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Chapter 54


When we came around Rhys looked at me worried. “What’s going on?” he asked me. “I need to do a lot of things. I’m not fully sure what I’m doing.” I admitted. He looked at me worried. “Do you trust me?” I asked him worried. “Yeah strangely I do.” he admitted. “Yeah I never understand why people do.” I admitted with a weak smile. “What do we need to do first?” he asked me worried. “Can I use your phone?” I asked politely. He handed his mobile over. First I rang dyna. “Hey dyna. Don’t panic I’m safe.” I told the stressed out guard. “Sam what the hell is going on? We cleaned the mess. Are you all okay?” she asked me. “I need you to get rid of our stuff make it look like we have left college. Unfortunately I am not coming back.” I admitted. “What do you mean?” Dyna asked worried. “Let’s just say the war is starting.” I told her trying not to cry about it. “I understand your majesty.” She said politely. “Sorry Dyna. I will clean up the mess.” I told
her weakly. “Does Marco and Derek know?” Dyna asked me worried. “They have been taken. They have been taken to force my hand.” I told her. She swore. “I wouldn’t do this unless I had no other choice.” I told her. “I know Sam where are you. We will come keep you safe.” Dyna told me. “I need you to get Spencer’s family safe. There human Dyna they can’t protect themselves.” I told her sadly. “I understand darling.” She told me. “Dyna in my stuff is an extremely important book. I need it destroyed. No one could translate it but me. But its important okay?” I asked her. “I understand Sam.” she told me. She was bound to me thank god. “Tell Mrs Morton. I’m sorry I failed.” I told her. “You haven’t failed.” Dyna told me. “Make sure everyone who knows me. Knows to be on their guard. Is Hannah still there?” I told her. “I will. Yeah Hannah and Paula are still here?” she said. “Get them to Judah get them safe.” I told her actually crying. “I will. Are you all safe?” Dyna asked me worried. “I don’t know yet.” I admitted. “I love you dyna. Thank you.” I said then I hung up. I rang my next person. “Judah?” I said. “Yes Sam?” he asked confused I realised he didn’t know anything was going on. “Hey. You know we talked about if anything was ever going to cause war?”
I tried to ask him calmly but I was crying. “Judah it’s going to happen I’m sorry. I failed.” I told him. “You haven’t failed.” He told me. “Get Hannah and Paula safe. Keep you and Kacie safe. Keep the young Amaris safe.” I told him. “Are you all okay?” he asked me worried. “I don’t know yet. Marco and Derek and the rest of the royals are in jail for treason. Just make sure you never doubt that I love you all.” I told him. “God Sam no one would ever doubt that.” he told me. “Thankyou Judah for everything. I love you.” I said and hung up. “Are you ringing a lot of people to tell them you love them?” Rhys asked me worried. “No don’t be silly.” I told him. But I dialled another number. “Hey Sean.” I told him. Sean was in full panic mode. I explained in detail what had happened Derek’s side. He swore again. I even told him about having to go separate way to Georgina and Greg. He admitted that he had Greg’s guards the seniors Sepiah and Leona. Leona’s guards peter and grace. I sent out a silent prayer of thanks. “Okay so what’s the plan?” he asked me when I had finished my explanation of what was happening. “I need to disappear.” I admitted. “Wait disappear?” he asked me shocked. “Yeah she wants me to go all guns blazing into the palace.” I told him. “It’s
