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Chapter 37


I was sat on the beach I was calm. I didn’t want to move. I knew it wasn’t a real beach. I knew that because although the trees behind me swayed in the wind. The waves where calmly hitting the shore I watched the sea calmly. There was no noise. It was noiseless. Unless I imagined the noise. I was in a purple bikini a huge floppy hat and giant sunglasses. Hey if this was going to be my new dreams I was going to dream more often. I just thought that as the cocktail appeared. Yep defiantly going to dream more. “Moon.” Beth/mum said walking towards me. “Sorry.” I apologised for the cocktail. I knew that wasn’t what my mother wanted to see. She actually laughed. “Darling did you really need to use so much of your magic on looking in the future.” She said shaking her head. “I didn’t mean to, I just needed to see something and you told me to try bringing him with me.” I told her. “Yes but I told you nothing big.” She told me sinking in the
sand next to me. “Why do you always choice a beach?” I asked confused. “It always calmed you as a child.” She said calmly. “I really am too powerful.” I told my mother truthfully. “No darling. You’re not too powerful.” She insisted kissing me gently on the head like Derek does. “Moon darling. You need to concentrate on accepting who you are to get the elements back.” My mum told me sadly. “I know I kind of do.” I admitted. “I except you’re my mum. I except Marcos my dad. Even though I haven’t got a bloody clue how to tell him that. I except that you and Nan disagreed a lot. Especially about me. I except the Amaris are trying to get me pregnant so after I have a kid they can kill me off.” I said all this as calmly as I could. “Oh darling if they kill you off it will be the worst mistake for them and the humans.” She told me shaking her head. “I saw that.” I admitted. “I also saw that as long as Derek lived my child took over my mission.” I admitted to her. “Yes darling but Derek was broken.” She told me. Same as Marco was until Marianna I realised. I nodded remembering it. “I really don’t know any more Mum.” I told her calmly. “Where should I start?” I asked her wanting her to take over. Wanting her to guide me. “Why don’t you start by
accepting who you are? Show your dad the past.” She told me kissing me head. “Wont that make me as weak as looking at the future? I think I’ve lost all my magic?” I admitted. “You lost it because you’re not excepting not because your weak darling.” she told me. “Am I pregnant?” I asked her calmly. “No darling you’re not.” She assured me. “You won’t be at least until you’ve finished college.” She told me kissing my head. “Will I get to graduate?” I asked hopefully. She laughed. “That information I can’t give you.” she told me calmly. “So take it that’s a no.” I said trying not to laugh and the obviousness of that. “That’s an I don’t actually know darling.” she told me. “So how do I show Marco what I need to? In case you haven’t guessed I don’t control it.” I told her with a nervous smile. “Take his and Derek’s hand. Then when you are asked if you’re ready at the door say yes.” She told me. “Oh is it really that easy?” I asked shocked. She again laughed. “Pretty much. Your spirts don’t need to be holding hands either as long as you are in physical form it doesn’t matter this side.” She told me. “So I can let go of Marcos hand when were in the dream?” I asked confused. “Yeah and bring popcorn. I used to.” she told me with a grin I laughed, looking at my cocktail. I
remembered watching Taylor laid back with her mum. Wishing I could have that with mine. I did I realised. “So how long have I got to enjoy this beach before I actually have to wake up?” I asked her hoping she would say a while. “Not long.” She admitted. I nodded. “Okay.” I said thinking of everything I wanted to ask her. “So did you lose all your magic looking as far into the future as you did?” I asked her interested. “No you’re losing them because you’re fighting them.” she told me like talking to a reluctant toddler. “So are you going to come help me explain it to Marco or leave me in the deep end? Also how do I fast forward things I don’t want them to see?” I asked interested. Remembering some of the things I watched that I would prefer Derek not to see. For example my first kiss with Luke. Forget Derek I don’t want Marco to see either. “Unfortunately if it’s a memory they need to see they see It.” she told me laughing. “Just tell your husband to shut his eyes.” She told me laughing. “Yeah and my dad.” I pointed out. We were laughing it felt so natural. “Will I get to spend time with you here a lot?” I asked her interested. “I hope so darling I do hope so.” She told me with a smile. “Why did you call me Moon?” I asked interested. “It’s short for your name.
