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Chapter 7 - Derek POV

I was sat with Sam curled up on my lap on the sofa in the girls Apartment. I watch her drink the 2nd bag of blood mixed into some coffee. “Derek I’m fine. I’m just tired.” she assures me. “You should have at least rested a bit. This summer.” I scold her even though i'm not cross just worried as hell. “What time did we have to rest?” Sam asked me, she had a point. Whilst I had dealt with the Court she and Spencer had gone to hidden towns giving them the option to vote, as well as dealing with human relations. Calm dinners and meetings with different important people all around the world. Trying to rebuild our peoples human relations. “What’s up?” I ask her looking her straight in the eyes, I needed answers this is so unlike her. “Nothing serious I promise. Just not been sleeping.” she assures me. “Nightmares again? I thought they had all gone?” I ask her worriedly, I knew from the others she hadn’t slept much, she had been screaming in her sleep. The problem was they might not always
be dreams. Sam had been through a lot in her life, she had also killed a lot of people and feared doing it again. She was so scared of her own powers. Also there was a lot, even the royals didn’t know about the main family. Alysa was so powerful. “They are gone it was just the shock of sleeping alone.” Sam tells me, i can see that even shes trying to convince herself of her words. But even how she said it made me want to ask her what they were about. The thing was even when she did tell me she wouldn’t tell me all of it. As though she needed to keep bits back. I knew a few of them. She feared losing me, she feared being the destroyer but neither of those things was ever going to happen. “How’s Cole behaving when you left?” Sam asks obviously trying to change the subject, although she missed the baby’s more than she missed the parents, and I knew she missed them a lot. “Well I think when we have children. If they are anything like their mother. When they get there powers they really will burn down the castle in a strop.” I try to joke. We were debating burning the castle down if we were going to have to move in. Alysa didn’t want to live in a castle. She was used to the freedom. “He did get his powers very young.” Taylor comments from her beanbag where shes sat reading a magazine trying to stay out our conversation. “Yeah I think that’s what’s worrying his parents.” I admit. It was a worry. Normally royals didn’t get there power till roughly the age of 6. Non royals about 8-10. The fact was Cole had awoken very early. i know it could just be his jealously as he wasn’t being the centre of attention anymore. But I wasn’t fully sure. Although fire was the only thing that had awoken which is the angry element. His Dad was an earth and so was his mum so it would make sense his main element being earth. I knew we would all have to watch and see. The fact was if he did awaken fully this early he could be extremely powerful. Alysa herself had awoken at birth apparently. Cole could be as powerful as his crazy auntie, that was a scary thought. “Does he have to drink blood now?” Taylor asks me worriedly. I think that was one of the worst things, every Amaris had to live through. There first blood. Although Alysa had never done her first human drink. She point blank refuses to now. Most Amaris could never forget it. Or their first bag as well. Alysa had been brought up as blood being wrong but needed. She had never known any different from drinking blood. Although even now she couldn’t just drink blood unless she was desperate she had to hide it in food or drinks. “No thank god.” I told Taylor with what I hoped was a calm expression. I wasn’t going to admit even to me how much I feared Cole having to go through that. “So Coles going to be strong?” Taylor asks interested. “I couldn’t say yet. Only fires awakened and we all know that’s the one that people use to lash out with. It could just be temporary” I half tease her and half pray is the case.

Sam had gone very still in my arms she must of drifted of to sleep. All of a sudden I felt like I was being burnt. “Sam.” I said looking down at her that was when I started to worry even more. Sam didn’t just feel like she was on fire. She was. “Derek let go of her or she’ll burn you.” Taylor said as panicked as I was. “Taylor ring the Amaris doctor.” I told Taylor trying to stay calm. Sam wasn’t screaming she wasn’t showing any signs of even being in any discomfort she was just on fire! That was when the door knocked. Great not right now unless it was a doctor or someone who knew what was going on, Taylor and I didn’t have the time. “Hello doctor Pawl?” Taylor said into her phone. it was a number Spencer's Dad had given us for emergency's. “I’m an Amaris I need desperate assistance.” Taylor said into the phone. “Taylor I know hes an illegal doctor but we need to rush.” I yell at her. That was when the banging on the door got louder. “It’s me.” Sean shouted through the door. why the hell isn't he using his own key? I knew he would bust the door down in a second. Taylor quickly opened the door. I was trying my hardest to keep Sam from setting anything on fire keeping my water on her. It was literally making a steam room. “Put her down.” Sean told me trying to seem calm but the panic all over his face was anything but. He looked at me as seriously. “What the hell’s going on?” I tried not to scream at him. “She’s burnt out. Literally.” Sean told me although he seemed as stressed as I was. "I've only ever seen it once and i didn't realise she was that exhausted." Sean says he looks like hes fighting with himself not to panic. Well one of us panicking is enough and i take that role.

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