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Chapter 6 - Sean POV

I watched an obviously weak Sam leave. she was obviously trying not to be obvious but i slightly thought she was failing. well to everyone who knows her. I had wondered why she was so quiet. Normally she would have been first to defend royals fighting. She has a whole speech about it. She used to give me it a lot normally in very fast french when i pissed her off. My whole little group watched Sam go worriedly. We all knew she hadn’t been sleeping, but we all never really thought about her as weak. She would never let us. “You drink just from bags?” Greg guessed. I looked at him not sure what to say for the best. “Princess Alysa refuses to drink from humans. So her whole group doesn’t. Sam was in a big fight 2 days ago, protecting King Spencer and princess Alysa. She hasn’t quiet recovered yet, but when she has she’ll be kicking our asses like normal.” i say seriously. Not mentioning how she actually was responsible for them getting in the situation in the first place. “She took just the one guard in?” Greg asks interested. “Yes Sam doesn’t look intimidating. But she’s extremely powerful, so she’s the best for their current tasks.” I say seriously. she doesn't look threatening but hell is she. “Is the princess Nice?” Tamzin asks Sepiah worriedly. God the girl reminded me of Hannah. “You know you remind me of my friend Hannah. You’re so nervous.” Sep said voicing my opinion. “Um thanks.” The girl responded nervously. “She’s due to arrive today it’s worth meeting seeing if you get on. She’s your age. She and her friend Paula are just normal Amaris not royals. But both girls are the best.” Sep says seriously. I think she was trying to help her get friends her age. This is Seps world dealing with royals i should just make Sep deal with introductions. oh wait she had been and it went this badly. “Well this is awkward still.” Erin says as we all stood still nervously unsure what to say or do for the best. “So I don’t know if you want retraining and royal training but we do daily exercises.” i start trying to stay calm. “We would love daily training.” Lord Greg informs me. His guards nod. I noticed he had a friendly relationship with both. that was good. Whilst Tamzin seemed frightened of her guards. “Lady Tamzin are you happy with your guards?” I ask her interested. i have never seen a royal scared of there protection before. Tamzin looks at me frightened oh she was so like Hannah. “Yes I’m fine. They will train to. If you think I can I’m willing to learn.” Tamzin told me she seemed to half whisper her words. “When Hannah arrives would you like for us to go out for ice-cream?” Sep asked the girl. “Yeah that would be lovely?” Tamzin says nervously. “So it’s settled our training time is 4 pm for after class run.” i say seriously. “And 5 am for before.” Erin says, yeah that run is likely to be cancelled the girls and getting up that early is unlikely. hell its unlikely for me and the guys. “You only have to choice one run.” i start to explain. “We can work you up to the distance we start small at first.” i assure the royals. “Guards go all out. Plus we have fights.” Erin told them. “I think king Derek will be joining in tomorrow’s fights so if you don’t think royals can fight you should come watch.” i say seriously making sure i look at George when i say it. “Does princess Alysa fight?” Lord Greg asks me interested. no one knows much about Ally. “Let’s just say you never want to see Alysa in a real fight.” i say as calmly as i can. “Now if you decide you want to join us. Please let me know. Erin will give you my number. I need to go make sure the princess and her husband are okay. Before I go please remember their location is a secret. If one of you reveals it you will all be in trouble.” i say firmly as hell. Erin literally hands over a card with my number. “I’m going to get ice-cream with Princess Leona. Would you like to join?” Sep asks the two royals. Where would we all be without her? “Want me to bring one back for Alysa and Sam?” Erin asks me worried. “Yeah please. Their usual.” i tell her she nods. i then walk off towards the dorm leaving them all to it. Now i need to find out what is wrong with Sam.

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