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Chapter 39


I looked at Derek for the support I hadn’t expected to take 3 people. But the moment I had seen Drew I knew I needed to take him to. I had told Sean what I was doing. Using plan 987654. This was the plan that Derek and I needed them to guard silently, we had never had to use it before. It was In case we ever did have to pretend to be respectable royals. Sean looked at me worried. He didn’t know much of what I was about to do. Except I had told him I needed to kind of make the 3 of us sleep, now 4 of us. No one was to disturb us, but we would almost be sitting ducks for a few hours. “Come on into my bedroom.” I told them shrugging. I had sent Derek to clean the room and he had. I smiled weakly at him. I noticed everyone position themselves perfectly around the Apartment. I quickly downed another bag of blood. The Halfling nurse had left the IV attached with another bag of blood. Sean was ordered to add a new bag every time it went empty. Marco looked at the IV, I knew he was possibly debating
sending me to a hospital. “What the hell Ally?” Drew asked me confused. Marco was still oddly silent. But I knew he was thinking what the hell to. “Sean came in my room with us. Derek grabbed another pillow from the bed. He had made a makeshift bed on the floor. “Remember when you told me to trust you?” I asked Drew worried. I was now scared he and Marco wouldn’t come. “I need you both to trust me.” I told them. “Doing what?” Marco asked me looking worried. “Just trust me and once you take my hand don’t let go physically.” I told them. “Not until it’s over.” I told him trying not to panic. I wanted to run but we both needed this. Derek kissed me gently on the forehead. “I won’t come I think 2 is enough stress on you darling.” he told me pushing a curl from my face. “I need you there. For this.” I told him. “You’re going to show us the future it made you so sick.” Marco told me worried. Starting to be strict I rolled my eyes. “Yes looking at the future is what made me sick. Although that was my fault I went 220 years into the future. I still look good.” I told him with a weak smile. “There’s stuff called hair dye for your hair don’t worry.” I assured him. He seemed to slightly relax the fact that I had admitted I did have a future. “Please trust me.” I asked
Marco worried. Worried he would refuse. He looked at me really worried and nodded. “What do you want us to do?” he asked me trying to be calm but the stress all over his face. “Lie down on the floor and hold hands. When were in you can let go mentally but not physically.” I told him. “What happens?” Drew asked worried. Not for himself I realised both were worried how weak it was going to make me. “You will wake up and I won’t be going again.” I told them. I sat down calmly on the floor. Drew took Marcos hand I took Derek’s then I grabbed hold of Drew’s. I was ready for this. I had to be. With that I let go and pulled. I don’t know how else to describe it. I let go of this world and pulled them all where I wanted to take them. I felt like a child pulling my parents hand.

I opened my eyes I was in the court. “Don’t open your eyes yet I need to check somethings first.” I told them. “Really?” I moaned. I quickly imagined jeans and a tshirt getting rid of the long dress that it always seemed to want to put me in. I looked down at myself “better.” “Don’t open your eyes until I tell you okay?” I told all 3 of them. My Strawberry blonde hair was loose around me again. But I felt like I belonged here now.
“Princess.” The man said bowing. “Hello again.” I told him sadly, there was a reason I had told them all to keep their eyes shut. Derek’s dad looked sadly at his son. “I’m sorry.” I apologised I felt the need to. He gave me a weak smile. “Destroyer or Healer? Harmony or War” he asked me calmly. “I have to destroy to heal. But I shall bring harmony.” I told him with a weak smile. He nodded at me. I knew I had said the right thing. “Are you all ready?” he asked me calmly. “I have to be. I have no choice.” I told him. He opened the doors for me and disappeared. King Robward stood there. “Hello.” I said. He smiled at me weakly. “Are you all ready?” he asked me worried. “You can open your eyes now.” I told them. They did and took in the sight of King Robward stood there with the open black door behind him. “Are you all ready?” he repeated. “Are you ready?” I asked them. The person I was mainly asking was Marco. They all nodded in too much shock to speak. King Robward pointed us through the door I walked us through. “You can let go of my hand now.” I told Drew and Derek. Drew did Derek held on tighter knowing what was about to happen. I called a cocktail. “I was told popcorn but I fancy this more do you blame me?” I asked him with a smile. “You come here a lot?”
