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Chapter 40 - Marco POV


I looked at my daughter. I looked at Alysa/moon/Sam whatever name she wanted to go by. She was crying her eyes out. I didn’t know what to say. Every time I saw her watching me, I went to say something but she seemed scared. What could I say to her? I was hurt. Yes I was very badly hurt. But I didn’t blame her at all for the hurt. I watched Beth with the 2 of us. Knowing that this was her family. A family she would never get. I closed my eyes for a few seconds. I debated pulling away from them in body. Waking up. But I knew I needed to see this. If she was ready to cope through this so was I. I think a part of me had always known she was mine. It was strange I knew what they meant about the block. Now I was seeing it. I was opening the last of it myself. It hurt like hell. The emotions where all flooding to me. That was when it happened Beth’s death. It was in slow motion. Well it was for me. Derek was holding on to her so tight. Protecting her.
Protecting my daughter. Wow I had arranged my own daughter’s wedding. I had walked her down the aisle. She had been calling me dad for a while. How long had she actually known? “One day honey when she says her name the lock will be broken. When that happens I hope she and you are ready.” Beth said really sadly. I looked at Beth and I looked at my daughter on the swing. “THEY HAVE ALYSA SAVE ALYSA.” Beth yelled. It wasn’t to me. I had always thought it was to me. It wasn’t that was when Nicolette grabbed her and ran. I watched Beth die again. Breaking my heart as much as it had the day it happened. Oh Eliza I never knew. I never knew. I am an idiot. I wanted to hold her one last time. I love Marianna. I love everything about Marianna, but I will always love Beth. I watched my daughter’s departure from the court. Heartbroken for everyone involved. Everyone thought of Nicolette as a monster who had killed her best friend. She wasn’t. She had listened to her best friends dying wish. “Wow.” Derek said watching his dad with Nicolette. “Defiantly wow.” Drew said calmly. He was watching me and Alysa not sure what to say. “I don’t know what to call her Alysa or moon or her name?” She said to the man next to her. “What is your actual name?” Drew
asked her confused. When they talked about sneaking her blood into Drew and Derek, I realised they all knew the two of them had to be able to stand up to the queen. I watched Nicolette teach my daughter to walk read write talk. Even to ride a bike. I was amazed at the amount of love the lady showed her. I had always thought of her as a monster. Now I knew she had raised my baby. My baby I thought looking at her. She was half watching her life in fast forward. I watched how many times I was so close to her. I couldn’t believe Joe. He had been my best friend. Yet he had kept this secret. But he had always kept her safe to. “Nicky what are you thinking you’re too close?” Derek’s dad told Nicolette. Derek looked on in as much shock at Drew. I watched still not knowing how to process all of this. “She looks so much like Beth. She’s so beautiful” He said sadly. “Marco almost caught us. I’m hurt I just need a few days rest then I will be out of here.” she assured him, oh if I had only known I would never have hurt you Nicolette, I would have joined you. I would have always kept her safe. I looked at her, I wanted to tell her that then. I would always keep her safe. That I knew I had been a rubbish dad. But even not knowing I was her dad I had loved her. I would
always love her. She didn’t need to be scared of how I felt. Did she love me? I suddenly panicked. She always seemed to try be strong but I now saw how scared she really had been. Her whole life I had been her nightmare. How had she ever been calm with me? “More of moons blood get it into your son and Andrew.” Nicolette told him. “Wow.” Drew said. “Defiantly wow.” Derek agreed as shocked. “It’s a shame they can’t meet. Derek really doesn’t like the whole being a prince thing. I think moon would be able to talk some sense into him.” Derek’s dad told her with a sad smile. “See I told you. Your dad thought I could talk sense into you rather than crazy plans.” She said from his arms. The first words I had heard from her in a while. She was crying as she said them. “Crazy plans is defiantly one word for it.” he told her pushing her hair from her face. “Are you okay?” he asked her I wanted to hear her response but she just mumbled to him, “it’s draining I can hold it till the end, just don’t talk it takes to much strength to keep it up.” she told him. He sat down on the floor then she sat down with him. I suddenly remembered how poorly she was. She was using all her strength she had left to show us this. I watched her practise her magic. I watched Nicolette’s
