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Chapter 8 - Sean POV

“Derek get in her room and don’t come out until we say it’s safe.” Taylor told Derek sternly. “But” Derek went to say more but I interrupted Taylor had a huge point. “Taylor has a point if the doctor sees you he might refuse to help her.” I told him, it felt wrong to send Derek away from her, but it was needed now. “We need to actually have Sam as a guard. A fire guard to explain how she’s burnt herself out.” Taylor explained. We had both heard of fire users doing this. Normally in their 300's but Sam never took it easy. She literally had burnt herself out. It was more important for her to get the treatment she needed than anything else right now. I didn’t even care we had to resort to this doctor. As long as he treated her, I would call a million people if they would help her. If he saw Derek he might work out who Sam was and not treat her. Derek reluctantly went into Sam’s room. Who we kidding Sams and his room. “Whose guard she going to be?” Derek asked
looking worried before he left the room. I hadn’t thought of that. “Spencer’s or Sepiah’s?” I ask Taylor worried. “Say it doesn’t matter unless we get asked directly. Then Spencer’s.” Taylor told me looking worried. I nod. Sam was still on fire but she wasn’t in pain. She was literally asleep. “Ever actually dealt with anything like this?” Taylor asked me worriedly. “Never but I watched Sawyer do it once.” I admit. “She’s going to set the place on fire.” I suddenly realised as the sofa started going up. Without Derek keeping the sparks at bay. “What do we do?” Taylor asked putting it out as quickly as she could. “Run a bath. Quick.” I yelled at Taylor she did. Thankfully both being fire touching Sam was fine. We managed to put her in the water it hissed as she went in.

“where is the bloody doctor.” I Yelled. We had to keep the water running as it was turning into steam as it touched her. Taylor was doing her hardest to try take as much of the fire of Sam as she could control herself. When the door banged I ran to it. Thankfully a very stressed Amaris stood there with a Halfling. “Thank god. Please help.” I yell at them. They came rushing in. Not even caring to ask who she was. “Wow she’s so young! What the hell has she been doing to run herself like this.” The doctor demands at me. “She got in a fight the other day.” I explain trying to stay calm. He looked at Sam and injected her with a sedative. Sam went out as if someone had literally blown a candle. Whilst all the water had done nothing. The doctor got to work insisting an IV. “Is she going to be okay?” I ask still stressed. “She should be. She will be out of power for a few weeks but should make a full recovery. What have you been doing to run yourselves down this much?” The doctor asked. Not exactly angry but like he couldn’t think what a bunch of college students could do to get this bad. Had Alysa not managed to get around to him yet? I knew she was leaving our closer Amaris illegals alone until last. “Who’s your royal?” the Amaris Doctor asked but he was still calmly treating Sam. Taylor looked at me worriedly. “You’re a doctor does it matter?” Taylor asked worriedly. “You made an oaf to protect and heal so does it matter who our royal is?” I tried. “No but they really shouldn’t be getting in this much danger to course this.” The Halfling said. “Have you heard about the changes?” Taylor asks trying to be calm. “About the new Halfling king?” she carried on I wanted her to shut up. She spent too much time with Sam. “Yes of course. I’m just waiting till my group are ready then I am re registering.” The doctor told us. I nod. “Are royals King Spencer.” I told them calmly. “You’re the Halfling kings guards? He was given guards?” the Halfling nurse said in confusion. But the doctor had attached Sam to a bag of blood and painkillers and she seemed to be almost sleeping peacefully. “Okay we need to get her into a bed now she’s calm.” The doctor told me. “Put her in my room.” Taylor said suddenly realising we couldn’t put Sam in her own due to Derek. God we had told him the wrong room to hide in. the girls would just have to swap stuff, it wasn’t going to be hard. Although Sam had got the bigger room and the room with no windows. I picked Sam out the bath and carried her into Taylor’s room. “We need to strip her or she will get worse