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Chapter 4

“If another 1st year hands me his number I’m going to scream.” Erin tells me rolling up the number into a ball ready to chuck. to be honest the balls of that guy are impressive. Erin might be gorgeous but her whole attitude today shouts i will beat you to a pulp. i’m not sure why shes in such an aggressive mood i sense she and Kye have had a fight, its nothing knew. Kye loves her to pieces he just suffers from foot in mouth a lot. Sean didn’t like him at first at school, but he realised quiet quickly Kye is friendly and loyal he just doesn’t think before he talks. we get on well. I laugh as we make our run around campus, i have to Erin’s beating the shit out the pavement. We are out Looking for others in jackets like ours. which symbolises they our guards. We had stopped wearing them as much lately. But thought it would be best to wear them currently, well at least until we knew who the Amaris were. We were also on the lookout for Halflings. But as I was the only one who could tell quickly it was a job for me. “I don’t know what your complaining at I keep getting asked if I’ve lost my parents.” i inform Erin, i have actually been asked that 2 times. its kind of getting an old joke, i don’t look that young well at least i don’t think i do. although i wouldn’t blame people for asking me for my ID. Taylor and Erin both laugh at my comment though. It was nice having a run just the 4 of us. Sep could run like us now but she finds running and talking harder than us, which is ironic as sometimes we cant get her to shut up. She moans left right and centre about the run but she can do it.

We run past 2 1st years in jackets matching ours with what i take is there royal, it wasn’t as hard to find them as we thought it would be they seem to be enjoying the sun, the irony that humans would think of us as vampires is wasted when you see an Amaris sunbathing. They were obviously not from the same school we went to or Sepiah would know them better, Sepiah i like to tell myself knows everyone. I have been proved wrong on that a few times but she quickly did get to know them. Sepiah is one of those people, no one can dislike but doesn’t shut up. she’s one of the nicest people i have ever met and i am so thankful and proud to call her my friend. “I take it that’s lady Tamzin.” Sepiah says not fully sure on what shes said. “Wouldn’t it be best to just ask?” Erin says to all of us like duh. “Okay fine but I’m all sweaty.” Sepiah moans. We all laugh but we run over. “Hello lady Tamzin.” Sep said smiling at the lady who was looking lost at her guards, possibly wondering what the hell shes got herself into coming to a school without her friends. Tamzin looks at Sepiah relieved although i can tell shes shocked at how sweaty Sepiah is. i want to tell her don’t worry so is Sep. The Lady’s guards seem as shocked by the fact Sep had obviously been doing a routine with us. just because there royal doesn’t mean they shouldn’t work out. “Name rank?” Taylor says as greeting even though she knows I hate that greeting. “Nothing wrong with a hello.” i tell her, but its wasted on Taylor she just rolls her eyes at me. The lady Tamzin only has the 2 guards on her, 1 girl and 1 boy. “Jo shadow 5.” The black haired girl who is a lot taller than Erin, Taylor and me says. but height doesn’t mean power, even when she looks down at you. Jo’s skin is so pale like snow I know straight away this is her version of hell, she looks like she is regretting her choices as well. But then that might be the distance she is trying to keep from the other guard. i notice her posture is more open to Tamzin than her fellow guard. interesting. “George Tiger 2.” The boy guard says proudly at himself. “Your names and ranks?” Jo asks us she looks like she wants to roll her eyes at the male guard. “I’m Taylor I am a royal Dragon 3. I am one of your instructors here.” Taylor tells them both straight faced in her no nonsense voice, that both me and Erin know as her we our studying tonight voice, or your going to have your