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Chapter 49


I woke up in the back of a car. My arms and feet bound but I was with Greg and Georgina. She looked at me worried she was fussing over my head. That was when the car pulled over. “They are tracking us somehow. Did you not take their phones away.” one asked the other. Oh bandages if they took my phone Sean couldn’t track us. They opened the door I heard them demand for Greg and Georgina to hand them their phones not naming them. “If you don’t hand all the phones over we kill the guard.” They tried. Georgina handed hers over. Greg his. Currently I still had my phone. Maybe they wouldn’t realise I had one. “Check her!” the Amaris demanded holding a gun pointed straight at me. With magic guns always felt like cheating. The other Amaris quickly checked me. He looked at my phone. I knew the last text I had sent from it was still on the screen. God I had hoped at least to have that one from a different kidnapping work.
Why had I not seen these Amaris take me? I had seen the attack enough times to know how to make Erin and Jessie survive. He throw me back against the floor. “How the Hell did she send this before we even attacked.” He spat at his friend. Throwing my phone out the van. Then he Throw me back against the floor and hit me so hard I saw stars again. He shut the door and we were moving faster than we had been. This time with no way for Sean to track us. “It was a good idea.” Greg told me worried. I think he realised that I was now panicked. “Sam bite me.” Georgina told me. I shook my head. “Come on you bite Derek.” she whispered to me. I had done it once. “It will be a bit obvious if they see a bite mark on you.” Greg whispered to her. “Bite me.” he told me. What was with both of them and telling me to bite them honestly. My head was spinning. “Why didn’t we see this one?” Greg asked me worried. “Sometimes I only see what I can change not what has to happen.” I whispered back to them. “You knew this was going to happen?” Georgina asked me. “Not this part. But I knew an attack was coming.” I whispered. “You know this would be handy knowledge to share moon?” She told me. I nodded. “Every vision people call you moon
in you survived.” Greg pointed out. I had to laugh he did actually have a point. “Can you see out the window?” I mumbled to Georgina. “Moon there is no windows.” She pointed out being careful to say moon now she had heard Greg’s moon comment. I looked around oh poop. “Did Erin and Jessie live?” I asked them worried. Trying not to cry. “Erin defiantly did. I saw her breathing and watching us as we were thrown in.” Greg assured me. I nodded. “In all visions Erin survived Jessie did.” He pointed out. I nodded. “You two really need to share more.” Georgina told us crossly we were stopped. The engine was still running. Were we stopped at a light? “What is the point in having a seer as a friend if she doesn’t share what she sees?” Georgina moaned at me. That was when the door was pulled open. “Oh you have a seer as a guard how interesting.” The Man said. He pulled me out by my hair. He shook me using my hair. “So seer share what you bloody see.” He told me with a sneer. “Okay.” I told him. “I see you lying dead in 10 seconds if you don’t let go of my hair.” I spat at him. He slapped me. Really I was used to being hit and punched did he think a slap would hurt me? “Don’t hurt my friend.” Georgina demanded from him. He looked at her
confused. I realised Georgina didn’t have demand in her voice, like I would in this situation. Bandages. “Unhand her.” Greg told him. “Or we shall not come peacefully.” He said now he was back on ground he was close to his element. The man seemed to realise that. “GET IN THE HOUSE.” he yelled at Greg and Georgina. “Can you realise the guard’s legs or can I carry her?” Greg asked as calmly as he could. The Amaris pulled me back into a standing position. Obviously realising whilst he held me both royals were doing exactly what he told them. “I shall bring her.” he told Greg. He reluctantly nodded. I was kind of dragged carried and thrown after them as they walked into the house. They were about to be told to go in the basement which was underground. Which would be perfect as was Greg’s element and my only one that hadn’t completely abandoned me. But the Amaris suddenly realised Greg was earth and instead they directed them upstairs dragging me with them. We were thrown into a posh ish room. It had a bed one of those old vanity tables and furniture I would expect in the palace. How did this group need money? I saw Greg take it in too and looked worried. “I thought they said about a ransom.” He told me worried when they
