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Chapter 41 - Derek POV


I had watched my wife’s past like it was a really depressing movie. Although I was amazed most the time. It was hard to process everything we had watched. Although there was a lot I wish I hadn’t. One thing was certain she was the strongest person I had ever met. We were sat on the swings whilst Marco and Beth talked. “So you’re my niece?” Drew asked her with a smile. “Yeah weird isn’t it.” she told him with a scared smile. “No, for a point I really did think you were dad’s love child.” Drew told her with a grin. She laughed. “You never thought I was Marcos?” she asked interested, “yeah a few times.” Drew admitted. She kept looking over at her parents talking. “You can go talk to him if you’re ready.” I told her kissing her head gently. “I don’t have the strength to move. I won’t be waking up for a few days mum told me I would sleep.” She told me looking happy about the chance to actually rest. “You won’t?” Drew asked her worried. “Nope
gives Marco time to work out how he feels I suppose.” She said looking over at them again. “Do you think?” She started then changed her mind. “Do you think he will be okay?” she said looking at Marco sadly. “He loves you. He always has always will.” Drew told her realising how nervous she was. She gave him a nervous smile. “Strange to think that time in the bar when you asked to taste me you already had.” She teased him a bit of her spark coming back. “I really can’t believe I said that!” Drew told her laughing embarrassedly. “We really do need to talk about a lot of the stuff we saw.” He pointed out. She looked worried. “I agree with Drew a hell of a lot.” I told her with a smile. “Like why in your right mind did you call the Huge Amaris an idiotic dumbbell who was dumber than a rock?” I asked her. She nervously laughed. “Okay I really don’t have people skills.” She told me with a grin. “And why when you’re locked in a room, you just go along with what the people who have caught you have left you?” I asked her. “Hey I was 16. Plus I didn’t eat it until after Drew had.” she pointed out. “You really did trust me didn’t you?” Drew asked her interested. “I did. I couldn’t tell you why but I believed every word you said about not hurting me.” she told him with a smile.
“I can’t believe a lot I have seen today. What does empress me the most.” Drew started. “You need to wake now.” She told us worriedly as the park started to fade. “What why?” I asked her looking at her she had gone pale. Beth was staring at her worriedly. “I can’t hold it any longer.” She told me. “I’ll see you in a few hours I love you.” she said quickly kissing me. I nodded knowing what she needed and physically pulled away from her. I landed in my body with a thumb. I Sat up and looked at her she was still fast asleep but deathly pale. I noticed her blood bag had gone empty. Where was Sean he was meant to replace it when it got empty. It was silent all around us. Drew then sat up as well. I was replacing her blood bag attached to the IV. Where the hell was Sean? “She’s not waking up?” Marco said worried. “No she’s not going to but she’s not there anymore.” Drew told him sadly he would have been the last to have left her I realised. “What do you mean?” Marco asked worried. “Didn’t Beth tell you?” I asked. “Tell me what?” Marco said. Well I suppose they had a hell of a lot to talk about. When she was better we had a hell of a lot to talk about ourselves. “She’s not going to wake for a while. She needs the rest.” I told him picking her up from the floor
and putting her into bed. She didn’t even flinch she was completely gone. I hoped she would wake up better. “Where the hell is Sean?” I asked looking around the room. The sun was up. Wow how long had we been under. I looked at the time. 1pm? Really we had been asleep that long. I opened the door to find Kayla and Marianna sat there with Erin and Kye. They looked worried but relived to see us open the door. “2 days really?” Kayla said worried. “2 days?” Marco asked confused. “You’ve been asleep for 2 days.” Marianna told him rocking a sleeping felicity in her pushchair. “Where’s Sean?” I asked. I realised if we had been under so long he possibly had to have rested. “He finally admitted defeat and agreed to sleep in Taylor’s room whilst I watched over.” Marianna said worriedly. We all nodded we couldn’t blame him he wouldn’t of been any good so tired. “How are we covered for class?” I asked worried. “Sorted.” Kye said. I nodded not knowing what else to say. “Is Sam okay?” Erin asked noticing she was the only one who hadn’t woken with us. “She isn’t back yet. She won’t be back until she has got some energy back. She’s completely knackered.” I admitted. She nodded worried. “Aiden’s dads still here last day. We told him you had to leave to
take the guard to hospital.” Marianna explained. “That Marco and Drew went with you. We have been very diplomatic.” Kayla said with a weak smile. I know they both wanted to just ask what the hell? I looked at Marco, I wanted to know how he felt. I think so did Drew. Drew went up to his two sleeping sons and picked both of them up and held them. Sean rushed out Taylor’s room looking like a zombie. “It’s okay she’s fine. Go back to sleep you look like the undead” I assured him and teased. He reluctantly nodded and went back in. Marco had gone and was hugging felicity. But he kept giving worried looks at Sams/moons/Alysa’s room. “I think we should talk.” I told him. He looked concerned. But then he seemed to think and nodded. “Marianna I am so sorry for being asleep so long.” He told her kissing her. “Its fine just sort it out. Then tell me what the hell’s happening.” She said with a smile to him.

