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Chapter 48 - Sean POV


“Sean Sams been kidnapped.” Jessie told me stressed on the phone when I answered it. I was in the middle of training with the seniors when it rung. They all knew my rules on phone being only emergency calls, to one phone and normal to the other. It was the emergency phone that had gone. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED.” I yelled at Jessie. The seniors all stood ready for action. “I’m following them.” he told me. “Erin’s with me.” he informed me. “WHAT HAPPENED?” I asked him still yelling but trying to be
less panicked. “Sam told us when we were thrown of the building to play dead. Or we would be.” he informed me worried. “For god sake she is bloody suicidal.” I yelled at him. “Erin. Are you sure?” Jessie asked her worried. “What?” I asked. “BLOODSUCKING BANDAGES” I heard Erin shout. “WHAT.” I yelled the line went dead. I looked at the seniors and we all ran to where Sam had been going. When I got there I took in the scene. There was Dead body’s some very scared students and a lot of security. Dyna and Cyrus looked at us. We nodded. They knew what we did this was Amaris and they had attacked. Sam would never kill unless she had to. Even then there was no way of saying she was responsible. I looked at the roof. I watched Dyna look up there to. Realising they must have fallen. It was there job to clean this mess up. Mine to find Sam. the main thing I did know is she had been taken so wasn’t up there. That’s when I realised something. I pulled my phone out. There it was straight away. A text from Sam.
Sam – Track my phone idiot.
I wanted to hit her. She bloody knew again what was with her and not sharing things. I admittedly started tracking her phone. We got in the car. With the seniors
and Greg’s guards following us. Well he had been taken to and we were off. Taylor having caught up after hearing the commission. The phone showed they were still moving but they were almost out of the state. I now knew why Erin had sworn. But just then the phone went dead.

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