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Chapter 5 - Derek POV

Princess what am I going to do with you? It’s the second day loads of people haven’t even arrived yet and you’re already having a group argument, with the new royals in public.I walk over calmly. I know my presence will inform these royals Alysa is here straight away. but theirs no other way around it. Alysa is here and the quicker they know that the less we have to stress about keeping Ally hid. Why couldn’t we just do things like normal people? I look at Sam all I want to do is take her and go talk to her, yes we had talked on the phone but between her getting interrupted and me getting interrupted, I had a lot to talk to her about and i just want to hold my wife. “Where is my wife today?” I ask calmly. I want to know how she wants to go about this, or if she wants to stay as a guard currently. we should of discussed this before now, but its not a safe conversation to have over the phone. “She went to get some ice-cream. Her husband told her he would be here before she wanted some.” Sam informs me, but i can tell shes trying not to laugh and is teasing me because of what i said. she was basically saying i took to long. Or did she want out of this to go get ice-cream? She looked tired, was that tired of this situation, or tired sleepy it was hard to tell. to be honest is was worrying. I wanted to say the first option but she looked like she was about to fall asleep. “Oh so not in the cooker for once?” Peter ask coming over with Leona and Grace. Okay this really was more than a little awkward. “Oh you know Peter she sometimes likes to bake.” Erin jokes. “It’s such a shame her cooking’s so bad.” Adam pipes in. We all kind of crack up laughing the 6 new people watched us in confusion. Well it was something Sam used to do exactly a year ago. She would think of a crazy place and say she left Alysa there. one of those places had been an oven. “Want to go get ice-cream?” Leona asks. did she hear Sams comment or miss it? Sometimes it is a surprise we all actually fitted in here and have human friends. sometimes in general its surprising we have any friends. “You got your regular savers card yet?” Leona asks. “Our ice-cream loyalty is always rewarded.” Sep says showing her loyalty card. I want to tell them my promise we wouldn’t have ice-cream every meal but Sean beat me to it. “We spend $100's on ice-creams a week it’s getting silly.” Sean comments. “Are these your guards?” Greg asks me, hes smiling he obviously is finding it funny at least. I notice Sam watching him. I want to know whats going on with her, what shes thinking. i wanted to know how Sam wanted to do this. I would never force her to if she didn’t want to. But I wanted to be able to hug her around campus without having to hide my relationship. i love her and nothing is going to change that. but i want to kiss her, without people thinking I am cheating on Alysa. Sam looks at George obviously working out what to do. Hurry up darling. Well as they knew Ally was here anyway I might as well tell them who her guards were. Give them all the respect they actually deserve. “No they are Alysa’s guards. Mine are somewhere with my cousin. These are my guards Harry Adam and Ed.” i say calmly and politely introducing them all. “Your cousin comes here to?” Lady Tamzin asks nervously. She seems like another Hannah. Nervous around royals. Where was the little accountant to be I needed her help. “Yes Spencer comes here. He also fights.” I say calmly. “Hes a tiger level 5 in physical so hes actually higher than you.” Erin tells George looking proud. “He did his guard levelling?” the female guard with lord Greg asks interested. “We both did over the summer break.” i tell her truthfully, wondering where the hell we found the time, and still wondering what the hell King Patrick said to Spencer when he asked to talk to him privately whilst we were both in court that day. Spencer said it was nothing important he just asked about the registering of halflings. Part of me wonders if one of my parents old friends has a secret halfling child. going on the rock stars reputation i wouldn't put it past him of having a child with a roadie or something. But Spencer said it was all sorted. okay back to the matter in hand. “What’s your level?” Lady Tamzin female guard asks interested. 'Jo' Sam mouths at me from the floor giving me the guards name. “I got Dragon level 2." i admit. I had the best trainers ever. "i do suggest taking up the training, if they are offering." i say seriously. Sam seemed to be thinking. I wanted to know what was up with her she didn’t seem to have any of her usual spark. “So do you still think royals shouldn’t fight?” Sam asks calmly and interested. What was she going to do? No trouble don’t get into mischief I want to talk and hold you. “So how long have you two been dating?” Sam asks calmly aimed at Lord Greg i realise. oh here was a bit of my monkey. All of the new ones stared at her, well she was talking from the floor after all. “2 years.” The Female guard responds trying not to look to worried at being caught out. “What’s your name?” Sam asks politely. “Jane.” The guard says calmly, like she isn't scared. but the slight tremble in her voice gives it away. “There’s nothing wrong with dating guards at this college don’t look so nervous. I’m dating one of mine” Sepiah says loudly to the guard and lord Greg. Greg seemed to smile at this and his arm went round Jane's waist. “I thought Jessie was one of Alysa’s guards?” i ask interested, hell i haven't a clue who's is who's anymore. “Yeah we share. We haven’t decided who belongs to whom really.” Sepiah says. Considering the girls classed Sam as Seps guard it was very confusing, it was understandable we were all confused. “You’re dating your guards? Your royalty’s fighting? And you’re the future king to all our people? What’s Princess Alysa like?” Greg asks interested. “Shy” Sepiah comments Shy? i want to ask her, hell has she met my wife? but then maybe shes right. Sam isn't one for being around others. she likes a small group of friends and doing things as our small family. but she is friendly. but all of us look at Sep like what the hell including Sam. “So dating guards is normal and you’re not going to stop it?” Jane asks with a smile shes obviously trying to hide. i can kind of tell why lord Greg choose this school. my question is why did Lady Tamzin and Prince Aiden. “Of course not. Princess Alysa’s all about people marrying who they love.” i inform them all. well what we did is well known after all. “Even if she has to change a whole world to do it.” Sean says with a smile. he looks at Sam then he starts looking worried. “Hey the world’s changing is tiring so can we just beat up whoever you want. So I can go see my wife would be appreciated.” i say looking at Sam then Sean. “I don’t fancy beating anyone up today. I thought you knew about Alysa’s, mine and Spencer’s suicidal mission 2 days ago.” Sam says looking at me like shes to tired to be bothered with any of this. She hadn’t really rested much this summer. Also I knew from the others that the nights I wasn’t with her nightmares were back. She had apparently woken up Spencer every night last week screaming. He thought she was being murdered at first. I think until he had witnessed her nightmares he had thought she was fearless. She acts all fearless but she isn’t at all. Sean looked at my wife as worried as I was. With how weak she looked when did she last have blood. She knew the rules on blood. “Sam why don’t you and Taylor take Derek and his guards to his wife please.” Sean says obviously trying to be calm. “When did you last have blood?” I ask her worried dropping any pretence that i am not worried about her. hell they are all my friends i would be like this with any of them if they looked as tired as Sam does currently. “Not today I had a bit yesterday but the delivery’s not running yet.” Sam says truthfully. “You should have said. We had some in the boy’s room.” Sean tells her looking at her worried. “It’s fine.” Sam tells him. “Come on Derek I’ll show you to Alysa. She’s missed you like crazy.” Sam tells me calmly, she stands up slowly she looks exhausted. Taylor looks at her worried. But Sam just calmly led us off to the apartments.

When we were out of sight of the group I scoop her into my arms and hold her close to me. “What are you like?” I ask her worried. “Don’t Derek I was fine until I stopped.” Sam tells me smiling weakly at me. "when did you last eat human food?" Adam asks Sam seriously looking at her worried. we normally saw this side of Sam when she had used too much power. “I haven’t had breakfast yet. I wanted to go for the run first.” Sam replies calmly, shes tired but shes not worried. so maybe just food blood and cuddles are in store. maybe a nap too.

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