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Chapter 44 - Derek POV


I went to the bed in the other apartment that night. I wanted to talk to Sam more than anything. But knew she needed to talk to Marco alone. It was 6 am when my phone started ringing I was asleep but I still answered. “are you mad at me?” she asked me worried. “No” I grumbled at her. “Are you asleep?” she asked me I could tell she was possibly biting her lip. “yes.” I mumbled. “Can I come wake you up?” she asked me worried. “yes.” I told her even though I really didn’t want to get up. I had been checking on her a lot this past week. Not getting any sleep. I was forcing myself to sit up. “Will I get in trouble if I come to you?” she asked me worried. “When aren’t you in trouble?” I asked her rubbing my eyes. “Open your door so I don’t need to knock and wake anyone?” she asked me. “coming.” I told her calmly. I opened the front door and she was stood there looking worried. “For bloody sake Sam.” I said pulling her into a hug. She looked like
she had been climbing trees and for the very rare occasion it was actually raining. “Have you been climbing trees?” I asked her worried. “Yeah don’t worry I was with dad and Dyna.” She said shrugging. That sounded so natural coming out her mouth. I remembered how much she used to struggle calling the queen mum. Now I understood why. “Where is Marco now?” I asked her. Wondering how she had managed to get here without him with her. “Hes asleep on the sofa.” she said shrugging. I pulled her in out of the corridor. “How did it go?” I asked her worried. “fine.” She said with a smile. I pushed a curl from her face she smiled at me. “Derek I love you.” she told me, everything told me how much she meant those words. Especially what I had read tonight. I never doubted that she loved me. I just never realised how much. “I love you too Moon.” I said kissing her gently. “Want coffee?” she asked me with a smile. “I take it that means I’m not going back to bed?” I laughed. She gave me an innocent expression. “Well you said we had a lot to talk about. I thought I would get everyone telling me of over in 2 days?” she told me sweetly. “Really you want me to tell you off?” I asked her with a smile. “I know we have a lot to talk about.” she
admitted. Yeah why the hell she had only ever compelled me to leave her? I debated how to ask that. She knew me as well as I knew her. “I only ever compelled you to leave me as I thought it would be better if you did. For you. I didn’t ever want you to get hurt. Being with me you might get hurt. I wanted to keep you safe. I love you Derek I have possibly since the moment I first met you. If not then defiantly the moment I saw you with the younger royals.” she told me worried. “I know you love me idiot. I love you too.” I told her looking her straight in the eyes. She laughed at the idiot comment. She made us both coffees putting blood in them both. “I’m sorry about the 8 days.” She told me. “I know you’ve been worried. I would of woken up sooner if I could.” She told me. “God you really have got to stop blaming yourself for everything that happens.” I told her wrapping my arms around her as she stirred the coffees. “Is it really blaming myself when I am actually mostly to blame?” she asked innocently. “You are defiantly not innocent. But you’re not to blame for everything.” I told her with a smile. “I’m not?” she asked me teasingly. “Not everything although I am starting to think the burnout might be your own fault.” I teased her. “Why they
won’t just let me hand them the paperwork I don’t know.” She told me innocently. “Yeah no clue. But calling someone with a huge fireball an idiot in 10 languages?” I laughed. “It took me 10 times for him to work out what I called him.” she pointed out. “That wouldn’t matter so much if it was just the once.” I teased her. “Okay I have no people skills.” She told me grinning. She took a sip of her coffee. “That really is an understatement?” I told her laughing. I took a sip of my own coffee. “So can I call you an idiot in 10 languages without the need for fireballs?” she teased me. “Why can’t you just stick to one?” I told her laughing. “That would be too simple.” She teased me. “You know for someone who didn’t go to school until she was 15 you are way too smart.” I teased her. “Yeah although I kind of realised that I never really did much maths no wonder I suck at it.” she laughed back. I poured us both some cereal well she hadn’t eaten anything except fries and a small bit of lasagne in 8 days well now 9. I heard Adams alarm go of. “He got morning run? Or is it time to get up for class?” Sam asked me interested. “Actually what day of the week is it?” she asked interested. “It’s now Tuesday.” I told her kissing her head. “God knows about the alarm.” I told her with a
smile. “So can I go class?” she asked me. “Really you’re up to it already?” I asked her worried. “Yeah but what was my cover story.” She asked me interested. “Something to do with appendix?” I said as confused as it sounded. “Oh cool.” She said. I looked at her confused. “You don’t know what appendicitis is?” she asked me with a smile. “No clue?” I admitted. “Possibly not an Amaris illness.” She told me laughing. “I’ve been of 9 days with it I’m sure it’s safe to go back. Just no exercise for me again.” she teased me. “Yeah none at all.” I told her sternly. “Wait I missed the beach trip!” she realised sadly. I had to laugh. “Georgina will take you a different weekend.” I assured her. “Yeah?” she asked innocently. “Yeah although only close by. No flying out and loads of guards.” I told her sternly. “That’s a deal.” She told me with a huge grin. “I don’t want to fight anyway.” She told me. “You don’t?” I asked. “No I taught him his lesson. That’s all I wanted to do.” she pointed out. I had to laugh. “Again we need to address your people skills.” I told her kissing her head. She stood on her tiptoes so she could kiss me. Sometimes it was just easier to pick her up. I put her on the counter and started kissing her. Adams alarm went off again. He must have hit snooze again. “Sometimes I
wonder if we got attacked at bedtime if we would actually wake up for it.” Sam told me laughing. “I highly doubt it.” Harry said yawning coming out his own room. “Coffee?” Sam asked him innocently. He took her in sat on the counter and said. “Is it instant?” “Yeah but it comes with blood in?” she told him smiling. “Go on then.” He told her yawning. “ADAM WE HAVE CLASS IN AN HOUR.” Harry yelled. “Wow have we been talking that long?” Sam asked interested. I shrugged at her. “I should go back get another shower. Get dressed for my own class.” she told me kissing me gently she had flicked the kettle back on. “I will escort you back.” Harry told her. She jumped down from the counter. She quickly hugged him. “Can we not go hugging again? It scares me.” Harry told her. “Thanks for dealing with my burnout.” She told him. Wow her burnout felt so long ago to me. To her it possibly only felt like a day ago. Harry did escort her back. He came back after 5 minutes’. “Marco awake?” I asked him. “Nope she managed to sneak back in no one the wiser.” He told me rolling his eyes. “You wouldn’t believe we discovered we are the good royals?” I asked him. He laughed. “Sometimes Derek I wonder how the two of you are going to cope actually being in charge.”
He told me smiling. “Yeah first thing we are doing is burning the castle down.” I informed him. “Why are we burning the castle down?” Adam asked coming out his room. “Sam doesn’t want to live in a castle.” I told him shrugging. “Yeah she kind of has too.” Ed said coming out his own room.

I had gone to class for the day. I walked into my class just as Sam come out like normal. “You okay?” I asked her. She looked tired already. “You know everyone keeps asking me that.” she told me rolling her eyes. “Yeah it’s kind of what you ask someone when they have been sick.” Paige her human friend pointed out to her. She shrugged. “I thought I would make Sean carry me all day.” she told me with a grin. “She’s talking about joining us for the exercise tonight but being piggybacked around.” Sean told me. “Actually that’s a good idea. The amount of times she passes out. We should all get used to carrying her.” Harry pointed out. Paige looked at her. “I have been sick …” she started counting on her fingers. “Yeah maybe we should all start carrying you around.” I teased her. “Yeah like I told harry when I fainted if he dropped me I would kill
him.” Sam informed us with a grin. But we had to go our separate ways then.

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