death. Derek actually covering her eyes for it. I watched a train station we were there at the exact same time. I would have found her. I could have found her. She was stood playing a guitar. Trying to get money Joe knew what he was doing. He had promised Beth he would keep me a step behind till she was ready. “Time to settle moon. Try Paris it will be safe for a while.” Joe told her putting a ticket in her guitar case. She didn’t seem to realise he had spoken. Or have noticed him. But I watched her go to Paris using the ticket. I watched her in Paris. I watched her work. I watched her have fun. I watched her meet my brother. “Yeah this is very cringe worthy.” Drew said as we heard him say “let me taste you.” to her. “God my magic and fighting was so sloppy back then. I could of got away so much better.” She told him as there fight came up. “Omg what was I thinking.” Drew asked her. “I no right no wonder I thought you were a monster at first.” She teased him watching him on the train. It was nice to hear her trying to relax. ”Yeah darling you don’t just go sleep and turn your back on someone you think is about to kill you.” Derek told her in shock. “I was shattered.” She told him with a weak smile. “Okay now Derek when I tell you to shut your eyes you have to.”
she told Derek calmly. I watched her and Drew in New York. I watched Kayla and Luke arrive. I watched her almost run. I never had thanked my brother enough. I now knew I never would be able to. “Okay Derek close your eyes.” she told Derek calmly. He listened to her but laughed. She had her first kiss in front of me. One second she was fighting with Luke about a triangle the next he had kissed her. “Well okay then I always wondered how your relationship started when you were so scared of the guy at first.” Drew told her. “You can open your eyes again.” she told Derek burying her head embarrassed into his arms. I watched her in the hotel. I watched her in the kennel. “Yeah one of the future things the castle was overrun with dogs. It’s a nice idea but imagine the amount of poop.” She told Derek with a smile. She still kept telling him when to cover his eyes. I watched us try to catch her. “Wow that defiantly could have gone a lot better.” Derek pointed out. “Darling when you’re locked in a hotel room with a drink, a pizza and a change of clothes don’t just go along with it.” he told her laughing. “Hey I was 16.” She pointed out. “Cover your eyes.” she told him again. He did laughing. I watched myself scold her for not acting like a princess. “Yeah now we have seen
your youth, I hope you regret those words.” Drew teased me. I watched her miserable at the castle. “Am I a prisoner?” she asked. I realised it was the exact same word Beth had used for the court. I wanted to shake the me in the image. I also wanted to talk to her. But she was being careful not to let me catch her watching me. I watched her attempt to climb out the exact same window as Beth had. But give up in the dress. “Yeah if you had left me with jeans I would have gone.” She admitted. I watched the attack in Germany. “Wow.” Drew said. “You never mentioned how close you all were to actually dying.” He told me crossly. I watched her start school. “Have we seen enough yet?” she asked. I realised she wasn’t asking us. “okay.” she said calmly. Who was she talking to? I wanted to tell her I was sorry for everything I would try be a better dad from now on. We watched her meet Derek, both of them seemed fascinated by each other. We watched the deaths at Christmas. I watched her kidnapping. “Wow!” Drew told her. I had heard a little about her kidnapping but not much. She had admitted to killing loads of people but not how. “Is it over?” she asked I realised she had buried herself in Derek’s arms again. “Not yet.” He told her as Taylor grabbed her out the
building. “Next time I’m just going to steal a bus. Maria is never driving again.” she told Derek trying to lighten her mood again. “There’s going to be a next time?” Derek asked her worried. “Yeah there’s going to be a few apparently.” She told him. “What were you all thinking going the wrong way?” Drew asked her. “I was unconscious.” She pointed out. I looked at her she seemed calm at this bit. Like she was watching a TV program not her own life. I watched her and the girls all get back to school safety. I never realised how much she had gone through in her life. No wonder she hated us all trying to protect her. I went to talk to her again because she was watching me. She looked away at the scenes unfolding. I watched her and Derek as friends joking and laughing. Then we watched their first date. “What are you wearing?” the other Derek asked her with a smile. They were at the cinema she was wearing a dress. “Where are your guards?” Drew asked them. “Watch.” Derek said laughing. “Sepiah forced me to wear it. If you don’t like it I will kill her and you.” she told him. He laughed. “We shouldn’t be doing this. We can’t be together.” she told him sadly. “If were not meant to we wouldn’t want to. Where’s the fun in life without a bit of fear.” He asked her. She smiled at him.