asses handed to you voice. i try to stifle my laugh at the 2 guards faces, I was stood next to Taylor and she pushes me with her elbow in the side i really have to force myself not to laugh. “We said we weren’t going to retrain the whole college again” Erin tells Taylor but shes smiling and trying not to laugh herself. “No we didn’t we said we hoped we didn’t have to. But shadows and tigers come on. We can’t trust shadows and Tigers to look after the royals at this school.” Taylor says seriously. “Royals can look after themselves.” Sep told us keeping straight faced. i full agree with Sep we can look after ourselves. “Our instructors?” George scoffs he obviously doesn’t think he needs it. “We train 30 miles a day after classes. Or before depending on your royal’s schedule. Then we have fights 3 nights a week.” I explain calmly. “The royal has to join in.” Sep informs lady Tamzin as calmly.“Royals don’t train and don’t fight.” George says like he thought we were pulling his leg and the whole idea is imposturous. Maybe he thought we were just older Amaris making fun of the newbies. “Yeah he needs to meet the royals here and have some sense knocked into him.” Erin informs us loudly. we aren't coming across very friendly really. “Your name and ranks?” Jo asks me and Erin as we both just burst out laughing. i cant help it Taylor looks so serious. “Erin royal dragon 2.” Erin informs them. “Sam dragon level 4.” i tell her smiling at her, offering her my hand to shake, trying to be friendly. “Do they really make you exercise with them?” Tamzin asks Sepiah worried. I was trying to place her family. Derek is better at this than me. I really should study the trees better. “Royals don’t fight.” George repeats firmly. no they are expected to be sitting ducks in the middle of a fight. i wish i could stop the fighting but what i don't get is why the royal thinks they shouldn't fight in the same fight to keep themselves alive. “Who said royals don’t fight?” Sean asks coming over from his own group, he had been with Spencer but left Spencer and Jessie and Kye to carry on running with the other boys i see as they run off straight past this very weird conversation. We really hadn’t got a knack for this yet. We might finally have it in our last year. “They just don’t.” George informs us like he thinks we are idiots. “What’s his level?” Sean asks Taylor i can tell hes pissed off already. why the hell cant we do this nicely? With how he said it George obviously realised how pissed off he was though as he looks slightly less cocky. “Tiger 2.” Taylor informs him. levels going it weren’t a bad level. Shadow was quiet low but tiger would have actually been impressive if we weren’t all dragons and higher here. Even Derek had his level checked and he was fighting at a Dragon 2 with only one year of training. Spencer we couldn’t access how we wanted to due to no magic but physical fighting he was a Tiger 5, which as a half human to me that's more impressive than my own results. “Well tiger 2 is rubbish our royals here were accessed and were dragons and tigers.” Sean says seriously. “Drop and give me 200.” Sean says firmly. i am really struggling not to laugh at how serious he looks. “Darling that isn’t needed. He wasn’t insulting our royals. He was saying he didn’t think his should learn.” Taylor tells Sean. come on Darling? is she trying to make me crack? “What’s your level?” Jo ask Sean really unsure, you can kind of tell Sean is strong and powerful. “That’s Sean River-Bae hes the Royal Dragon 5 captain.” Erin informs her. Jo's eyes were pure shock so was Georges. Sean would one day be in charge of all guards. something i know he doesn't want, he took the level to be with me. which i owe him so much for. Hes my brother in all shapes of the word and i am proud to call him my family. “It’s up to Lady Tamzin if she does want to learn.” Sepiah says seriously, i wouldn't force someone to learn if they didn't want to. i wouldn't take someones freewill away. they don't want to learn to protect themselves that's up to them. i'm not going to be a dictator.

