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Chapter 38 - Marco POV


“So Sam burnt out again?” Erin asked into the phone. We were on the plane almost to the airport near there college. I looked at her. “What do you mean she is burnt out again?” I asked her worried. “I thought she was getting better?” Marianna asked Erin worried. I had to remember that Erin had been with us for 3 days. She had no clue what she had missed on campus. Georgina who was sat talking to Kye and the rest of the guards about their next weekend plan looked worried. “She had almost reconnected.” She told us looking worried. “Does the doctor know what happened?” I asked snatching the phone from Erin. Taylor was the other side. “Apparently she used too much magic. Although none of us know what she did? She hasn’t woke up yet to admit what she did either. Except to tell us all she needs to buy a bus.” Taylor told me seriously. “She needs to do what?” I asked confused and worried. Alysa was going to turn me grey before it was even
possible. Felicity smiled at me from her car seat. The girls really were tag teaming me to make sure I never got any sleep. “She needs to rest more.” Andrew said he and Kayla had decided to tag along for a weeks’ vacation. Well there were no court meetings for a while. The queen had kind of given up attempting to do anything behind our backs anyway, she waited for Derek to be free. She knew if she did we would do worse back. Cole looked at me and sneezed an icicle hung from his nose. “Yeah because you can hide a cold from humans.” Kye laughed looking at him. “Just as long as it’s not . . .” Drew started. But I cut him off before he gave his son any ideas. “We will be there as soon as the plane gets clearance to land.” I told her. “That’s fine we know.” Taylor told me really calmly. “What else is going on?” I asked worried. “Well it’s just the fact my mums here. She also knows who Sam is. Couldn’t really hide the burn out. So does Lord Greg. So does Prince Aiden. His dads here till Wednesday to and staying at the same hotel as you but he has no clue.” she told me all that fast. Almost trying to do what Sam did. Give the bad news as fast as possible and hope no one actually caught what she said. “Taylor. Can I talk to Sean or Derek please?” I asked the
guard trying not to yell at her. “Sean or Derek phone quick.” Taylor said. I rolled my eyes. “We were not this bad as students.” I told my brother. He smiled at me. “Okay not all of us.” I told him. I looked at my wife she grinned at me as well. “Felicity darling you’re going to be a good girl for daddy.” I asked my baby girl. She gurgled at me. Thank god I had one supporter. Cole was being distracted by Jessie now. Toby was being the easy baby he was and snoring. Derek came on the phone the other side. It took him a while. Part of me thought they might be going you deal with him. No you. The other thought they possibly were busy. “Hello Marco. I don’t know what she did.” He told me instantly. Well if he didn’t know it was something big. She normally told him all her crazy plans. “One minute she was fine. Just talking on YouTube to Pop and your brother. Then she did brilliant at Lady Lessons. Sarah claiming she would make a perfect lady if she learnt to eat.” Derek told me. I didn’t actually need to know this. Although I was impressed that she had actually agreed to Lady Lessons. “Then she went to climb trees.” He told me calmly. Trying to downplay her climbing the trees he knew I hated it. God we all hated it. It was as bad as her jumping from 12 story buildings. Something
we all knew she did but discouraged. “Then she went for ice-cream. Then went back to the trees.” Derek told me. I was wondering if he was going to get to the point of this. It all sounded calm and normal. Well normal for her. “Then we aren’t sure what happened. Lord Greg found her under the tree puking up blood.” he told me. “Wait so she went from fine to being sick?” I asked. Something rung bells in my head from Beth, but I couldn’t remember what. “Yeah. She was conscious long enough for Harry to get her back to the apartments.” He told me. “Hello sleepy head.” Derek suddenly said. I realised then that Alysa must have woken up. “Are you sure?” he asked. I knew it wasn’t me he asked. “Hey Dad. I’m fine. I will explain when you’re here. I can’t explain it on the phone.” She told me. She seemed calm relaxed even the fact she had used Dad again as though it was natural made me question how actually sick she was. If I needed to I would send her back to the court hospital. I decided “what the hell’s going on with you Alysa?” I demanded from her. “I saw things in the future and past things I wasn’t ready to see.” She told me. Now I remembered when Beth got that sick. It was when she looked in the future. “What the hell were you doing?” I asked her
worried, Beth had once told me she couldn’t control it. When it called she had to go. “It called me. It wasn’t my fault.” She told me even though she sounded weak she was going on the defensive. She obviously decided she wasn’t able to talk to me anymore as I heard Derek say “Are you sure? Okay?” then he said to me. “Marco come straight here.” he told me. “What?” I had planned to anyway. But normally Alysa tried to keep herself to herself when she was upset or hurt. It was as strange as her actually admitting she wanted me to come.