They sat and ate popcorn and watched the film. I saw the guards all around the cinema. “That isn’t really how I imagined your first date.” Drew told them. “Our alone date with chaperones.” She asked him smiling whilst they were sat in a restaurant surrounded by guards. I noticed one thing they still hadn’t kissed. We watched their 2nd date them shooting each other with lasers. It was a very ruff game. The amount of actual physical violence in the game was scary. “That’s not actually how you’re meant to play.” Derek informed us. Laughing as they played. We watched their 3rd date. Still Derek and her hadn’t even kissed. Then our trip around Europe. Then watched her return to school. She was stood talking to Derek. “You can’t not go away to college.” She told him laughing. “Don’t be as bad as Sepiah she failed the year to stay behind.” She joked with him. “If she had told me I would have done it with her.” Derek told her. “I can’t remember this conversation?” Derek told her. “I know.” she told him with an embarrassed smile. “Derek you will go away to college.” The other her told him looking him dead in the eyes. “I thought you did college close to her?” Drew asked Derek. “I did but I did 3 weeks away. It was why the queen was so cross at me the 2nd time I
changed college. I think she thought I was doing it to piss her of.” He admitted. Though he was looking at the scene in a bit of shock. “You broke it fast.” My daughter admitted when it faded. “Derek what are you doing back?” the vision her asked him shocked. All her friends looked shocked. “I’ve come college here. I’m safer close to school.” He told her. “He broke your compulsion that fast?” Sean asked her interested. I watched their 7th date another game of the shooting thing. She knocked him onto the floor and shot him a lot of times. “That’s kind of cheating.” He told her laughing. That was also the time they had their first kiss. He kissed her gently after pushing her hair away from her face so he could look at her. “I started to think you were never going to kiss me.” she admitted with a weak smile. “I was waiting till the time was right.” He admitted to her. I watched another date a calm meal with Derek’s guards and hers. “Why do you always come?” Harry asked Sean and Taylor interested. “I realised they still hadn’t admitted who Sam was. I noticed something else he always pushed her hair away from her face. “Don’t keep hiding darling.” he told her. “Because I am princess Alysa not a guard.” she admitted to his guards. They went to bow “no
don’t bow I am the same person who lets you punch and kick me and punches and kicks you.” she pointed out quickly. “You were dating a hell of a long time before you kissed.” Drew told Derek. I didn’t know how to process that either. “I know I don’t know why you both had so much fear we were reckless.” Derek laughed. “We did try for a hell of a long time not to do it.” Moon pointed out. Wow I realised then I had just thought of her as moon. We watched them separate again. She put another compulsion in his head. “You broke that one fast to I blame Sepiah.” Moon told him gently kissing him. “Yeah we are going to have to talk about this when your better.” He told her gently kissing her. “Well as I haven’t had the ability to do it since my last burnout. You’re still safe.” She pointed out. “I can’t believe you compelled him within the first 5 minutes.” Drew told her. Watching her meet Spencer. “This feels years ago. Was it really only last year?” Moon asked Derek interested. I watched on in silence. Thinking what I could say to her. We watched Derek arrive. “I really did think you were going to beat me up then.” Derek told her laughing. “It does actually look like she was about to.” Drew told him. We watched her road trip with Spencer and Jessie. “Wait you didn’t compel
him to after?” Drew asked her watching it. “Of course not I wasn’t suicidal. I told you all that.” she said rolling her eyes. “We need to talk about your compulsion.” Derek told her kissing her head gently. I was amazed watching everything. He was always so gentle with her. Even when she seemed almost crazy. He calmed her down. I watched myself in shock. I watched as I arranged her wedding. I watched her start calling me dad. “Did you know then?” I asked her. I wanted her to talk to me. I wanted to know how long she had known. “No. but you felt more like my dad than anything else.” She admitted the first time throughout this talking to me. She buried herself back into Derek’s arms. Hiding from me I realised. We watched the attack in the mall. “Wow.” We all said. I admit that still amazed me to this day.