But you are my little moonbeam.” She told me with a smile. “Ever think I might be having a mental crisis as I don’t even know my actual name? Or date of birth? Who’s actually older me or Derek?” I asked all this interested. She laughed again. “Okay Derek’s older.” She told me laughing. “So is Spencer.” She told me. “Oh so I am in the right school year?” I worked out. She laughed. “You are 2 weeks older than everyone thinks you are that’s It.” she assured me. I nodded my understanding. “Hey and on a plus you still look 16.” She tried to assure me. “Yeah will I look 16 for long?” I asked laughing. “Not really sure. I never really see you looking older.” She admitted. “Well I saw me looking my age and flick was 220 so yeah not sure.” I admitted laughing. “I think it’s to help you look young enough to be Marcos child.” She tried to tease me. I smiled weakly at her. “It’s going to hurt him.” I told her feeling sad about it. “Yes it will. But it won’t be you doing the hurting. He knows that. He loves you.” She assured me. “It’s strange it explains why I trusted Drew. Also why he seemed so natural in claiming me as family.” I admitted. “Yeah I think he always knew you were related.” She told me with a grin. “Yeah but he never told Marco. Even though you got my blood in him. I do
need that explained better to.” I told her rolling my eyes. “Spencer’s right for smart people we really are dumb.” I told her smiling. “For smart people we really are dumb.” She agreed nodding. “Okay so if I decided to go by moon will I need to dye my hair again?” I asked her interested. “Moon you are the same person no matter your name and hair colour. You seem to forget that so easily. A name is just a name.” she told me with a weak smile. Reminding me of what she meant about accepting who I actually am. “Okay mum. I will try reconnect with who I actually am.” I told her. Bits of the conversation outside were getting in to my dreams. It was like we had a cd player playing in the distance. Of Taylor telling her mother all our adventures. Oh great I am going to be in so much trouble I thought. Listening to the talk about all the stealing we did on our kidnapping. “You really should have just stolen a bus.” My mum told me laughing. “I no right.” I told her with a grin. “Remember that for next time.” She told me with a smile. “Oh great more stealing yay.” I told her with a smile. She laughed. You should wake up. “I’m kind of hoping to wait until they finish talking about all the naughty stuff we have all done over the last 4 ish years.” I told her with a grin.
“It’s weird to think you have almost been back in the Amaris world for years. Yet your only just ready.” she told me with a weak smile. “Am I ready?” I asked interested. “Yes darling you are.” She told me kissing my head. “So when should I bring Marco?” I asked wondering if she was going to tell me a few days or as soon as he arrived. “When hes arrived and settled.” She told me with a weak smile. “Am I strong enough?” I asked interested. “Not really but I think he needs to know sooner rather than later.” She told me weakly I nodded my understanding. “Do you think I could cover this burn out from him?” I asked her interested. “Moon if you don’t tell him I will when hes here.” she told me actually being strict with me. I smiled weakly. “Okay mum.” I told her. We listened to Taylor go on about this summer. “She has actually admitted she’s dating Sean now.” Mum told me with a smile. “I know. It’s strange he really feels more like Sean than Duncan. But whatever name he has hes my brother.” I told her. “I no. I actually kind of except him as a son to.” my mum told me grinning. I laughed. “So can I do that thing where I’m not in my body but can see everyone with you for what’s going on now?” I asked interested. “Yeah.” She said with a weak smile. I concentrated on
going into the room without waking. The beach reluctantly faded. We were stood in the kitchen area watching. Derek was sat on the sofa. With me actually curled up next to him. Someone had got me changed I was wearing my dog fleece pjs bottoms and a baggy college top. “Why didn’t he just put me to bed?” I asked. Mum shrugged obviously no clue either. We watched them Greg was watching me in shock. “I did actually tell him I’m not Alysa.” I told my mum as I realised. “Well technically you aren’t.” she pointed out. “Technically there never was an Alysa.” I realised. I actually scratched my head in confusion. “Just because Marco knows and your friends it doesn’t mean the whole Amaris world needs to know.” My mum pointed out. “It doesn’t?” I asked her. “No darling. You do what you think is best.” She told me. Yeah what I think is best is running away from it all and finding a nice deserted island. We listened to them talking for a while. When Taylor rung Erin I watched as Marco obviously had taken the phone. Oh dear she was giving Sean and Derek both hopeful looks. Both looked at her and shook their heads. “Wimps.” I said although they couldn’t hear me. “Bless them. I would say he was once a laid back earth user. But I think he choose the wrong
element.” my mum told me grinning. “Sean or Derek phone quick” Taylor told the boys holding the phone out. I watched her put it on mute. “I don’t care which one of you does it. But one of you take this bloody phone.” She told them getting a fireball ready. Both of them looked at her. Then at each other. “You should wake up now darling.” she told me looking worried as the nurse changed my bag again and the situation that I always found funny. “Do I have to leave you?” I asked her sadly. “Yes moon you need to live a life darling.” Beth told me sadly. I nodded I did understand even if I didn’t want to. “I will see you soon?” I checked with her. “Oh defiantly bring that stubborn father of yours.” She said kissing my head. “Hes the stubborn one?” I asked her laughing. “Yes and I will tell him that.” she told me with a grin. Suddenly looking the 19 she actually was when she died. Just before I woke Derek took the phone.

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