Marco asked me in shock. “That’s the first time I haven’t had an argument at the gate and been forced in. I’ve been here for cocktails whilst I was scaring everyone today as well.” the room developed around me. I heard Beth’s laugh Marco looked shocked. “Yeah this is too far back.” I told no one in particular as I shut my eyes. “I told you I wanted a fast-forward button.” I moaned. As what I though was going to be my conception came into view it wasn’t. “Nicky come on.” Beth told her friend calmly. “Beth we shouldn’t.” Nicolette told Beth giggling though they were both 10. “Come on Nicky. Don’t you trust me?” Beth said. “Yeah that’s what you asked when you convinced me to set that butlers trousers on fire. I got grounded in my room for 2 weeks Beth.” Nicky moaned at Beth. “Come on I need to get out this castle I’m a prisoner. Why does no one understand that?” Beth moaned climbing out the castle window. “I try to Beth but I don’t see it.” Nicky admitted following her out. “You get to go school.” Beth moaned from a roof top. “Why don’t you put the thought in your dads head?” Nicky suggested. “You are a genius.” Beth told her friend with a grin. The image faded. Everyone looked at me confused. “Don’t ask me first time I’m seeing this part to.” I told them
confused as well. “Hello King Matthew, hello father.” Beth said to him. I laughed I knew what was coming I think we all did. “FATHER YOU ARE GOING TO SEND ME TO AMARIS BOARDINGSCHOOL. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TELL MOTHER UNTIL I AM ENROLLED AND THERE. OH AND I LOCK YOU.” Beth told him. “I lock you?” I asked. “Explain later.” Her voice told me in my head. “You do realise what just happened there?” Matthew asked Robward concerned. “What Amaris boarding school would you suggest is the safest?” Robward asked calmly. Matthew looked on amazed. Then he seemed to think. “My son would always protect Elizabeth.” He told Robward who nodded. We watched the rest in almost fast forward. We watched Marco have locks put in his head by the queen. We watched Elizabeth convince Marcos parents to have Drew. “Yeah she really makes you look an angel.” Derek told me laughing. I had to agree I had thought she was the perfect princess now not so much. Marco still just watched in silence. I knew it was strange to have your life play out in front of you. I watched him worried. I was scared of what he was going to think. “Well that is not how I imagined my coming into being.” Drew tried to joke. I watched fight after fight between Beth and
the queen. We watched Beth’s spirt get squashed. She started looking defeated once she got pulled out of school. Due to the rising war and threats. “Beth?” Agape asked her worried. “I’m sorry” Beth told him. “You okay?” he asked her worried. “I’m not going to be able to fight her. The war is going to happen.” Beth told him sadly. “But you got to keep fighting it.” he told her. “I can’t anymore.” she told him sadly. He hugged Beth as she cried. I watched the happy princess become sad and withdrawn there were still 3 people she was herself with Marco Nicky and Agape. We watched them help King Tyrone break out the Amaris world. “Wow you really where the bad royals.” I laughed. Marco looked as shocked at what was happening. I realised he possibly didn’t remember much of this. Due to how much Beth and the queen were playing with his head. “I wish I could run of with him.” Beth told Agape. “One day Beth.” Nicky told her sadly. We all closed our eyes except Marco at the park that day when they were naughty. “A park really Marco?” Drew asked trying not to laugh too much. I think Marco knew where this was going. As he looked at me. We suddenly where in the room that I knew from the first time I had done this. “It’s okay I’m here.”
Beth told the baby. Beth told me. Derek held my hand tighter. She picked me up like she had the first time. “It’s okay darling. I’m sorry sweetheart mummy will work it out.” Beth told me sadly. I put my head on Derek’s shoulder. Drew and Marco watched Beth in absolute silence. She held the baby close to her. “Shhh mummy’s here. Mummy’s here little moon.” she told the baby calmly. The baby caused the room to shake. “Now really moon is there need for that?” she asked the baby. She sat down and gave the baby a bottle. Derek gripped my hand tight. Drew was staring at the baby. Marco was staring at me. “I don’t want to hide you. But I have no choice little moon.” Beth told the baby. “Moon?” Drew asked confused. Spencer really is right dumb smart people. “I will tell him moon, when I get past the lock I will tell him.” She told the baby. Marco looked back at Beth. A mixture of love and sadness on his face. Derek held me tighter. We were now back in court. “Of course Queen Jennifer.” Agape said. “It was announced a few months ago.” he told her. “Eliza has been seen a lot recently no one suspects?” She asked Agape he looked apologising at Beth. “Of course not.” He told her. “Mum?” Beth asked her. Marco was again looking at me. I tried to
concentrate on the scene in front of me. I didn’t know what to say. I was ready at the same time as I wasn’t. “You disappoint me Elizabeth.” The queen told my mum. It hurt more the second time hearing it than it had the first. Now I had seen more of my mother’s childhood. I understood why. I did. “Please don’t take moon away from me.” she begged the queen. “I am not going to. She will be your sister. She needs a better name than moon.” The queen told Beth. That’s when the penny dropped in Drew. Derek held me. I buried my head in his arms so I didn’t have to face what I knew was coming. “Is it true your mums pregnant?” Marco asked Beth shocked. They were sat in a park. Beth’s hair was in a black wig and the two of them where on swings. “What so you’re not Alysa?” Drew asked me confused. “Just watch it okay?” Derek told him. Marco watched the scenes unfold around us. “I’m a prisoner in a castle Marco. You’re my earth. You’re my comfort. Your also millions of miles away. Thanks to the bloody lock my mums put on your mind you’re also clueless.” Beth told him. I watched that hit Marco. More than a ton of bricks could have done. “No of course not. Hey have you sorted out Tyrone’s money it’s really important?” Beth asked Marco worried.
