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Chapter 50 - Rhys POV


“WHY THE HELL DO YOU KEEP MAKING ME COME HERE. IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO LET ME IN.” I screamed at the man stood in the door. I hated this. I had been forced to come here every night for the past month. Yet they wouldn’t let me in. “Sun or moon?” the man asked me sounding frustrated. I had tried everything. I had told him moon I had told him sun. I had even told him both. Still he would just shake his head at me. I heard a noise behind me. The first noise I had ever heard here except for the bloody man stood at the door. “Who are you?” a girl asked me calmly. She looked about 16 17 she was tiny. Her Black hair was pulled up in a high pony tail. She was wearing jeans and t-shirt. She looked a lot more comfortable to be here than I was. “Who are you?” I asked her. The man turned to her and smiled. The first smile I had seen ever on his face. “Hello darling.” he told her. Darling? How come he would talk to her like a reasonable human being yet ignore my questions. “Hi
can I have access please I’ve been kidnapped and there talking about selling me and having baby’s with Alysa.” she told him. “You’ve been kidnapped?” I asked her shocked. Well first thing I wanted to know was who the hell she was. Then what the hell she was. Then who had kidnapped her. Then what the hell this place was? “Yeah don’t worry I get kidnapped a lot.” She told me shrugging. The man looked worried at her, “you should not have been.” He told her. Well that was obvious no one should get kidnapped. “Yeah I thought that I don’t know what went wrong.” She told him calmly. “Are you sure you’ve been kidnapped?” he asked her. “Well yeah I got shoved in the back of a van drove to god knows where locked in a room. A man talking about marrying Alysa and having kids and selling me.” she told him shrugging. “That isn’t meant to happen.” He told her worried. “You’re telling me.” she told him shrugging. “Can I please have access?” she asked him looking stressed. “It’s not your pass time.” He told her worried. “Can I access with you?” she asked me. “He has yet to gain access.” The guard told her sounding disappointed. “Why don’t you force him in through the back door like you used to me?” she asked him. “What the hell is this place who are you. What are you?” I
demanded from her. She looked at me. Then looked really confused. “What are you?” she asked me putting her head on her shoulder. As if she was trying to look in to my soul. Her green eyes looked old I realised. “Hes a werewolf.” The guard told her calmly. “Why the hell do you answer her questions not mine.” I demanded from him. I hated this man with a passion. The girl looked at me really interested. “I thought werewolves were a myth?” she asked the guard. “Do you have to keep calling me a werewolf it’s a huge insult.” I told them. “sorry.” She told me looking worried. “I don’t mean to insult you. But I am kind of stressed at the moment.” She said with a weak smile. I looked at her “what the hell are you?” I asked her. “I am an Amaris.” she told me shrugging. “What the hells an Amaris?” I asked. She laughed. “Strange I think we didn’t just lose touch with the human world.” the girl told the guard he nodded at her. “Is that more stuff for me to worry about?” she asked the man. He nodded. “Can’t we just be nice to me and say go have a vacation lie on the beach and have cocktails.” She asked him. He laughed. Really how was he so relaxed with her? Yet so stressed and stern with me. “Beach and cocktails sounds good.” I admitted. I could do with a drink. I
thought of a nice ice cold beer. Suddenly one appeared in my hand. She laughed. I looked at the beer shocked. “I have that exact beer in my fridge.” She laughed. I normally think of cocktails but I get told of for drinking underage of the country I’m in.” she told me with a smile. “how old are you?” I asked her interested she looked too young to be having this talk. “I’m 20 I think. Am I 20 Agape?” she asked him. “What month are we in?” he asked her. “November.” She told him with a smile. “No your still 19.” He told her. “I’m 19.” She told me. “Care to share my birthday?” she asked him. “You don’t know your birthday?” I asked her worried. “God I don’t even know my name. I have an identity crisis a lot.” She told me with a grin. She seemed so crazy. She looked over her shoulder. “I don’t have long. Georgina is starting to panic. That they’re going to work out what I’m doing.” She told the man. He looked at me. “You haven’t got time to go on his vision today.” He told her. “Then can you get a message to Mum, Dad or Derek for me?” she asked me I realised. “What kind of message? Who are you? What are you? Where am I?” I asked her all that. “You need to work out most of that yourself. If I survive this kidnapping I will help you. If you would like.” She told me with an innocent smile.
“You talk about death like it’s nothing.” I told her shocked. “Well I kind of got to the point I’ve decided if I’m killed at least I won’t get killed again.” she told me shrugging. “I’m actually more worried about living at the moment.” she admitted. “Bloodsucking Bandages.” She told us as she faded out of there. “Who what?” I asked the man. I was forced out of there the man telling me one thing. “Save her.”

I landed with a thumb back in my body. Covered in sweet like normal. What the hell was all this about. I looked at the time 3am. I couldn’t get the girl out my head. What the hell was an Amaris? Was she really kidnapped? Was she in trouble? I looked out the window. The moon shone at me. The man’s words repeated in my head Save her. Easier said than done. I decided I would talk to my father. He was the head of our pack. Almost like a king in his own right. I was due to follow in his footsteps. I sighed I had been stuck at this farm since I graduated college. Where there other species like us living in secret in the world. I instantly thought of witches and vampires. The girl looked to innocent to be a vampire. Maybe a witch? Who was I kidding if I told my father I was having weird dreams he
would laugh at me. I walked out my room and down out of the farm. I climbed on my motorbike and drove. Not having a clue where I was going 3 hours later I looked up at a huge house surrounded by a huge fence. Something made me turn of the engine and sneak toward it. “What was that?” I heard a man say. “Nothing you’re just jumpy.” A husker male voice told him. “Yeah I still think the Bloody seer reached someone.” He told the other person. “Well even if she did. She won’t be our problem once she’s sold.” The Husker male told him. “Léon should just kill her. What is the point in marrying Alysa? He could just have a kid with her then kill her.” he told the other male. “He has to be careful. He can’t piss of the Amaris they would not stand for that.” the other replied. Amaris there was that name. Seer reach someone? I realised they were talking about the girl. That was when alarm bells started going off. “I told them that girl would be trouble.” The husker man said. “They said no she’s just a tiny girl.” He said sounding angry they ran off towards the house. I knew this was my time to get into the house. It was now or never. I didn’t know what Amaris where. But if needed I could transform and
protect myself. I thought. I jumped the fence and snuck up to the house as sneakily as I could.

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