Obviously seeing the group of Amaris another lot came over, because we cant just deal with three more, we have to deal with loads at once. “That must be lord Gregorior not enough guards to be prince Aiden and i know what Aiden looks like.” Sepiah tells me quietly. “Why do we always have to make a scene?” i ask her this was as bad as last year. i give up and just sit on the floor, they can all deal with this mess. “Hello Lord Gregorior.” Sepiah says politely, which is impressive. “Lady Sepiah. Lady Tamzin, Guards.” The Lord says as greeting nodding his head at all of us, wow someones not just polite hes taken the time to learn the royals here's names? i look at him trying to get an understanding of the guy, he seems an honest to god good guy is the feeling i get from him. i know i don't know him but i do normally trust my gut feelings. He and his guards look friendly with each other. At least they had that, I suppose. I noticed he had his arm around his girl guard waist. Sepiah obviously sees as she smiles at him. “So lord Gregorior do you think royals should be allowed to fight?” Lady Sepiah asks him with a smile. “Greg please. Yeah if they want to.” Greg says shrugging like who cares. Why can’t we just be like normal people? With their hi how are you. I wanted to ask them all that question. but then i take it that even humans meeting new people is hard. it may be the whole reason a handshake was invented. It was all very awkward really and that' s when I see my husband out the corner of my eye. Yep this was going to be exactly like last year. “What’s going on why can’t I trust my guards just to greet the royals nicely?” Derek asks coming over, not giving anyone chance to react to his presence, everyone knows Derek is there future king. everyone knows hes going to be the king of all the Amaris because he married me. Well Alysa. Everyone but my group bows to Derek as a greeting. “Your highness.” Greg says politely still bowing. Tamzin looked extremely nervous curtsying. “Nice to have you back mate.” Sean says as greeting clapping Derek on the shoulder in there own bro hug sort of way. my adoptive twin brother and Husband are indeed very close friends. “Good to be back. I’ve missed our crazy home. But honestly what’s this all about?” Derek asks us all in general. He makes sure not to look at me too much. “Is all our stuff unpacked?” Adam asks interested, obviously trying to ease tension or something. “We unpacked your kitchen stuff and brought your food but we refuse to do bedroom stuff.” Erin informs him, but shes smiling. “This isn’t awkward.” Derek mumbles. “We were just explaining that we make the royals here do the same training as the guards.” Taylor tells him. “And guardian George there doesn’t think royals should fight.” Erin points out. Derek stifles a laugh. “Come on guys I’ve been sorting squabbling Royals for weeks. I want a break from squabbles and to go see my wife.” Derek says with a smile. “Do you fight?” Greg asks Derek interested. “Of course if I didn’t I would be dead by now, my guards alone would of killed me.” Derek half jokes. “Is Princess Alysa here?” Tamzin asks Derek really nervously, i see a mixture of excitement and fear on her face, i am an unknown mystery to most royals according to my friend Maria. She doesn't know weather to be excited or frightened. “She is but you won’t see her much.” Sep tells her for me. “Where is my wife today?” Derek asks calmly. “She went to get some ice-cream. Her husband told her he would be here before she wanted some.” i tell him calmly trying not to smile at him, i don't move from the floor though. my tiredness has caught up with me. “Oh so not in the cooker for once?” Peter asks coming over with Leona and Grace. “Oh you know Peter she sometimes likes to bake.” Erin jokes. “It’s such a shame her cooking’s so bad.” Adam pipes up. hey my cooking isn't that bad. okay maybe it is. but they never complain on my cakes and pastry's. i worked in a cafe in France after all. We all kind of cracked up laughing the 6 new people watched us in confusion. we had lost the plot. “Want to go get ice-cream?” Leona asks in general. “You got your regular savers card yet?” She asks us in general with a smile. “Our ice-cream loyalty is always rewarded.” Sep says showing her loyalty card. “We spend $100's on ice-creams a week it’s getting silly.” Sean says but hes smiling. We were kind of ignoring the others now. “Are these your guards?” Greg asks Derek calmly I noticed he had backed away from his guard. obviously in fear of being told of by his future king. I couldn’t decide how to do this yet. George annoyed me slightly. But he would have sense beaten into him. It was only the fact the others all knew me and Derek now. they all knew me as Sam rather than Alysa and they treated me that way. “No they are Alysa’s guards. Mine are somewhere with my cousin. These are my guards Harry Adam and Ed.” Derek says indicating his guards. God I felt tired. i just wanted to curl up on the sofa with my husband or maybe just curl in the grass and let it comfort me. I hadn’t calmed down in days, there was always something i needed to do. When did I last have blood? as this tiredness wasn't normal.

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