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Chapter 42


I had no clue how long I had been asleep I woke up to a completely empty room. It completely pitch black. A blood bag still attached with painkillers via an IV. I pulled it out wincing only slightly. Okay 11pm now where was everyone. What day was it? Why couldn’t I just wake up knowing I was safe? I stunk okay going on my smell 5-6 days? If this was going to be a regular thing we were really going to have to start notes for me for when I come round. I swung my legs out the side of the bed. I was going for a shower before I did anything else. I didn’t even care if I opened the door to millions of people waiting to talk or attack me. I was going for a shower to feel human ish again. I grabbed a towel and opened my door. 15 people turned to look at me. “I’m going for a shower I stink.” I told them and walked straight into the bathroom and locked the door. I heard Taylor and Erin laugh. I stayed in the shower till all the hot water was gone. Combing my
hair whilst the conditioner was on. I was not going to have the same pain I did last time. I hated having curly hair it knots way to easy. Feeling slightly better and the water having icicles in. I knew that was someone hurrying me up not the actual water being that cold. I plaited my hair after brushing it yet again. Brushed my teeth about a million times. I wondered if I asked if someone would go out and find me some really salty fries. That’s what I wanted. I was starving I would actually eat anything I realised. I should have brought clothes into here with me, a knock on the door made me realise I had been in here a hell of a long time. “Did you want clothes?” Taylor asked me trying to keep her voice joking. “Yeah please.” I told her. “And some food I’m starving.” I told her through the door. I heard her walk away. A few minutes’ later there was another knock I opened the door for Taylor. She came in the bathroom. “Feeling any better?” she asked me. “I still don’t have the elements but I feel better.” I assured her with a weak smile. “What I miss?” I asked interested. Throwing on the top she had given me. She had gone for a top and a pair of jogging bottoms I put them on. At least it wasn’t the stinky pjs. “Did you want them washed or burnt?” she joked at my pjs on the
floor. “Washed there my favourite pair!” I told her with a grin. Once dressed I hugged her. She hugged me back tight. “Girl you said a few hours not days.” She told me. “That’s the same thing according to Sep.” I told her jokingly. She squeezed me tighter. “Who have I got to face?” I asked worried. “Just your dad.” She told me. “Thanks Tay.” I told her with a grin. “I think we all need a big talk on what name you actually want to go by.” She told me grinning. “I don’t know. Can’t I do what normal kids do and just get my dad name me?” I asked her jokingly. “Samira Alysa Moon nothing about you has ever been normal.” She told me with a grin. “Okay so Samalon Mosaly Almosa Saloon? I said with a smile. She laughed. “What do you actually want to eat?” she asked me interested. “Fries really salty fries.” I told her with a smile. “Really girl after not eat for 8 days you want french-fries?” she asked me with a smile. “I really been asleep that long?” I asked amazed. Wow, well that defiantly would have given Marco long enough to get over his original shock. “No wonder I stunk.” I teased her. “We are going to have to bring in bed washes next time.” I teased. “Please Sam no next time.” She told me with a smile. “You ready?” she asked me after I put some sock on. “Yeah I’m ready.” I
told her smiling. We left the bathroom. I saw Derek straight away he looked so worried. I walked straight up to him and kissed him. “I’m fine don’t look so panicked.” I teased him. Then I hugged everyone who was looking worried around. “Come on I got to steal a bus at least 8 times before I die.” I told them with a grin. They all stared at me. “Don’t joke.” Drew warned me as I hugged him. I wasn’t actually joking I knew how many times I was going to steal a bus in my life. Mum had basically told me to buy my own. “Sorry I panicked you all.” I said as I hugged Marco. I still didn’t know what to say. He had 8 days to work out a speech. The last 8 days I had literally no memory of. But I was okay with that. “You haven’t all skipped class this week?” I asked them worried. “Of course not Mrs Morton wouldn’t let us. She said she was covering for you with all the teachers but couldn’t for all of us.” Sean told me hugging me tight. “So everyone knows I’ve been sick?” I asked interested. “Yes it was kind of hard to hide it sorry.” Georgina told me looking at me worried. “God Georgie how do you cope with me.” I asked her giving her a tight hug. “Sometimes girl I wonder the same thing.” She told me smiling. When everyone was hugged I went back to Derek who was looking at me
