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Chapter 45


I wrote Samira moon. At the top of my paper. Sean looked at what I wrote interested. “That what you want Sam moon?” he asked me. “Yeah until I woke out what moons short for.” I told him shrugging. “So we are complete ditching Alysa?” Erin asked interested. “Why are you ditching Alysa?” Paige asked coming over. “She’s annoying.” I told her with a grin. “Hey Sammy you feeling better?” she asked me really worried. “I’m fine. You’re like the 30th person to ask me that today.” I told her rolling my eyes. My teacher had taken one look at me and kind of asked if I was ready to be back in class. I had told him I had missed too much. I really was a bit of a teacher’s pet. I caught up with everything I had missed. Copying a mixture of Sean’s notes. Paige’s and Seps notes. Hugging Sep who looked like she wanted to natter my ear of. “A week in a hospital beds been really bad for your hair.” She told me. “Yeah I kind of had more important things than my
hair.” I told her rolling my eyes. We had done one class when I saw Derek as we came out.

“You okay?” Derek asked me sounding worried. “You know everyone keeps asking me that.” I told him rolling my eyes. I hated people thinking of me as weak. “Yeah it’s kind of what you ask someone when they have been sick.” Paige pointed out. I shrugged. I had told Paige that if I didn’t get moving soon I was going to die of boredom. She had actually watched me learn a language in a week before, so she wouldn’t argue. She had asked me what I had taught myself whilst ill. Telling her that doctors don’t like being sworn at made her laugh. “I thought I would make Sean carry me all day.” I told Derek with a grin. I was actually debating jumping on his or Jessie’s or Erin’s back for a piggy back ride. I knew even Spencer or Peter would give me one. “She’s talking about joining us for the exercise tonight but being piggybacked around.” Sean told him. I had mentioned it this morning. I told him I wanted to join in the run and they all needed to get used to carrying me, as I kept fainting a lot. “Actually that’s a good idea. The amount of times she passes out. We should all get used to carrying her.” Harry pointed out without me actually
having to comment. Paige looked at me worried. “I have been sick …” I started counting on her fingers. Wow really the amount of times someone’s had to carry me is getting ridiculous. There was the sedative. There was Germany. There was under the tree. There was putting me in the bath 2 times. There was carrying me around rooms. Wow this was getting silly. We should just invest in a Sam Moon hospital card. “Yeah maybe we should all start carrying you around.” Derek teased me. “Yeah like I told harry when I fainted if he dropped me I would kill him.” I informed them with a grin. A quick hug as no one was around who couldn’t know. Even if they saw it would just look like an innocent hug. “So do you actually need the piggyback ride?” Spencer asked me worried. As I took a deep breath. I bit my bottom lip. Sean rolled his eyes at me. “You weren’t ready to come back today. You could have had another week of.” He informed me. “It’s okay I was ready.” I told him shrugging. “What hospital did you go to?” Zach asked me worried. “I had to go out of state for my medical treatment.” I told him shrugging. “Wait what?” Tyler asked me confused. “God knows I was unconscious ask Sean.” I said shrugging. He looked at me as if to say really? I couldn’t even charm. It was
nice not having any magic. I felt human. I walked calmly with my group. Kind of leaning on Spencer and Sean. We walked past the younger royals. Why the hell we were still pretending when it was only Tamzin who didn’t know? I wanted to ask Sean but there was no time. We got to our next lecture. Then the one after that with Mrs Morton. “Samira nice of you to return.” My teacher said instantly picking on me. “Nice to be back I have to admit I haven’t studied.” I told her smiling. The rest of the class groined. When the rest of the class had left I had stayed sat. “You not coming?” Paige asked me worried. “I’m going to go back to bed. Text me okay?” I asked her. She nodded and left with my friends. Sean, Spencer and Erin staying. “So appendicitis?” Mrs Morton asked me interested. “Well I really am not having a good start to the year.” I pointed out. “Your telling me we haven’t even got more than a few weeks in.” she pointed out. “I want to have a peaceful year. It’s not working.” I admitted. “Did you really burn out again?” she asked me worried. “Yeah. I really should be more careful.” I admitted shrugging. “You need to rest more.” She told me. “Yeah Dads here now so he won’t let me get into mischief.” I told her with a weak smile. Spencer
laughed. “Can you at least survive long enough to graduate?” Mrs Morton asked me weakly. “I will try to no promise. I am going to get kidnapped soon. Steal a bus and ride off into the sunset.” I told her. “I hope you’re kidding.” Sean told me. I wished I was.

I was sat distracting my little sister. Okay that felt strange but then I loved flick so much. Little sister felt right. I was in the back of a car. On my way to a beach. I wasn’t being allowed the cocktails but we were going to a beach. It was strange how quick the weekend had come around. We were driving along the coast. Stopping randomly to check to see if the beach was busy. When it wasn’t we would get out. I knew Marco and Drew needed to go soon. Grandmother wanted them back at court to do something. Derek and Spencer where even having to go too. I also knew next weekend was when I was going to be kidnapped. But I wasn’t going to tell them that. I wanted to try reconnecting my air at least. I had earth. Water was weak but like always it wouldn’t fully abandon me. I lay on the beach. Another bikini. We were away from campus alone on a beach. I could be myself. First I built sandcastles with Cole. Him still calling me Auntie Sally. I
think it would be to confusing to change things for him again. We had a great day at the beach acted like the innocent college students we all wished we were. It felt peaceful. Why couldn’t my life be this simple forever? Then I had stood with Georgina and Paula. Apparently listening to the wind. I could hear it singing to me. It still wanted me to come play. But was almost like a whisper when it used to be on surround sound. I let it flow through me calmly. I sat there calmly listening. Georgina looked at me hopefully. “Any luck?” she asked me after a while. “It’s like I know it’s there. It wants me to connect. But a barrier is between us.” I told her sadly. But I still concentrated. By the time the sun was setting I could make a small breeze when I blew. “I know for you that’s small. But for a normal Amaris if wind wasn’t there element it’s strong.” Paula pointed out when I looked disappointed. “We can come back next week.” Georgina told me. “Unfortunately not next week but the week after.” Taylor assured us. She had started a small fire on some logs and was roasting marshmallows. Everyone sat around the small fire. I concentrated on the fire. Trying to get a spark to come to me. It burnt me. I dropped it. “What?” Sean asked me worried looking at my face. “It
burnt.” I told him sadly. “I think that’s enough magic for the weekend.” Dad told me. I nodded my understanding. Derek and I hugged feeding each other s’mores. I had a great day. Even if I didn’t manage to connect to an element. We went back to college at the end of the day. Hannah looked at me worried, “what’s up Han?” I asked her. “You really don’t seem well. You’re so pale.” She told me. “It’s the lighting.” I assured her. She shrugged. It wasn’t I had just seen something but I wasn’t going to let any of them know that. What I knew was I had to be alone with Georgina when the attack comes or some of my friends would die.

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