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Chapter 53 - Derek POV


We had arrived at the court. Marco looked worried. “What’s up?” I asked him. “Beth’s screaming at me.” he admitted. “Wait what?” Drew asked him confused. “Is Sam okay?” Marianna asked him worried. I think she would of climbed straight back on the plane. So would I. “she’s worried for us not moon.” Marco said suddenly. That’s when I noticed them. “PRINCE MARCO, KING ANDREW, QUEEN KAYLA, KING SPENCER PRINCE DEREK. LADY MARIANNA AND GAURDS. YOU ARE WANTED FOR TREASON.” A guard told Marco. “For what?” I asked confused. “How can I be wanted for treason I haven’t done anything in months?” Marco said calmly. The guard looked worried to even be doing this. But we were all trying to be calm. He also was a respected guard who knew Marco. “I’m not sure.” The guard admitted. “Can I let them of or does it take Alysa?” I asked worried. “It takes Alysa.” Drew told me
calmly. “This is a trap to force her back to the court?” I asked the guards. They all looked at me embarrassed. “Your wedding vows have been cancelled we can’t take your orders at all.” Sawyer told me. Looking really worried. Bandages. “What do you mean my wedding vows have been cancelled? They were legal.” I told him. He looked as confused as I was. “Just please make this easy we will sort the mess out.” Sawyer told Marco worried. “Sawyer is she safe?” Marco asked the guard. “I’m not sure. The queens kind of went crazy.” Sawyer told him worried. “It’s best I pretend I’m hers not Beth’s.” He told him calmly. Marco nodded. “What is going on?” I demanded. “I can’t answer you.” Sawyer apologised. We were marched into a special jail. Where no magic worked in the court. I realised they were trying not to get much attention. “Does anyone know?” Marco asked Sawyer calmly. “No its all really hush hush.” Sawyer told him. Pretending to be hitting him. “Is she safe?” Sawyer asked us. “She was at college. Looking worried when we left.” I admitted. “She won’t be safe there.” Sawyer mumbled. My phone started ringing. I couldn’t answer. Kye looked worried. “Cole Toby and Flick can they stay with us?” he asked Sawyer who nodded weakly. Sawyer’s phone
started ringing. He looked at his phone. “Sawyer.” he started on the outside of the cell. I realised so we could hear his call. The other guard was taking all are phones away. We were just handing them over. “Okay Sean thanks for getting back to me. Yes son. Yes son. So she has escaped already?” he told the phone. He looked at us when he said it. Bandages that was our Sean not his. Moon had been taken. “She knows who took her?” he asked calmly. “Lord Léon Auvray?” he asked confused. “I don’t know the queens plan. Just that the princess was taken for her own protection.” Sawyer told him. “Get to your sister. She has had blood so is bound.” Sawyer said. “Keep each other safe.” Sawyer told him. Then he hung up. “WHATS GOING ON?” I demanded. “I haven’t got a clue.” Sawyer admitted looking apologetic. “WHERE THE HELL DID ALYSA FIND A WEREWOLF.” A guard asked us. “She found a what?” we all asked looking confused. “ALYSA ESCAPED FROM PROTECTED CUSTODY WITH THE HELP OF A WEREWOLF.” He yelled at us. “Werewolf’s are myths?” I said not fully sure on what I was saying. Sam what the hell. “Derek have a little nap.” Marco told me. “Why?” I asked him. “Just do it.” he said pointing at a bench. How the hell was I meant to nap like this? Drew
seemed to think. “Derek go to sleep or I will knock you out.” he told me. I went up to the bench. “What are you doing?” Sawyer asked worried. “Trying to contact my wife.” I realised. I went to sleep. I saw them all position so I could sleep protected. I knew they would fight to death to make sure I was safe.