shut the door. “They defiantly don’t need the money.” Georgina realised. “Maybe it’s the glory of getting hold of Ally?” I questioned. Both looked at me worried. “Can you kind of untie me?” I asked Greg and Georgina as calmly as I could. “Oh sorry.” Georgina said coming up and untying me. “Did you not see this one?” she asked me worried. “No but I felt the pull earlier to go check. But I didn’t go.” I admitted. She rolled her eyes. “You should always go when it pulls you and bloody sharing what it shows you would be handy.” She told me. “I told Erin and Jessie to play dead.” I pointed out. “I thought I could turn the rain against them.” I told her sadly she hugged me. “Any clue how long we travelled for?” I asked. “No clue.” They both admitted worriedly. “Any ideas?” I asked them. Georgina smiled at me weakly. She was a guard higher level to me. But her smile told me I needed to stay calm to stay safe. “That’s the first time you’ve admitted to no ideas and no plans.” She told me weakly. I know and that’s what scared me. “The fact we were taken and not killed is a good thing right?” Greg told us. “No sometimes it would be better just to be killed.” I told him. Shivering remembering one of my visions. Both of them looked worried. “How long did you recon you had before you
die?” she asked me. “The youngest I see myself die is senior year.” I told her weakly. She looked at me shocked. I think she was hoping I would say oh 200 – 300. “But that’s only seeing.” I quickly pointed out worried. Loads of things could change from now till then. Anything could change the visions. Just because I saw them didn’t mean they would happen. I hated this gift. Mum was trying to explain it in the evenings. But it was the worst thing she found from her gift. It was rare. In fact it wasn’t even common in my family. 1 in every 100000 Amaris is born with the gift of sight. No one knew Beth had it. No one knows I have it yet. The Queen doesn’t have it but if she goes to sleep I can pull her to me. Apparently the last main royal to have it was 7 generations before Beth. It wouldn’t be unusual for the princess to want a friend with the sight. Here was hoping that’s all they would assume I was. I would reveal myself if it kept Georgina safe. But right now it was important keeping all 3 of us alive, long enough for us to get an idea. They had just managed to untie me fully when the door was opened. I sprang to my feet ready to fight. When 9 Amaris came in. 7 looking ready to attack us. One carrying a tray of tea and cakes. Another behind all the guards. I looked at the tea and
cakes, so did Greg and Georgina. “No one can say our kidnappers aren’t good hosts.” Georgina tried to joke with me and Greg. “Alysa don’t drink or eat anything.” I told her. It was something Derek was trying to explain to me. After watching my life it had become obvious I needed a few safety instructions. Number 1 had been not to fall asleep and turn my back when someone might kill me. 2 not to eat food and drink offered to me by my kidnappers. 3 not to just go along with what the kidnapper laid out for me to do. Apparently providing towels and change of clothes didn’t mean go have a shower and get changed. “For a seer you’re not very good.” The Amaris told me. I recognised him. Why did I recognise him? “BLOODY VAMPIRES I KNOW YOU.” I shouted before I could stop myself. “You do?” Greg and Georgina asked me worried. “Hes the guy you were meant to marry.” I told Georgina worriedly. I had been kidnapped by my ex fiancée. Great just great. “What my mother shall hear about this.” Georgina tried. Mum I thought if I could get a message to Beth, she could get the message to Marco. He would hear it and come save us. All I needed to do was find out where I was. “Your mother knows.” He told Georgina with a grin. Oh Bandages I thought. “What do you want