why she took Derek.” I told him trying not to cry. “Do you want us to rescue them?” Sean asked me. “No I need you to find Georgina and Greg. Your first task.” I told him. “Wait why not you?” he asked me. “Because they think Georgina is the princess. We need to make them think that.” I told him calmly. “You can’t just disappear without any guards.” He told me. “Go to sleep at 1am tonight I will pull you to me.” I told him. “I got to get of this phone Incase.” I admitted. He knew what I meant by Incase. “Okay Sam.” he told me worried. “Sean only trust the guards bound to me.” I said crying. “I will.” He told me. “I love you Sean you’re the best big brother in the world.” I told him. “You’re the most annoying sister but I love you too Sam.” he said. I smiled weakly. Then I hung up. “You think the phone can be traced?” Rhys asked me. I nodded. “You all done making calls?” he asked me worried. I nodded I couldn’t reach anyone else via a number. That I knew of by heart. “Yeah.” I admitted he smashed the phone in his hand like it was made out of putty. Then dropped it to the floor. “Fair enough.” I told him with a weak smile. “Where first?” he asked me worried. “Empty my bank account. So we have cash.” I told him shrugging. “You got enough money?” he asked me worried. I gave
him a weak smile. “I’m a princess.” I told him smiling weakly. “Okay so I take it you have a lot of money.” He said rolling his eyes. “Let’s just say when it’s safe I’m taking you through the door and showing you my past.” I told him with a weak smile. “Do you need help down from the tree?” I asked him. “What should I call you?” he asked me interested. “See my problem with the name.” I told him with a smile. “Sams still best.” I told him. I jumped down from the tree. So did he. I pulled the bike down. I looked at it worried. I wanted to buy a car. “Can we buy a car?” I asked him hopefully. “Bikes are better for escaping.” He pointed out. He had a point. I climbed on the back on the motor bike and put the helmet down. “Where first?” he asked. “Hollywood.” I told him. “Hollywood?” he asked me interested. “Unfortunately so.” I told him. He nodded. We set of.

We settled in a motel for the night. He had been all for getting are own rooms. It wasn’t like we lacked the money. But I told him I wanted to talk to people in the weird place. I wanted him to come. “Do you all just walk around there?” Rhys asked me interested. “I only have had access about 2 months.” I admitted. We got a
room with a sofa and bed. He wanted to give me the bed. But I insisted on the sofa. We had stopped at a shop I had brought a few necessaries. Hair dye. Pjs. Clothes. Backpack. We couldn’t have much. I knew that. Especially on a motorbike. I disappeared into the bathroom for a while. I stood staring in the mirror at my new dyed hair, auburn for now. I would invest in a few wigs, Rather than keep dying it. I came out. Rhys looked at me. “You just dyed your hair you think that will confuse everyone?” he asked me confused. “It normally does.” I admitted. “I thought you said the Amaris where smart?” He questioned. “Smartest dumb people I know.” I told him shrugging. He looked at me confused. “When you meet more you’ll realise what I mean. Living for 500ish years you kind of lose touch with current technology.” I admitted. He weakly smiled at me. I looked at the time. 10 minutes’ till 1. “You ready?” I asked him. He nodded. I laid down on the sofa him on the bed. We then went to the place. No one was there yet. “Great they aren’t here yet.” I said panicked. I thought of them and tried to pull them. Sean, Taylor, Sepiah and Erin arrived instantly. “Sorry couldn’t get here without the pull.” Sean admitted. I knew the rest would be on guard currently. “That’s
fine.” I said hugging him. Then hugging the girls “Erin I’m so glad you’re alive.” I said hugging her tight. “Yeah Sam next time I’m being thrown of a 10 story building worn me.” Erin told me with a sad smile. I was wrapped in a huge girlie hug. Rhys watching confused and shocked. “Who are you?” Sean asked Rhys worried. “Rhys.” He said holding his hand out for Sean to shake. “Hes safe.” I told my brother. “What are you?” Sepiah asked confused. “Oh you lot haven’t heard. You know werewolves aren’t myths.” I told them shrugging. “Where are you?” I asked them. “We are in the car driving. If we keep moving we will be safer.” Taylor told me. I nodded. “Where are you two?” Sean asked worried. “A small town motel.” I said. “Okay any clue where Georgina and Greg are?” Sean asked worried. I thought of them both and tried to pull them in. Greg came. “Hey Greg.” I said hugging him. “Hey I’m glad you’re all safe.” He told us. “Are you safe mate?” Sean asked him. “Well currently Georgina’s watching me sleep. Taking it in shifts.” He admitted. “Where are you? We will come to you.” Sean told him. “We managed to get all the way to Talladega National Forest. We are camping.” He told us shrugging. I had to laugh. “Yeah you’re the opposite direction to us.” Rhys