We were back in the room. I looked at my sleeping wife I wanted to see if I could wake her but knew I needed to let her sleep. “Are you okay?” I asked Marco instead. What else could I ask? How you coping with finding out you have a daughter? I didn’t know how to
deal with this. “It is a shock. But it isn’t.” he told me confused and worried. “I know this is scary. She was so frightened to show you.” I said looking at her. She barley looked like she was breathing. I had to touch her to make sure she actually was then. “None of this is her fault at all.” Marco said looking at her worriedly. “You know if she could she would blame herself for everything?” I asked trying to keep it light. We had both watched her blame herself for every death that had happened in her life. “She isn’t responsible.” Marco assured me. “It’s a hell of a lot to process I know. I think that’s why she needs to sleep for a while. Gives you time to think.” I told him encouragingly. “She knows I love her?” he asked me worried. “She knows.” I told him with a smile. What else could I do, after all I was talking to my father in law. I was as unsure of what to say as he was. I pointed at are desk seat for Marco to sit. I sat on the edge of the bed. I had so many talks to Sam/moon like this. “You know she’s going to have to decide a name so we all don’t have to use three names when thinking of her.” I told Marco with a smile. “Does she know what moon is short for?” Marco asked me interested. “No she was hoping you did. Beth would only tell her she would know her name when it
was time.” I admitted. “Beth seems to have thought everything through without telling anyone what there meant to do,” Marco said annoyed. “I think crazy plans runs in the family.” I said looking at her fast asleep. “I never really realised how much she had gone through.” Marco said sadly. “I hadn’t either. She will talk about some things others she’s tight lipped about.” I admitted. “You keep her calm.” Marco told me. I looked at him. “I think she talks me into crazy things personally.” I said with a weak smile at him. “If I had known she was my daughter before you got married. I still would have done it.” Marco told me. Wow he would of? I didn’t know how to process that. He looked at her worried. “Do you think she will ever forgive me?” Marco asked me. “She has never been mad at you. Or at Beth.” I assured him. He looked at me worried. “God Marco she accepted who you were the first time she called you dad as a joke.” I told him. “The day she did it. She told me it felt right. More right than anything ever had done. She had tried to call the queen mum and only had managed to a few times.” I told him. “Even then she said it felt wrong.” I told him. He looked at me. “I think you need to talk to her. She does love you. She’s more afraid you won’t love her. By the
look of you you’re afraid the same thing. But you both already do.” I said shrugging they really were bloody related. “Work out how you feel.” I told Marco what else could I tell him. We went back out. “Are we going to talk about it?” Drew asked him interested and worried. “What did the 4 of you see?” Kayla asked interested. “She was ready she’s ready for everyone to know.” I told him shrugging. It really was up to him. I would protect Sam moon Alysa no matter what. “Your right about the name.” Marco said worried. “Huh?” Marianna asked him confused. “I found out Alysa is not Alysa.” Marco told them calmly. “She’s my daughter.” Marco said calmly. “Well no duh.” Marianna told him rolling her eyes. “Wait you knew?” he asked her shocked. “No but even if she wasn’t she was.” Marianna said shrugging. I think Marco had expected her to be the one most shocked. “I love her and I love you I really don’t care.” Marianna told him seeing the look of worry on Marcos face. “Wait does that make me her aunt?” Kayla asked confused. I had to laugh I think everyone had always bloody known.

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