worried I took his hand and smiled at him. Sean was now in the kitchen cooking me fries and one of the ready meals from Judah. “Wow Sean didn’t realise all it would take for you to cook was me sleeping. I will sleep more often.” I teased him. He rolled his eyes at me. Marco went to talk to me, I was ready for this. I had to be. “So how much trouble am I in?” I asked him with a small grin. “I’m sorry.” He told me. I looked at him worried and confused, I didn’t know what to say what was he sorry about? Did he not love me? No how tight he had just held me told me he did. I looked at him worried. He suddenly seemed to realise what I was thinking and sighed slightly. “Can everyone please go so we can talk?” he asked everyone. “Come on everyone go bed. No listening at doors.” Taylor said seriously. Everyone but Taylor, Sean, Drew, Kayla, Marianna and Derek left. Sepiah and Jessie taking Cole Toby and Felicity with them they were all asleep. I noticed that they all went to the boy’s apartment rather than their rooms. Wow my friends really where the best. Sean carried on cooking my food. Yeah he was going to be cooking way more often. He had kept cooking well hidden. Not that cooking a ready meal and chips is exactly cooking. We all sat in silence for a
few minutes’. Working out what to say to each other. “Sorry about the 8 days in all honestly I feel like I’ve only just gone bed.” I said to break the ice that felt like it hung over us. I looked at Marco and Marianna, “I’m sorry.” I told them both. “You really do blame yourself for everything.” Marianna told me hugging me. “If you ever scare me again. I will become the evil stepmother and lock you in a tower.” She told me jokingly hugging me. “Okay then.” I said laughing trying not to run or cry. Derek squeezed my hand. I stood up and walked away. Everyone stared at me. As I walked into my room. Marco stood up to follow me. But I wasn’t running I wanted to get something I did. I walked back out holding my book close to me. I went in the kitchen and grabbed a can of drink and some blood. “Anyone else for a drink I feel like I haven’t drunk anything in a week?” I half joked. They all stared at me. I wanted to run. I think they all knew that. I was keeping myself as calm as I could. “No thank you.” Drew told me looking at me like he wanted to just force me to sit. I remembered are first time he had tried to get my feelings out of me. We had both watched it again. By the look he gave me he realised as much as I did how close I was to crying. Derek came up to me. He
whispered to me so only I would hear. “You are the bravest person I have ever met you can do this.” I nodded to him worried. I then handed my book to Marco. Open to what I had wrote when I first discovered who I was. He looked at it confused then he read it. Everyone watched the two of us confused. Sean handed me food and I ate faster than I ever had after a big thank you. I was so hungry. He and Taylor went into her room. I realised they were trying to give me privacy. “Darling.” he started he couldn’t name me I realised. That made a hell of a lot of people. Marco read another one of them and looked at me really worried. Drew went to read over his shoulder but he shut it. “You are not to blame at all.” he told me shaking his head at me. “Come on Marco you had 8 days and that’s all you got.” Marianna teased him trying to relax the tension in the room. Marco handed my book to Derek. No I wanted to shout but he held a particular one out to him. Derek read it looked at me with so much love after he read it. I bite my bottom lip. “Oh Darling we got a hell of a lot to talk about.” he said kissing my forehead. “Can we please actually decide on a name for me? Darling is fine but it’s a bit 1900s.” I told them going into chatterbox mode going on to
explain the word darling in the dictionary. They all stared at me. I think it was all too much for Kayla as she burst out laughing. “Well that was defiantly Sam” Derek said hugging me tight. “Do you not know what moon is short for?” Drew asked me interested. I shook my head. “She said I would know when it was time. She likes to leave me really confused.” I explained. Marco looked at me really worried. I knew he had a hell of a lot he wanted to say. “I’m sorry.” I told him again. “What are you sorry for?” he asked me he seemed to have finally had enough he hugged me and held me tight. I burst out crying.

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