“See I told you we weren’t up to 987654.” She told Derek with a grin. We all watched her wedding. I watched myself give her away. We watched the venue. She suddenly seemed to realise something as we watched confused what happened after. “Can we stop now?” she asked out loud. But it was too late “Everyone cover your eyes.” Derek said for her. I did. But I couldn’t cover my ears. I heard there conversation. “You do realise leaving him alone with Sean’s the worst thing possible?” I heard her joke. “Yeah you’ll possibly have to compel him to get rid of this image out of his head.” Taylor told her laughing. Yeah she was possibly going to have to me and Drew as well. “You been taking that pill Sepiah’s been giving you all week?” Taylor checked. “No way I thought Sep was trying to drug me.” “Sam please don’t make this as cringe worthy as it feels. There’s a box of condoms in my top draw take some whilst I’m not in the room please.” Taylor said. “Really?” Derek asked her
laughing. “The girls and I really have to work on our over sharing.” Moon told him laughing. “Can we skip the next bit?” He asked her. “Apparently it has to just go ahead like a film playing when you’ve lost the remote.” She told him embarrassed. We heard there conversation about last names. Why everyone thought I had all the answers I don’t know. When they asked if they had to live in the court when they were older. “You wore one of my shirts?” the vision Derek asked. “I’ve been sleeping in your clothes for about a year don’t question It.” she told him. “I’ve got forever to question you. You know I don’t want you out of that dress.” he told her. “You don’t?” she asked worriedly. “If you’re out that dress I’m afraid I would think this was all a dream.” He told her. I wished I could block my ears. This was a bit too much information. Although I suppose she had watched her own conception today. “What if it was a dream?” she asked “Then I would never want to wake up.” he told her. Okay Derek was really an amazing guy. I realised I really couldn’t off asked for better for her. “God I love you idiot.” I heard her tell him. “Although you wouldn’t be covered in any blood in my dream. It makes you look way to fragile.” He told her “You think I’m fragile?” she asked “Oh
defiantly princess.” “LALALALALALALALALALALA” Drew started saying. “Mum can you please end this now.” Moon asked. It was the first time she had named the person she had been talking to when not us. “Well Prince Derek like what you see?” “Well I’ll tell you what. 500 years is defiantly not long enough with you.” thankfully then it faded. “Really mum! It was bad enough my conception.” Moon said laughing. “You can uncover your eyes now.” Derek said sounding shocked “I don’t even want to talk about It.” she told us. “You talk to Beth here?” Drew asked her interested. “Yeah she said she would talk after you saw everything you needed to.” she told us. “So we needed to see that?” Derek asked her. “Apparently so.” She said sounding really embarrassed. I looked at her, she gave me a weak smile. I was going to see Beth I realised. “You and Taylor share way too much.” Derek told her a few seconds later at the next images flashed into life. “Yeah we really do need to learn boundaries.” She said watching the scene. “Look how small Cole was.” she said smiling at the toddler. “He was easier that small.” Drew told her looking at his son. Again I was watching her. Eventually it got to this summer. “Yeah can we please stop?” she asked. “How much trouble am I
going to be in?” she asked calmly. Well I knew she had got into a lot of trouble this summer. Handing out the paperwork to Halflings. None of us had been a part of these missions. “A lot.” Derek told her after watching a particular scene in Greece. “God no wonder you’re bloody burnt out.” Drew told her looking crossly at her. But I realised something they had fights they had loads of fights but no one had died at all. Not on any of her missions. She would rather risk her own life than someone else’s. “How about this I promise if no one kills me I really will rest this year.” She assured us. I wanted to tell her that she was going to hospital and staying there. We watched her first burnout. “Wow.” Drew told her. “it looks a lot worse watching it than going through it both times I was just asleep on the beach calm drinking cocktails.” she told us watching herself in shock. “Is it going to show you what I saw in the future? As she told me not to tell?” she asked us interested. But it started to fade. We only saw brief catch up of this burnout not what had caused it. It started to fade around us. The images started turning into the park. “Oh we are not going to the beach?” she asked calmly. “No darling the beach is your own safe place. I wouldn’t take others to where you feel safe.”
