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Chapter 51


I woke up to a very pissed of man standing over me holding a fireball. “Well I’m sorry. you know a seer can’t control when she gets pulled into a vision.” I tried. “What did you see?” He demanded from me. “I saw a very confused boy. Having a fight with a man about a password. Made no sense to this situation.” I told him shrugging. Greg and Georgina looked at me worried. I realised they were worried about the fireball so close to me. The man pulled me by my hair and slapped me again. “Really what is with you lot and slapping?” I asked. He slapped me again. “STOP HITTING HER.” Georgina yelled. “Who did you speak to.” he yelled at me. “A werewolf.” I told him. He slapped me again. “There is no such thing as werewolf’s you stupid child.” he then kicked me. “STOP IT DON’T HURT HER.” Georgina shouted she blew the man away from me. The first time using a power. They looked at her. Obviously realising that whilst they hurt
me they could control her. “Alysa don’t I can take it.” I told her calmly. Greg looked as pissed off for me being attacked, he had pulled vines in from outside and had them wrapping around one of the men’s necks. “Enough of this silly behaviour. Axel leave the seer alone. She will be sold soon. We don’t want to send her to her new owner looking bruised and beaten do we?” Lord Léon asked the guard. “No sire.” He said reluctantly dropping me. “What is your name?” Léon asked me. I looked at him “Sam we have actually meet. I’m the person who warned them to marry Alysa quickly so she wouldn’t have to marry you.” I spat at him blood in my mouth he himself slapped me, what was with this group and slapping. He sniffed. Looked at me interested. “God your blood smells good.” He told me. He went to touch my blood. “Do not dare touch her again. Leave at once.” Georgina told him. “Eat your dinner.” He told her and stormed out the room. Everyone following him. “Are you okay?” Georgina and Greg asked me. “I can take being hit guys I get hit all the time.” I pointed out. “I couldn’t reach anyone.” I admitted sadly. “It’s okay it was a long shot.” Greg told me. He again held out a handkerchief “still carrying hankies but no blood bags?” I tried to tease him.
Georgina lifted me up and put me back on the bed. “Drink from me you need the blood.” she told me. “I can’t. I have only bite someone once and that was during something.” I told her. Greg coughed to hide a small laugh. “We can get out of here ourselves. We just kind of need the right timing.” I told them both looking out the window. “Are you strong enough?” Georgina asked me worried. “Yeah I am.” I told her with a grin. “Wait till they would be the less busy then we make are escape. The sun be up soon. They might be typical Amaris and sleep during day.” I told them. They nodded. The moment the sun came up we did it. Greg and I made a tree. There hadn’t been one at all near the window. But to me that meant nothing. Greg helping me we had a nice solid oak tree by the window. All that we needed to do was get out the window now. I punched it. Nothing happened? What the hell reinforced windows? Greg looked worried. “We can do it.” Georgina told me. She started making a hurricane in her hands and pushed it against the window. Not only did the window go flying so did the wall. “Well there goes escaping quietly.” I told her laughing. We jumped into the tree. As guards came running in the room. We were down on the floor and running. People
chasing us. An alarm bell ringing. I noticed something strange. Yes they had magic yes they had guns. But they were shooting tranquiliser’s darts. “Great sedatives.” I moaned. 4 people stood staring at us. “Okay what’s the idea here?” I asked them both hoping Greg grinned at me. I noticed the grass growing up the man’s legs. “Alysa what you got up your sleeve?” I asked Georgina. She smiled at me and blew. The tranquiliser darts flying at us dropped to the floor. Impressive I thought. “Where do you think you’re going Alysa.” a man asked Georgina crossly. “Oh I thought I would just get some air. I hate being trapped in houses as a prisoner. Even when you serve me tea and cakes.” Georgina told him calmly. That was when I noticed him. The boy sneaking up on us. I say boy he was older than me. He also was the werewolf. “So I’m bored now with my kidnapping I would like to go home.” Georgina said calmly. I was wrapping vines round legs as well. “I’m afraid you’re not going anywhere your majesty.” A man told her. Although he seemed slightly annoyed. “Go back into the house or we kill the other two.” The man who had slapped me in the room earlier told her. She looked at me and Greg. “They won’t kill us they would of done by now.” I told
her. “That’s where your wrong seer. They will kill you.” Léon Said calmly coming over. “Do you really think you could cope with Alysa on your own?” I told him. Georgina looked at me. I looked at her then indicated for her to pretend she sighed. I looked at one guard. She pointed out him. I squeezed not killing him but cutting his air of long enough for him to pass out. We did that for 3 other guards. They all fainted. “What is the plan after this Alysa you’re in the middle of nowhere with no guards no help. No way out.” he told her smiling. “Oh we thought we would let the werewolf deal with you.” I said looking at the wolf praying it wouldn’t hurt us. Léon Auvray looked at the wolf then he swore. Then like a coward the guard turned his gun on the wolf and went to shot the boy. He wasn’t fast enough the wolf pounced. He bit the man’s arm clean of. “We don’t kill.” I told him. He seemed to take a few seconds then let go of Guard. The rest of the guards and the lord had kind of run scared. “So you weren’t kidding about a werewolf?” Greg asked me amazed. “I thought they were just myths?” Georgina asked. As the boy now stood in front of us. “Thank you.” I told him. I admit I really wasn’t expecting him. “Can you get us out of here?” I asked
