realised who we were talking about. “Oh Bandages.” He said. I nodded exactly how I felt. “Dad I think we should go to meet my teacher she’s a Halfling and would love to meet you.” Aiden said. “Your teachers a Halfling?” his dad asked intrigued. But not fully getting over his shock at the situation. I looked at the remaining guards with me. Who could I send to keep them away from the situation? I looked at Taylor but knew better than to send her away from Sam when she was needed. “I will come with you. Jake, Ed you can come with me.” Sepiah said. Leaving me with Adam, Mark and Taylor. I realised quiet quickly we weren’t losing Taylors mum as she nodded onto one of the other guards. Showing her rank was highest and giving her duty on. Technically keeping an eye on younger guards is part of her duty I realised. Great. This was just perfect. Not
that Sam moon Alysa could help it. God no wonder she said she didn’t know who she was anymore. We waited till they were gone. When they were gone the group of us ran to the door. I pulled out my key. I unlocked the door. Water flooded towards us. I caught as much water as I could so did Mark. Sending it down every drain we could. Taylor Sean and her mother started evaporating as much as they could the room filled with Steam. “Okay so this is normal.” I tried to claim. “This is defiantly not normal.” Taylors mum told me angrily. “I thought she was on drugs not close to a bloody burn out.” she yelled at us. “You thought we were on drugs?” Sean asked her interested. “Well yes.” She admitted. “Can we talk about that later?” Spencer said rolling his eyes. I could tell he was trying to be laid back. Charlotte looked worried. She still technically wasn’t registered. But that was because she needed to treat unregistered and didn’t want to scare them of. Once everyone decided she would. “Can someone please explain what the hell’s going on?” Greg asked worriedly. I hadn’t realised he was here. Sean was still stood holding Sam with Charlotte fussing over her. I looked at her. “She always looks so peaceful and innocent when she is causing everyone to panic.” I told
him trying not to look as panicked as I felt. I went up and took her from Sean instantly he handed her over to me without a second thought. “Honestly how anyone could call her innocent makes me wonder.” He told me with a smile. “Your sister is defiantly is a handful.” I agreed with a grin kissing her forehead. “What the hell is going on?” Taylors mum asked angry and shocked to see me kiss Sam I realised and of course the situation. Oh for god sake I didn’t care about people knowing who she was. There were enough people here to protect her. “Everyone this is my wife.” I said going for the easier option than moon or Sam or Ally. “Honestly dumbest smart people ever.” Spencer said as Taylors mum and Greg looked shocked. “Dumbest smart people?” I asked my cousin trying not to laugh. I kissed Sam on the head again. “10 more minutes Derek.” Sam moaned. I have to admit we were all shocked. Her eyes slightly opened. “Hey sleepy head.” I told her holding her tighter to me. “You becoming immune to sedatives?” I asked her trying to seem relaxed so as not to panic her. “We never had to use any.” Charlotte admitted. “Have I lost everything?” she asked me calmly trying to keep her eyes open. “Everything but earth.” Harry told her calmly. Sam
blinked at me a few times. “Does this mean another few weeks of rest.” She asked me. “Yes darling.” I said kissing her head. Everyone was just staring at us. “Mum I would like you to meet my best friend and my charge.” Taylor said calmly. I realised none of us actually ever knew what name to use. “Is there any point in having Georgina still pretend to be Ally now Aiden and Greg know?” Adam asked calmly. “YES it’s still not safe anyone else knows.” Taylors mum told him realising quickly what was happening. “Although my king wouldn’t ever hurt her.” she assured us. We all nodded. Sam was blinking as Charlotte fussed about more. “Hey Lottie, I really am becoming a regular.” She tried to tease the nurse tiredly. “Like always it’s a pleasure to see you your majesty. But I wish I wasn’t.” Charlotte told her with a nervous smile. I sat down the sofa was soaking wet. The boys and my apartment had undergone some serious damage. “Okay whose job is it to clean this room.” Spencer asked trying to ease the tension. Sam had fallen asleep again in my arms. “Okay Tay can you explain to your mum and Greg what’s going on they both look like they’re about to have a panic attack and 1 is enough.” Sean told Taylor calmly. “Thanks Sean thanks a lot.” Taylor told him with a
worried smile. “How much should I tell them?” she asked interested. “You can start from junior year. I think we have a few hours before Sam wakes up but can we do it in your apartment. She needs to be out these wet clothes” I said calmly. “Okay.” Taylor said shrugging. We really did use the girl’s apartment for everything.

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