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Chapter 52 - Rhys POV


I looked at the vampires. They looked at me embarrassed. “If your vampires how are you out in the sun?” I demanded from them. “How can you turn at will and not just at the moon?” the little girl Sam? Asked me calmly. “Because that’s humans twisting legends.” I told them. “Same for us.” Greg told me shrugging. “Thank you.” Sam said to him as he finished bandaging her up. “You really aren’t going to live long are you?” he teased her. “I like to keep everyone on their toes uncle Greg.” she told him with a smile. “Uncle wouldn’t I be a cousin?” he asked her. “Time and place. We need to get back to college or Sean will actually lock you in that tower.” The other girl teased. Georgina I remembered. No Alysa? “Sorry are you Alysa or Georgina?” I asked the girl. “Oh you heard them call me Ally?” she asked him a smile. The little girl shrugged. “I trust him. I meet him in the weird place and then he saved me.” she told the girl. “Yeah darling I thought Derek told you about trusting people?” The
girl told her rolling her eyes. “Alysa’s another one of my many names. I told you I have an identity crisis.” Sam told me shrugging. “The only thing we do know is you’re the next heir to the throne. We need to keep you alive.” Georgina laughed. “It’s a shame everyone wants me dead.” she moaned. “Can we actually rob that hospital?” Greg asked looking tired. “Yeah like always not the town we stopped in.” Sam told them. 45 minutes’ later we stood outside a hospital. “So the plan?” I asked them interested. Did they just have to walk in? Could they enter a building without being invited? “You have to invite us in.” Greg told me. I looked at him. “Greg don’t tease.” Georgina told him rolling her eyes. “Do you both have enough magic left? I still haven’t got compulsion back from being sick.” Sam told them. “You still are sick.” Greg told her. “I’m conscious I don’t know why everyone stresses so much.” She teased them. “How often do you get kidnapped?” I asked her. “Last summer about 15 times. Before that 3. Before that my whole childhood. ” She told me shrugging. We walked into the hospital. “Hey can you take me to the blood please.” Greg whispered to a nurse. Looking her straight in the eye. She looked at him and nodded. “That was easy?” I told them.
“Normally easiest thing.” Sam told me. “Hey can I see your security cameras?” Georgina asked a security guard. He nodded to. “Really?” I asked Sam. “Some of the rumours are true some not so much.” She told me. “Drinking blood?” I asked her. “True but not from people. We drink from blood bags who would want to bite a human. It would be like drinking from a cow not the bottle?” She told me. I remembered her telling Georgina she could taste her. “You drink from each other?” I asked her. As Georgina was wiping the hospitals security cameras of a 2 hour period. “Not normally but Sam’s bloods special and smells so delicious.” Georgina told me. “Only because you know how I taste now. You belong to me” I told her sticking my tongue out at her. “What does drinking from you do?” I asked confused. “I’m not fully sure.” She told me shrugging. “I know it means no one but me could mess with their heads. But they seem to like the fact I don’t mess with their heads.” She told me shrugging. “Sam you haven’t been able to for a month now. We all are enjoying knowing all the silly plans are our own.” Georgina told her. “How often have you been going to the door?” Sam asked me interested. We walked out the security office ready to leave the hospital. “We
should ditch this car and steal another.” Georgina told her. “Yeah I know.” Sam told her. “They know where I’m going back to.” She suddenly realised. “Oh Bloodsucking Bandages.” Georgina told her. “Bloodsucking bandages?” I asked confused. “It’s swearing without swearing.” Sam told me shrugging. We walked out the hospital and Saw the Car on fire. With 10 men looking ready to attack around us. “BLOODSUCKING BANDAGES!” Sam yelled. “Can you hotwire motorbikes?” I asked the girls. “Never tried.” Both admitted. Greg came out then. Took in the scene and said Bandages as well. I looked at the bikes there was 6 we could choose from. Georgina grabbed a bag from Greg downed it then Blew. A mini hurricane erupted. It went in the direction of the men. Greg downed his own bag and suddenly vines where creeping up everyone’s necks and strangling them as they fought. Sam looked at them worried. “We can’t expose ourselves.” She told them worried. The amount of fireballs being thrown. I didn’t think they would actually be able to keep this quiet. “Get Sam out of here.” Greg told me. “For god sake I’m not helpless.” The girl said. She didn’t use magic like the other two. But she walked straight up to a Man. Bowed politely.
He looked at her as shocked as I did. “Clean fighting?” he asked her shocked. “Yeah I thought after all the slapping you would enjoy that more.” She told him shrugging. He bowed politely to her. They started fighting in a way I would expect from karate movies. She had him on the floor an unconscious. “I watched them deal with the 10 Amaris calmly. But I noticed none of them killed them. “So they tracked the car?” Georgina asked her interested. “They tracked the car.” Sam told her shrugging pulling out her own bag of blood and downing it. “They know where we were going. We need to expect more waiting for us.” Sam informed them sadly. “This is why sometimes I think you should just live at the palace where you’re safe.” Greg told her. “The palace is not safe.” Georgina told him. “You have a palace?” I asked Sam. “Yeah I’m a princess don’t question it. I am not questioning you.” she pointed out. I watched Greg and Georgina hotwiring the motorbikes. “Yeah can any of us actually drive these things?” Sam asked interested. “I can.” Greg told her shrugging. “Ditto.” Georgina said with a smile. “Well I’m willing to try then.” She told them shrugging. They both looked at her worried. “Sam back of mine.” Georgina told her. She went to climb on the
back of Georgina’s bike. Suddenly Georgina swore again. I looked at the human police. “Cant clean this up?” I questioned. “I can but it will take a while. Can we trust you to keep her safe?” Georgina asked me indicating Sam. “What you can’t leave me!” Sam told her. “I need you to take Sam as far away from here. Towards Florida and ring her brother.” Georgina told me. “Greg go with them.” she told Greg. “That’s too many for you to clean up alone.” Greg told her. “Go were trusting you.” Greg told me. Putting a crash helmet on Sam. “Greg no.” Sam told him. But he had put her on the back of my bike like she weighed nothing I speed of. She held on tight. She didn’t seem to like the motorbike. Or leaving the others. We were being followed by a police car. “Can you lose them?” she asked me worried. “I can.” I shouted over the rushing wind. I did a lot of manoeuvres. Went down streets they couldn’t. When we lost them I didn’t slow down. I carried on driving us towards Florida. “Why Florida?” I yelled at her over the wind. “I go college there.” She yelled back. “You look way too young for college.” I yelled at her over the wind. “I will look like this for 100 years if I live that long.” She told me gripping me tight. “Are you immortal?” I asked her.
“no.” she yelled at me. “Pull over quick.” She yelled at me. I slowed down and went down a small country lane. She waited till the bike was stopped jumped off. “We need to hide in the woods.” She told me. “What?” I asked her. But she looked like she was about to be sick. I nodded. Pulling my bike into the woods to hide it. She looked at a tree. “Mind if I do something with your bike? It won’t damage it?” she assured me. I nodded. Next thing I knew vines where wrapping themselves round my bike pulling it up into the tree. “Can you trust me?” she asked me. I nodded. She looked at another tree and a branch came down to me. “Jump on!” she told me. I did. She then took my hand. “Trust me?” she asked me. I realised for some strange reason I did trust her.

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