admitted. “Where are you headed?” Sean asked us. “I need to get a bit of pops help.” I admitted. “So you’re going Hollywood. Where there are millions of Amaris?” Sean asked me not sounding impressed. “yeah.” I admitted. It wasn’t one of my best ideas but it was my idea. Derek and Marco walked up then. “THANKGOD.” Dad said hugging me. Before Derek could. “I’m fine dad.” I told him. “Dad?” Rhys asked confused. I know Marco only looked 25 it was confusing. “We are weird.” I said shrugging. “Plus he was a young Dad.” Sean teased. “Yeah I am the proud owner of a bunch of misfits now are you all okay?” Marco asked worried. “Fine.” We all admitted. He sighed a sigh of relief. “You all okay? The kids with you? Are you all okay?” I asked I knew I had asked the okay two times but I was worried. Derek wrapped me in his own hug. “We are fine.” He told me. “The kids?” I asked worried. “We have them with us.” Marco assured me. I sighed a sigh of relief. “Sawyers not bound to grandmother?” I asked worried. “No he isn’t.” Marco said. “Pop and doc are both bound to me.” I admitted. “So there safe?” Sean realised happily. “Yeah. I need pop to get a message out. Now I don’t have Kye.” I admitted. “We have no access to computers but Kye can still help if you need
advice.” Derek assured me. I nodded. We all looked at each other worried. “Are you safe?” I asked Marco. “I don’t think the queen can kill us legally. She actually made up the chargers.” Marco assured me. “So she can’t have you killed?” I realised. “Not legally.” Derek told me. “Illegally yes.” Marco said. Then he took in Rhys. “Nice to meet you.” he said politely. “Rhys my dad Marco. Dad Rhys.” I said with a smile. I was still hugging Derek. “Do you think you could get the kids out?” Erin asked. The first thing Erin had asked. “Erin?” I asked confused. “Prison is no place for an almost 3 year old and 2 baby’s.” Sepiah admitted. I realised they were right. So did Marco he looked sad. “The queen cost me one child.” he said angry. “But your right. Flick Cole and Toby can’t be raised in a cell.” He admitted. “Can you get the kids with a Guard out?” I asked. “We can try.” Derek told me looking sad for Marco. It hurt. “I would have them with me. But they won’t be safe.” I told him sadly. “It’s okay your sister will be fine.” Erin assured me. “If you can get them to me. I will take them to raise with Jessie and Sepiah until its safe.” Erin told them. I nodded. “Go to my pack I will have them waiting for you. They will protect you and the kids.” Rhys told them. “Pack?” Sean asked. “So werewolves
really do have packs?” Taylor asked fascinated. “Okay. Let us know meet in 3 days?” I asked them. “Why so long?” Greg asked worried. “Because this is draining.” Rhys admitted. I nodded. “You got blood?” Sean asked me. “I kind of can’t compel but I’m hoping I can rob a hospital tomorrow.” I admitted. “Are we closer to you than Georgina?” Sean asked us. “Yeah but I need to be under the radar.” I admitted. “We will rob a hospital. Leave you the weeks’ worth of blood in a locker?” Taylor told me. I nodded. “Sounds good.” I admitted. “Would you like anyone to stay with it?” Erin asked. I looked at them all. I did want them all to stay. They obviously realised that. “Anyone able to drive a motorbike?” Rhys asked. They all looked at him weird. “I can.” Greg said. I rolled my eyes. “What the hell you doing on motorbikes.” Marco demanded. “It’s quicker and gets us out of places easier than cars.” Rhys admitted. “I keep asking for a car. But he’s right we managed to slip down 4 roads we never would in a car.” I admitted. “Give me 50 seconds then pull me back in.” Taylor said pulling away. We quickly caught everyone up on the day. Greg and Georgina where having the worst time. Everyone had gone after them rather than me. Like I knew they would. “Sounds like