I arrived in the place I had gone with Sam a few times. Here was hoping she would know I was here. “Hey dad?” I said to the man at the door. “Derek. What is going on shouldn’t be.” he warned me. “Yeah I have no clue what’s going on? Can you pull moon in?” I asked worried. “Call her Sam today.” He warned me. I nodded. He seemed to look in the distance. I had many talks with my dad since Sam took me through her life. He looked at me worried. “What’s going on?” I asked him. He seemed to be struggling. “She’s not safe to call under. But she feels the pull she will come.” He informed me. “Thankyou dad” I told him. He nodded. Not many people can talk to their father after he died. What could have been an eternity or could have been seconds Sam came running towards me. “Derek.” She shouted jumping in my arms. She didn’t have a scratch on her. Well she didn’t here. A man was with her. He
looked to be the same age as Drew. But that meant nothing he could be 100 for all I knew. “Sam are you safe.” I told her kissing her head. “Are you?” she asked me worried. “I’m in jail something about Treason.” I told her. “You’re in jail?” the man asked me confused. “First your kidnapped now hes in jail what the hell is going on?” he asked. He didn’t seem to be freaked out about where he was. “I always thought werewolves were myths.” I told him still holding Sam tight. “Ditto vampires.” He told me. I smiled weakly at him. “Derek what’s going on?” Sam asked me worried. “I don’t know darling.” I told her kissing her head. “Why is our marriage void?” I asked her. “I haven’t got a clue I was taken something about being forced to marry and have a kid.” I told him. “You two are married?” The werewolf asked us. “Your 19 hes got to be only what 19 20?” the wolf asked. “I’m 21.” I told him with a weak smile. “We are meant to be married but somethings happened.” Sam told him worried. “I think it’s a trap to get you to come here.” I told Sam worried. “Darling I want you to run. I want you to go back into hiding. Don’t come for me.” I told her. “Derek I can’t do that.” she told me. “I have to face my grandmother. It is long overdue.” She said sternly. “You can’t you’re not
connected to the elements yet. Your still sick sweetheart.” I told her kissing her gently. “Can I trust you to keep her safe?” I asked the werewolf. “Derek.” I said holding out my hand. “Rhys.” He told me. Sam seemed to be thinking. “What you thinking you can’t come.” I told her sternly. “I won’t give up. I will always be given the strength to fight. So many people need me to be strong and fight her. I maybe weak but I have never been defeated. If my grandmother wants a war I will bring it to her.” Sam told me angry I realised. She looked at me. “Derek don’t worry I will be brave. I won’t give up. I never have. I never will. I always find a way.” she told me and kissed me. “Sam everyone needs you to survive or the world dies.” I told her. She gave me a weak smile. “Then I best win this war then.” She told me. “Derek I love you. When this is all sorted we will get married again even if I choose a name by deed pole and make that my legal name.” She told me kissing me. She seemed to age in front of my eyes. Like she always does when she knew she needed to do something. “I have to destroy to heal.” Sam said looking at my dad. He nodded at her worryingly. “This wasn’t meant to happen until you were older.” He told her. “I know I realised what I need to do.” she told him
sadly. “You are not alone. Understand that. You will never be.” I told her kissing her gently. “I know Derek. Stay strong okay.” she told me. “I love you.” I told her. “I love you too.” “What the hell’s going on?” Rhys asked her. “Keep her safe. If she dies we all die.” Agape told him. “What is his passcode?” Sam asked Agape. He smiled at her weakly. “Sun or moon? Healer or destroyer? Harmony or war?” he asked. I had to laugh. “Really couldn’t make it more obvious then dad?” I asked him. “How come he gets the easy one?” Sam asked him being sarcastic. “Easy how is that easy he won’t accept moon or sun?” Rhys asked her annoyed. “The sun needs the moon. The moon needs the sun. You have to destroy to be able to heal. With help harmony shall be had. He will help keep harmony safe.” Sam told him. “Well done.” He said. “Really that was easy?” Rhys asked her looking confused. “When you are the smartest dumb person in the world yeah.” I told him kissing Sam again. Elizabeth ran out the door pulled her into her arms and hugged her tight. “My mother needs to be taught harmony its time.” Beth told her. “I know mum.” Sam Moon Harmony Alysa told her. “Derek tell dad I will be there. Don’t do anything stupid. Stay safe. Okay. I need to actually sort
this mess out now.” Sam told me kissing me gently. “Stay under the radar. Find the real Sam and Sean they both have your blood in and will protect you. Get to your guards. Meet them somewhere safe.” I told her. She nodded. “Wait what’s happened?” Rhys asked really confused. “You need to protect her she is the harmony. She was meant to come after the war but came early to end it before it fully started.” Beth told him. Hugging her daughter tight. “Mother why all the mind games.” My wife asked rolling her eyes. “Meet me here every night, I will come for you.” she told me. I nodded. “Marco didn’t give my letter to the queen?” she asked worried. “no.” I admitted. “Good get him to destroy it. She can’t know we can communicate. Don’t seem to know too much okay.” she warned me. “Go.” She said and I felt us all get pushed out. “Well” Marco asked me worried. “She now knows her name.” I told him with a Grin. “What’s her name”? Drew asked interested. “She can fight but she won’t unless needs to. She can heal as well as destroy. What do you think her name is?” I asked him. “The prophecy said the royal child choices bring the harmony. We all just assumed she was the royal child.” I told them with a grin. They suddenly realised. “Bloody hell Beth.” Marco
mumbled. “Beth was the royal child who made the choices. Moon Is Harmony.” I told them with a grin. “It’s a good thing she convinced us all to drink her blood isn’t it.” Adam said seriously. We had all drunk her blood this week. On her demand. “yep.” I admitted.

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