with Ally.” I asked him worried but trying to seem calmer than I actually was. “Oh I thought seers where meant to be all knowing. You are quiet a disappointing one. Oh well we can still sell you. You will be highly coveted. Everyone wants a seer.” He told me. “What do you want?” Georgina tried. “Why your hand in marriage of course and you to bare my child.” he told her. Greg and I both looked at her worried. “Such a shame I am married.” She told him. “That was easily fixed as your paperwork wasn’t legal.” He told her. “Why wasn’t it Legal?” Greg asked worried. “Because Alysa is not the princess’s birth name.” He told us with a huge smile. “What is my actual name then?” Georgina asked him worried and interested. I think we all actually wanted to know my real name? He laughed. And evil type of laugh. One that would make villain’s in movies very proud. One that went straight to my bones and made me want to puke. “Why you still don’t know who you are do you.” he laughed. I looked at Georgina worried. “Is it any of your business if I don’t?” Georgina asked. Greg looked at her worried. “I suppose not. Maybe you’re not as smart as everyone says you are. Such a shame really.” He told her. He poured a cup of tea for Georgina with etiquette at a small table. She
looked at him then at me and Greg asking us what she needed to do here. I wanted to roll my eyes. I think Greg realised both Georgina and I didn’t know what the hell we needed to do. “You need to tell him you are bored of this now he is excused.” Greg told Georgina. “Really? He kidnapped me can I just ask him to let me go too?” she asked him. He shrugged at her. “I am bored of this now go. Also let me go.” Georgina tried. I stifled my laugh. Lord Léon Auvray looked at her shocked. “You really have no manners at all do you your majesty.” He told her. She looked at Greg for help. He shrugged at her. I shrugged at her. “Nope none at all.” she told him. “Alysa the tea looks like it is safe to drink. Would you demand someone to try it before you.” I told her. Georgina looked at me worried. Léon took a sip of his tea and a bite of cake. I nodded to Georgina she took a sip calmly of her own. They had a very awkward tea and cakes. Eventually Lord Léon Auvray told her “I shall be back later I hope you find your stay here comfortable.” And walked out with everyone. I burst out laughing. “It’s not funny.” Georgina told me. “I know that.” I told her. “Then what the hell are you laughing at?” she asked me. “That Alysa always comes across such a no it all. But always
proves to be clueless.” I told her. She laughed. “I’m glad you two find this funny.” Greg told us. “What does he mean about you having no clue who you really are?” Greg asked confused “and getting married in the wrong name?” “Queen Jennifer is not Alysa’s mother.” I told him. We had to be careful someone didn’t over hear us. “She’s not?” he asked really confused. “No she only pretended to be to save her daughter the embarrassment.” I said my heart hurting just for saying those words. “Alysa’s mother is Princess Elizabeth.” I told him with a weak smile. “And father?” he asked confused. “Same as mine.” I told him with a shrug. He had heard me call Marco dad over the week. “Oh no wonder hes so bloody protective.” he told us. We laughed. “Now what do you find funny. Hes talking about forcing Alysa to marry him and have kids.” He told us seriously. “Yeah but Alysa’s safe from that.” I assured him. “What how?” he asked me confused. “Because I can reach Alysa father and tell him who has us.” I told him with a grin. “You can?” he asked me now happy. “Yeah I just need to go to sleep.” I said eyeing up the bed. I settled in the bed with Georgina by my side. “Remember I can’t be woken when I’m asleep I’m a sitting duck.” I warned her. “Yeah I know.” She told
me worried. “Is this safe?” Greg asked worried. “Well he knows I’m a seer. Hopefully he doesn’t know everything a seer can do. Hopefully Marcos asleep and I can pull him in.” I told him. “Can you pull anyone in?” he asked me interested. “Yeah if I’m touching them.” I told him shrugging. “I’m hoping I can drag Marco in without touching him.” I admitted. “I haven’t ever tried it before.” I admitted. He looked at me worried. “Well there’s a first time for everything” Georgina told him. He nodded. I knew our safety required me to do this. I could do this. “This has got to work as I doubt they’ll let you sleep again when they realise.” Greg told me. I realised that too. “Let’s hope he does the legal way to marry Alysa.” I told him. “Then we at least have a few hours. As god knows how hard it is to get the leader of the country you’re in, 5 humans and 5 Amaris royals to make the wedding legal.” I told him. “I really am starting to hate Queen Jennifer.” Georgina told me. “I don’t hate her but I really dislike her.” I told her shrugging she smiled at me. “Now let me go sleep.” I told her. I laid my head on the pillow. I let go, and I pulled.

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