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Chapter 47 - Jessie POV


Lying dead was not a good plan. I thought as I lay there watching the scene unfold in front of my eyes. I was about to jump up and run back up the stairs when Erin was thrown of the roof. She landed a bit too far away from me. She actually looked dead. “Erin.” I said as calmly as I could. “Don’t move Jess. They said kidnap. Trust her plan. She wants us to follow.” Erin told me calmly still pretending to look dead. I noticed the Amaris around us were actually dead. We had a lot of mess to clean up. Before humans saw it. “Erin?” I asked. We watched them got loaded in the back of the car. “Why does Sam always end up unconscious?” Erin asked me. Jumping straight to her feet. “God knows.” I told her. Erin looked around and spotted a Car. “How long will it take you?” I asked her worried. “5 minutes’ max.” she told me. I nodded we wouldn’t be able to get to our own in that time. Erin ran smashed the
window and had hotwired the car quicker than I could even get my phone out to ring Sean. “Ring him from the car.” She yelled at me. I did. We had followed them out of the state. We almost lost them a few times but Sean rung telling us to keep following them. They would catch us and were tracking Sam’s phone. “We can get them back” I told Erin worried but trying to make myself believe that. “She trusts us to.” Erin told me. I nodded my understanding. Sam trusts us with her life. We couldn’t fail her or the Amaris.

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