you two do need the guards.” Sean said sounding shocked. “Steal a bus.” I told them “Steal a bus?” Sepiah said laughing. “Yeah it sounds like you need one.” I said shrugging. I pulled Taylor back in. “okay none of us can accept Peter.” Taylor said annoyed. “That sounds like the driving licence problem again.” I laughed. She laughed and hugged me. “Peter will be great. He is bound.” I pointed out. They nodded. “So Sepiah and Leona. You and Jessie Grace Erin and hopefully Kye will be raising the kids till we are out.” Derek said. “If you can get Kye out be brilliant.” Sean told him. “Erin are you sure you can do that?” Marco asked worried. “I can do that.” Erin said. “Taylor Sean.” Marco said apologizing. “Everyone knows we stay with Alysa.” Sean pointed out. “So we need to stay away from her.” Taylor said sounding worried. “Protect Georgina.” I told them. They nodded. “Okay so everyone needs to split up. I need a message to go out to the younger generation.” I said. “What’s that?” Sean asked worried. “The moon needs the sun.” I said calmly. “The sun needs the moon.” Marco replied sadly. “What does that even mean?” Rhys asked. “It means we need humans and humans need us.” Derek explained. “I love you Sam.” Derek said kissing me
gently. He pulled away. “Dad?” I asked worried. “I have to go as well darling we will be fine. 3 day check-ups okay?” he told me. I nodded. “I love you stay safe okay?” I asked worried. “Beth can reach me if you need me.” he told me. I nodded. He pulled away. “So can you get more wolves with you?” Sean asked Rhys. He nodded. “I can get at least 100?” he told us. “Wow how many of you are there?” Erin asked. “A lot.” He said shrugging. “How many do you think you could keep a lid on in the human world?” Sean asked him. “So you’re sending 1 guy vampire?” he asked. “Vampires an insult.” Sep told him calmly. “Yeah 1.” Sean said sounding annoyed. “So that’s 2 bikes already maybe 2 more bikes wouldn’t get much attention.” Rhys admitted. “4 bikes?” Sean asked worried. “Yeah leave another vamp we can have 3 vampires and 3 wolves.” He said calmly. Agape smiled at him “why are you willing to help us so much?” Erin asked interested.

“He kind of told me if I don’t the world gets destroyed.” He pointed at Agape. “Plus if you get outed to the humans so do we.” He pointed out. He had a big point. We agreed somewhere we would really quickly meet up. Then I would take Peter and another friend who no one could decide. I wanted Erin and we would separate
again to confuse anyone watching us. Wolves where going to be joining them as well. “So we are really mixing together?” Taylor asked impressed. “yep.” I said. We had big hugs then had to pull apart. The next day we met up with them briefly. They couldn’t stay long. They needed to get to work. “Spread the word as you go college towns.” I told them. They nodded. I hugged them all tight. “I really don’t like leaving you Sammy.” Sean told me. “Are you too actually related?” Rhys asked confused. “Not really but I have been her twin brother along time.” Sean told him. “Can you please make sure you stay safe?” Taylor told me hugging me. Peter looked at his new ride impressed. “Okay then nice bike.” He said shocked. “Erin.” I asked her. She looked at me and smiled. “please.” I wanted her to stay with me. “She does kind of need you.” Peter told her she looked at the bike worried. “Jessie Grace could you cope 2 royals and 3 royal kids?” Erin asked them. “Come on Erin you know we can swop around if needed.” Sepiah told her. “We aren’t disappearing forever. This hopefully will be over in time to redo this school year.” Taylor told her with a weak smile. “Okay Sammy you’re stuck with me. Rather than Taylor.” Erin said hugging me. “Sounds like Christmas.” I said
hugging her. She laughed. She had a backpack full of blood. I had a backpack full of blood. She climbed behind Peter I climbed behind Rhys and we were of. Time to show my grandmother what I could do.

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