him calmly. “I have a motorbike.” He apologised. Georgina smiled at him. “Well okay then we will have to hotwire a car and grab your bike that okay?” she asked him. He looked amazed at us. “What the hell are you?” he asked us. “You’re the myth mate.” Greg told him with a smile. “You’re still bleeding Darling and you smell gorgeous.” Georgina told me looking hungry and shattered. I realised she was right. My blood to them would smell amazing. “You can drink from me if you need to. You know how I taste” I teased her. All my guards knew how I taste now. She shook her head. The boy looked at us really worried. “What the hell are you all?” he asked. “Can we kind of move before they attack again?” Greg asked. I nodded. “Go get your bike I will hotwire the car.” I told him. Looking at the car on the drive. He looked at what I was looking at. “You can hotwire a car?” he asked me not looking like he believed me. “I told you I get kidnapped a lot. I can speak 27 languages to I’m a girl of many talents.” I told him with a smile. 5 minutes’ later I had the car hotwired. We got in. “where should we meet you?” I asked him. “You want to meet?” he asked me shocked. “Well I want to make sure you get away okay and thank you” I told him. He looked at me shocked. “Just
drive I will catch up.” he told us. He turned into a wolf and ran of jumping on someone as he ran. “Well I never believed in werewolves.” Georgina told me. “He possibly doesn’t believe in vampires either.” Greg told her. I shrugged. I really don’t care what people are just as long as they don’t want to destroy the world or kill people. I put the pedal to the metal. We were out of there. Greg and I bending the gate and Georgina blowing it away. We were speeding down a country lane. When the motorbike caught up. “I do hope that’s the wolf.” Georgina told me. I nodded. “Hey can anyone find a phone. I need to ring Sean?” I asked. There wasn’t one in the car. We followed the bike for a while. When we were 2 towns over he pulled into a fast food joint. I pulled the car in. “we in Alabama?” I asked him interested. As I climbed out the car. “Yeah?” he told me and questioned at the same time. “Yummy chips!” I said looking at the restaurant with longing. “Hey are kidnappers offered you food.” Greg told me laughing. “Yeah they were so much more hospital than the last lot.” I told him. “Didn’t the last lot kidnap you in a swimming costume?” Georgina laughed. “I’ve been kidnapped 8 times since then.” I pointed out. “We kind of do need to address how much you get kidnapped.”
Greg told me. “I know Greg I thought we were going to let me have a nice restful year at college before they kill me off.” I told him shrugging. “What the hell?” the werewolf asked us. “sorry.” I told him. “We have bad people skills according to King Spencer.” Georgina said holding her hand out. He looked at it. “You kind of shake it. I know you don’t know if she washed it last time she went toilet but it’s kind of a weird thing we do.” I told him with a grin. “Can we get food? I’m starving.” I told him. “Do we need to rob a hospital?” Georgina asked me worried. “Find a phone first.” I told her. “I got a mobile your welcome to use” the werewolf told us. “Really?” Greg asked. He shrugged. “I am kind of just going with it. I dream of a weird kid then I find her.” “I’m not a kid Agape told you I’m 19.” I told him rolling my eyes. I dialled the number for Sean. He answered sounding panicked. “WHO THE HELL IS THIS.” he demanded. “Well Sean that’s no greeting to your gorgeous baby sister, when she’s just escaped her kidnappers.” I told him. “Where are you I’m in Alabama?” I told him. “Bandages I’m in Georgia.” He told me I laughed. “Georgina hes in Georgia.” I told her. “Time and place.” She told me rolling her eyes. I told Sean the town we were in but we would leave it
soon as been here a bit long. We arranged to meet back in Florida. “Who took you?” Sean asked me worried. “Lord Léon Auvray. I need you to check on Dad. Make sure hes okay something strange is up.” I told him. “I will.” He told me. “I got to go Sean we need food and other stuff. Going to rob a hospital then we will meet you okay?” I asked him. “Fine be careful.” He told me. “Can I reach you on this number?” he asked me worried. “I’m not sure I’m borrowing the phone from an interesting new friend.” I told him. “Don’t tell Dad I’ve been kidnapped again okay. It’s becoming too much a regular thing.” I told him. Taylor came on the phone “yeah can this be the last kidnapping for a while?” Taylor asked me. “Yeah we all know I need a break but like I told you I get kidnapped a lot. We just have to pray I live.” I teased her. The werewolf looked at us shocked. “One day it will be safe for you.” Georgina assured me. “I doubt it. Love you guy’s thank you for all living.” I told them. Hanging up. “Chips then rob the hospital?” I asked them calmly. “Why do you need to rob a hospital?” the werewolf asked us. “For blood of course.” Greg told him. “sorry.” I told him. He looked at me really confused. “You helped me escape from a kidnapping and we don’t even know each other
yet.” I said. We went into the fast-food place ordered food and put it all on my bankcard. Digging into chips I looked at the werewolf. “Sorry I never asked your name?” I said politely. “Rhys.” He said. “Hey Rhys I’m Greg.” Greg said. “Lord Greg.” Georgina said rolling her eyes. “Do we really need to introduce with titles?” I asked. “Well as no one actually knows your name darling I think a title is better than nothing.” She pointed out with a smile. “You don’t have a name?” Rhys asked me looking confused. “I have loads that’s the problem.” I told him with a smile. “Sam is the one I mostly go by.” I told him with a smile. “So what are you?” he asked us interested. “Humans think of us as vampires.” I told him calmly. “We aren’t.” I said looking at his shocked face. “Same as you think werewolf is a naughty word we think of vampires as one.” I told him shrugging.

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