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Chapter 46


“Be good.” Derek told me kissing my head gently. “I’m not promising anything.” I told him seriously. He looked at me worried. I possibly was giving of my worried vibe. I was trying not to. “Are you sure you’re ready for us to go?” Drew asked me worried. “Go uncle Drew or you’ll get in trouble with my Grandmother.” I teased him. “At least she’s not my mother-in-law.” Derek pointed out. “Yes well this mother in law says move it.” Marianna told him teasingly. She was fussing over strapping Flick into her car seat. I kept undoing to give her another cuddle. In fact Cole was still attached to my hip as well. “Come on the plane landed 45 minutes’ ago.” Kayla said to Cole holding his jacket. “No I’m not going. I’m staying college.” Cole told her stubbornly. Eventually Kayla won. I gave her a huge hug. “So that tower?” I asked Marianna interested. “Is waiting.” She told me looking worried. “Why do you look so scared?” she asked me. “I just don’t feel safe at
the moment.” I told her. It was true. This past 2 weeks they had watched me stick closer to them than normal. “Do you want me to stay?” Dad asked. “Come on you know you can’t you got to give the queen my letter.” I told him with a grin. “What letter?” he asked me worried. I handed it to him.

Dear Queen Jennifer.

I wanted to say this to you in person. But I am too afraid of you. I know that’s not what either of us wanted. You wanted me to love you and I do. I always will. But I know deep down you are trying to use me to replace the daughter you lost. I am not Elizabeth. I never will be. I am myself, the most worried stressed princess there has ever been. Please except me for who I am. Soon it will be 20 years since I was born. To my mother HRH Princess Elizabeth Amaris and
Father HRH Prince Marco Kyrios. Elizabeth showed me this. Please don’t be mad. I know why you did it. I’m not mad at you. I’m not mad at Beth or Marco. In fact I see Beth most nights. You are welcome to join us. We will arrange a strange tea party. I really am not sure how it works. But mum promised we can meet there. She has a lot to say to you. I’m not sure what. But she does love you. We both do. I’m sorry I am such a disappointment. I really am trying my best to heal the Amaris. One day I will achieve this, I hope you will be proud of me when I do. Even if I do have a child I know what I need to do. Can you please stop going behind my back. I will stop going behind yours in return if you agree.