“What’s going on with her?” Drew asked me worried as if I held all the answers. Why do they always think I’m this all knowing person? “I’m not sure.” I admitted. “I don’t think she’ll be up for the kids.” Kayla said worriedly. “Auntie Sally.” Cole moaned. Now he was here he wanted to go jump on her. “Uncle Marco will check on her as she’s poorly like you.” I told the toddler, he had a cold. “We don’t want to risk Auntie Sally getting sick.” Drew told his son swing him into a big bear hug. It was best to keep him calm at the moment. I looked at Marianna she smiled at me. “You going to come with me and run and hide and get some
sleep?” I asked her with a weak smile. She kissed me gently. Handed me the stick she had brought from the court. “I told you she isn’t.” Drew said although he didn’t seem as convinced as he sounded. “Yes and you all told the whole of YouTube?” Marianna told him laughing. She understood that way more than I would even attempt to. We arrived at the college campus. Leaving Kayla Marianna the kids and a few guards back at the hotel. Cole sulking. The rest of the group had gone back straight from the airport I knew they would do a possible group catch us first. We went straight up to the girl’s apartment. “Hi good trip here?” Duncan/Sean asked politely. “No you guys are trying to turn me grey.” I told him seriously. “Sorry about that.” he told me with a smile. He was going to his apartment with Spencer and the others. He wouldn’t normally leave Sam. “Where are you going?” Drew asked him concerned. “Yeah when your girlfriend’s mothers asking you how you felt it was acceptable to pretend to be 17 when you were 19 you would run too.” he told us looking scared. “Wait the great level 5 captain, who will be in charge of every guard is scared of his girlfriend’s mum?” Drew asked laughing. “I’m scared of all of them.” he told us. “Yeah it is abit scary. Sam
especially today.” Spencer admitted. “What’s wrong?” I asked them worried. “Nothing I will be back when Taylors took her mum out.” Sean told me trying not to look worried. “Okay he really does realise he could send her back to an assignment doesn’t he?” Drew asked me trying to stay serious faced. I wanted to comment about Drew with Queen Alba but now she was dead we always avoided the conversation. “Think of it like introducing someone to mum.” I told him. Mum had offered to babysit for him this week so he and Kayla could have a proper vacation but both still had said no. well so did Marianna and I. Mum needed the distraction but none of us where relaxed enough with our kids. Well I say she needed the distraction but she was currently doing god knows what on an Amaris only cruise. We unlocked the girl’s door with our own key. We had a key for 5 of the 6 apartments. Thanks to Erin’s visit. “Hey Marco. Hi Drew.” Derek said calmly from the sofa. Alysa was asleep in his arms. “She okay?” I asked worried. “She’s just warn herself out.” Taylor told me from the kitchen area where she was stood talking to Erin with her mother. But keeping a firm eye on the sleeping Alysa. “Oi sleepy guests” Derek said poking her. “Shut up idiot.” She moaned at
him. But she stirred. “Did I succeed in grey hairs yet?” she teased me. Standing up and hugging Drew hello. “Okay Ally I know you live on excitement. But you promised a month without getting yourself killed.” Drew told her hugging her. “I know. A month was just too long. ” She told him weakly. “I wasn’t expecting you.” she admitted to Drew hugging her tight. “Tay you know you love me.” Ally started looking at her friend. She took a deep sigh. “How come we only talk about love when we want something.” she teased. “Mother would you like to come with me and Sepiah out for dinner.” Taylor asked her mother. “Really you let her ditch her guards that easily?” her mother asked her. “Alysa is a fully trained guard.” Taylor said shrugging. “Its fine she has 20 guards here she is perfectly safe.” I told Taylors mother. No one would ever say no to a direct order from a royal and her mother bowed out. “See I told you Sean didn’t have to run like a chicken.” Ally said looking at Derek with a weak smile. “Alright guys.” Derek said the moment Taylor was gone. “Want us to get Sean now?” Erin asked calmly. “He really is a chicken.” Kye told us laughing. “Come on we discussed this it’s the whole reason we have plan 987654.” Derek told them. They all laughed. “We really are not that
high a number on crazy plans.” Alysa told him sticking her tongue out. “Yeah we are.” He told her gently kissing her forehead. “Are you sure?” he double checked with her. “I’m sure.” she assured him. “You sure?” Sean asked the moment he walked in the door. “I’m sure.” She told them rolling her eyes. “What the hell is going on?” I asked really frustrated the fact they were all being so bloody secretive always made me worry. “Where do you think is safest?” Alysa asked Sean. “Your room it’s why it’s the only one without a window.” He told her. “okay.” she told him. “Got my back?” she asked Sean. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?” both I and Drew demanded from her.

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