“Yeah Joe dropped of the money the other day. I don’t understand why you won’t let me or Agape do it. Hes desperate to tell him about Derek.” Marco told her sadly. “It will make sense one day.” she told him. I squished Derek tighter to me. But he seemed to be more protective over me than worried for himself. “One day we will sort the Amaris world out honey I promise. One day it will be safe for the moon for the truth.” Beth told him sadly. “I don’t understand what you see.” Marco told her. “I no darling you won’t until its time the lock on your mind won’t allow you to I’ve seen that much.” Beth told him. “Joe?” Beth said. She looked Marco dead in the eye “go to sleep honey for a few seconds.” He instantly did. Marco said the first word I had heard from him the whole of this it wasn’t even a word it was more a sharp intake of breath. “Is everything in place? You always need to keep him a step behind and I need you to get the blood into him when Nicky leaves it.” She told Joe. He looked really sad. “Is there no other way at all?” he asked her. “I’ve seen 12 possible futures none of them have me in.” she told him sadly. Looking up at the castle. She turned and smiled at both men Marco was now awake, “Hey I got to go back to the prison before the dragon sets fire
to it. Apparently I’m getting death threats again.” Beth told them and shrugged. She left back to the palace. We watched her act the perfect princess crying the whole time. Both Marco and Drew tried to talk to me, but I just buried myself deeper into Derek’s arms. “It’s okay moon. It’s okay one day you will understand. The world might not have wanted you but I did.” Beth was saying looking up at the sky. I do understand. “Nicolette?” “Yes Beth?” Nicolette asked her worriedly. “People want me dead” Beth told her calmly. “I have seen it.” she told Nicolette. “I won’t let anyone hurt you Beth we need you.” “She knew it was coming?” Drew asked shocked. “I’m not scared for myself. I’m scared for Moon.” Beth told her. “Your mums just announced Alysa’s birth. No one will hurt a new-born baby.” Nicolette told Beth worriedly. “I need you to promise me something.” Beth told Nicolette. “Anything Beth.” Nicolette told her. “When the attack comes I need you to take moon and run. Keep her hidden. Always keep her hidden and safe.” Beth told Nicolette. “And love her.” Beth said crying. “Ally?” Marco started to say. “Just watch.” Derek told them. “The attack won’t happen.” Nicolette insured Beth. “I’ve seen them and I die. I can’t let my mum raise her. Not after I die.
Not with moon being who she is. You need to raise her to love humans” Beth told her. “What about Marco?” Nicolette asked her worried. “He has to big a lock in his head. I have been unpicking it but I can’t get through yet. Doesn’t help the bloody man is as stubborn as they come. Never meet such a stubborn earth user.” Beth said with a smile but sad. Derek and Drew had to laugh at this. “She really did know you well didn’t she.” Derek asked him I was crying and he wasn’t going to let go of me but I pushed him slightly to say please don’t tease. “Stubborn is a bit of an understatement.” Drew told Derek trying to lighten the mood. “He won’t give up hunting for her.” Nicolette told Beth. “I know but she can’t be with my mum. Not until she’s old enough to stand up to herself. Not until the locks had chance to fade on Marco.” Beth told Nicolette sadly. “You have to promise me you’ll protect her.” Beth told Nicolette. “Beth we’ve been best friends since we were baby’s I’m never going to let anything happen to your baby.” Nicolette told her. “It will cost you your life.” Beth admitted sadly. “To be honest Beth if we go to war I will be sent anyway to fight. You and I both know that.” Nicolette told her. “Thank you for not making me have to compel you to do this.” Beth told her hugging her.
“You never did give up the hunt.” Drew pointed out to his brother.

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