Beth told her. I looked at her. She looked like she had the last time I saw her. It broke my heart. There in front of me was 19 year old Elizabeth. “Mum did you really need to show all of that?” Moon asked her calmly hugging her. “Did you need to make the cocktail when I told you popcorn?” “Yes I did. I purposely didn’t tell them what I did this summer.” She told her mum calmly. They were talking like they did this regularly. “Hello Marco.” Elizabeth said to me. “Hello Eliza.” I said not knowing what else to say. A lot of thoughts going through my head, why how. Were just two of them. “Come on Drew, Derek lets go play on the swings.” Moon said quickly. I wanted to talk to her. But she practically ran away as fast as she could. “She really has a big flight response.” Beth informed me looking sadly after our daughter. I just stood looking at her sad. “Why Beth.” I asked it was the first thing that came out my mouth. “I told you because the moon needs to shine.” She told me with a sad smile. “Why?” I asked again nothing else could come out my mouth. “Marco it was time for both of you to know.” She told me with a sad smile. I went to talk but I was still word stumbled. “I couldn’t let my mother raise her. Not after I died. You saw what my mother almost became.” She told me
sadly. “You could have lived.” I pointed out. “No I couldn’t. I told Nicky I had seen my death. I saw 12 possible ways for me to die. I choose the one with the best outlook and prayed.” Beth admitted. “I would have loved to have raised her. I never left her. Or you. I talked to you a lot remember. I only stopped because you thought you were going crazy.” She told me with a sad smile. I remembered the arguments in my head with a voice that had sounded like hers. “Yeah and why the hell did it take you 3 years to listen to me about Marianna?” She told me putting her hands on her hips. Again I was word stumped. Well talk about your ex hooking you up from beyond the grave. “When you’re ready you need to talk to moon.” Beth told me sadly. Watching her on the swings with Derek and Drew having their own conversation. “She doesn’t hate you.” she told me quickly. “She understands more of this than I ever thought she would.” Beth informed me. “She was worried this was going to hurt you. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone.” Beth told me looking at moon concerned. “She wouldn’t.” I told Beth looking sadly at her. “I never wanted to hurt you Marco. I would have loved for you to have raised her. I tried for months before I gave up and just settled for the fate.”
She admitted to me. “Why did you never just tell me?” I asked her. “Because if I did you wouldn’t have heard it.” she told me sadly. “You are the most stubborn earth user I have ever met.” The park was starting to fade around us. “Moon can’t hold it much longer.” She suddenly said looking worried. “She wasn’t meant to have burnt out.” she informed me crossly as though it was my fault. “Why did she?” I asked worried. “She has to work that out for herself.” Beth told me. I watched Derek disappear. “Hes woken don’t worry.” Beth told me. “When moons awake you need to talk to her. Both of you need it. Don’t let her run. Make her talk.” Beth told me. “We will talk again Marco I have a lot to answer and you have a lot to work out.” Beth told me. She smiled at me weakly. “Goodbye for now.” She said it felt like I was pushed out of there. I woke in her room. Derek and Drew sat up my daughter still fast asleep. “She’s not waking up?” I asked worried. “No she’s not going to but she’s not there anymore.” Drew told me sadly. “What do you mean?” I asked worried. “Didn’t Beth tell you?” Derek asked me worried. “Tell me what?” I wanted to shake them.

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