With love always x x x
Marco read my letter. “You are not a disappointment.” He told me I shrugged. “You didn’t write your name?” he asked me worried. “I thought it best not to, I didn’t know what name to write.” I admitted. I hadn’t wanted to write Alysa or Moon or Sam. it was strange. “I will give it to her.” he promised me. “Are you sure we all need to go?” Spencer asked looking hopeful that he would be told he could stay. “Yeah you defiantly need to. You annoy every Amaris there.” Derek teased his cousin. They got in the car after another quick kiss. “You sure you have enough guards?” Marco asked Sean. It was strange I was going to be left with my exact guards minus Kye for the first time in agers. “Yeah we will be fine.” I told him rolling my eyes. He smiled at me. Another quick hug and they were gone. I looked at Sean, Taylor, Erin, Jessie, Sepiah and Georgina. “So keep the princess safe?” I asked them interested. “Locking her in a tower sounds a good idea.” Taylor teased. I laughed. We then went for icecream. “So what’s the plan?” Sepiah asked with a smile. “I thought Alysa and I might go up to the rooftops.” I told her. “You sure?” Georgina asked me interested. I nodded. “Sounds fun.” She said shrugging. “Yeah it does.” I said. I knew I sounded worried.
“What’s going on Sam?” Sean asked me worried. “Just feel like I’m being dragged under.” I told him honestly. I could feel the pull to give up and go look in the future. He looked at me worried. “Hello Lord Greg.” I said calmly as my mother’s cousin came over. God I really needed to work out my family tree. “Hello Sam. Alysa everyone.” He said with a smile. I smiled. “Are you still up for today’s training?” Jane his girlfriend asked Taylor worried. “Oh bandages I had forgotten Jane Darrien I’m so sorry.” Taylor apologised. I knew she had been stressed a lot lately. I knew she was meant to have a training session with a few today. Aiden and his guards were sat talking to Hannah and Paula. He still hadn’t asked the girl out but they got ready to go with Taylor. Sean was meant to be training with a few of the older Amaris as well. “Its fine you should carry on your schedule.” I assured her. She looked at me worried. “You sure Sam?” Taylor asked. When I was normally like this, I normally keep her close to me. But Taylor couldn’t be she would die if she was. “Erin, Jessie, Alysa are going to stay really close to me. Sepiah is going to go with Peter and Grace.” I told them. “I am?” Sep asked me confused. I nodded. “Well looks like I’m going then.” Sep told Jessie shrugging and kissing him.
“I will stay with Sam and Alysa.” Greg told his guards they nodded. I wasn’t expecting him to stay. I knew Jessie and Erin would survive being thrown from the 10 story building. It’s why I wanted to be up there when the attack comes. We have practise, of throwing each other of there. Jumping off. I knew they would survive it. I wasn’t so sure about Greg. I just had to hope they wouldn’t hurt him. We all went our separate ways. I looked at Erin and Jessie. “Guys you remember the playing dead training?” I asked them. They looked at me worried. “What the hell Sam?” Georgina asked. “It’s time to put it to practise.” I said shrugging. “SAMIRA.” Erin yelled at me. “Playing dead is better than being dead. Then if they take us follow us.” I pointed out. “WHAT THE HELL?” Jessie asked me worried I quickly sent a text to Sean. We walked straight into the ambush. “Duck” I said as calmly as I could. A man ran straight at us. Jessie sent a tidal wave at him. Knocking him straight of the building. “Yeah nice warning?” Georgina told me. Looking impressed at me as well as worried. I jumped over two Amaris that ran at me. Lifting Greg with me. Erin was battling 3 Amaris. Throwing them around in a way I was proud of her. Knowing my rule on killing. It wasn’t allowed
unless there was no other choice. “Enough.” Georgina tried. I smiled at her weakly and shock my head. To say I would try it but I didn’t have the power. She herself was taking on 4 Amaris. Jessie was taking on 5 I was impressed with them all. I punched an Amaris out. Not killing him but knocking him unconscious. Unfortunately then was when I watched Jessie get thrown of the building. I had to pray he lived. He did in 3 of the 4 visions. I hoped this was one of them 3. I tried not to think about it and panic right now. I watched Erin get thrown of the building. I watched her full praying she would be okay. I didn’t blame them. The 2 of them were no match for the 47 Amaris we were fighting alone. “Alysa.” I warned Georgina as if to say stop. She did. Reluctantly she looked at me worried. She was still more worried for me than herself I realised. Oh Georgina thankyou honey. I noticed the men and women getting closer. “Well Alysa I was told you had some of the best guards in this country seem they weren’t good enough.” the man told Georgina. “It seems so.” she told him sadly. “Well if it isn’t Lord Greg as well. We can get two ransoms for the prize of one.” The Amaris said with a grin. “What should we do with the guard.” a man who I had been fighting with asked
rubbing his temple. I had given him a nasty bruise I wished I had knocked him out like I had the 3 others. I really was weak at the moment. “I demand for my guard to be left unharmed.” Georgina tried. “It’s okay.” I told Georgina. I looked up at the sky. Come on come on please be that one. Greg looked where I was looking and smiled at me. “You sure it’s that one?” he asked me interested. He had seen this too I remembered. “Please please please.” I heard Greg mumble that was when it happened. Perfect timing the Heavens opened. The Amaris looked confused at my smile. I couldn’t make my own water at the moment but I could control the water around me. I turned it into a whip swiping them. I managed to get 7 Amaris on the floor all alive but knocked unconscious. “One of them punched me. It hurt like hell it also knocked me over god I was weak still. “SAM” Georgina yelled. “Don’t kill her we haven’t got time.” One of the Amaris yelled as one came up to me with a knife. “Don’t kill her. I will come quietly if you bring her with us.” Georgina said worriedly one hit me so hard I saw stars as I lost consciousness. I hadn’t seen this coming.

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