in those wet clothes.” The Halfling nurse explained. I look at Taylor. “Go get her some pj's from her room.” She told me. “Wouldn’t it be better to put her in her room?” the Halfling nurse asked worriedly. “No” both me and Taylor said too quickly. I ran to Sam’s room, Derek looked at me worriedly he went to talk but I shook my head in our groups version of saying SHUT UP. “Pj's now!” I said to him. He pulled out a top of his and a pair of shorts. “Really this is your idea of pj's?” I ask him he gave me a nervous look. “She’ll be fine don’t worry. Once they are gone you can come out.” I tell him. I quickly run back out. Derek re locking the door behind me. The lock was a new thing each girl had decided on this year. “King Spencer’s more than safe to come out.” the Amaris doctor told me as he must have realised we were hiding someone in there. “We prefer him being locked in there currently.” Taylor said calmly. The nurse had practically stripped Sam. Taylor quickly dressed her whilst I turned around. “I need the patients name and Linage.” The Amaris doctor told us. “Linage?” Taylor asked trying to stay calm. “Her names Sam she’s the daughter of 2 guards both dead.” I lied calmly. “Who’s her next of kin they will need to be informed.” The nurse told me calmly. “That would be me I’m her brother.” I said. “Do you have no elder relatives at all?” the doctor asked worriedly. “No unfortunately not. Is it important? I can do everything my little sister needs.” I told them starting to get annoyed at how this conversation was going. “Who’s the guard In charge of your group?” The Doctor asks taking the calm unconscious Sams temperature shaking his head at the results. I looked at Taylor she looked at me, if we gave are real levels we would be screwed. “That would be me.” I told them trying to stay calm. The doctor sighed obviously deciding there wasn’t an elder Amaris on campus. “When did she last drink from a human?” the doctor asked. “Sam hasn’t ever drunk from a human.” Taylor told them. “She means for a few weeks.” I said realising that would be unheard of for an Amaris. “I need the exact date.” The doctor told me worriedly fishing out more blood bags from his bag. The door banged then. Great all we needed more bloody Amaris in this situation. “She had 2 bags just before she started being on fire.” Taylor said trying not to panic. We couldn’t even compel are way out of this. Like we normally would, as the only one of us who could compel like needed was Sam. “And before that?” the Nurse said writing it down. “She had 1 yesterday I think. I can’t remember seeing her drink it.” I told them. “Do you know the day before and how much magic she’s been using?” “She and another guard compelled the college into our apartment locations.” Taylor said calmly. “On one bag of blood?” the nurse said not believingly. “The day before I know she had 4 because she had 2 before the fight and 2 after.” I told them trying to seem unfazed. That was when a mini hurricane started in the room. “What we’re not attacking you!” The doctor told me trying to calm me and Taylor. One look at Sam I could see she wasn’t fire anymore but she was going to lose Wind for a few weeks. “Sams quiet powerful in air magic it’s her second element.” I said trying not to seem as worried as I was. Sam was going to give herself away if we weren’t careful. “She shouldn’t be able to do any magic with that sedative.” The doctor said as panicked looking at Sam worriedly as the room literally became blowing things everywhere. “Is it safe to give her another one?” I asked trying to stay calm. The doctor struggled to get to Sam with the wind pushing him away but managed to inject another sedative into her. “Okay I need your linage.” The doctor told me worriedly. If she starts using water were screwed I thought. Fire and air, the last 2 elements she had used. She had used wind apparently in the escape and a bit of fire. She had used fire yesterday as well to cook a marshmallow. Sam settled down again the wind stopping like it had started suddenly. “We don’t know.” I lied. “You don’t know?” the doctor said worriedly, I think even he could tell I was lying. But he was sorting out Sams IV bag that she had managed to blow out of herself. “Okay another way what is her main element. She’s obviously very strong in fire and air. Which one is her main?” The doctor asked worriedly. “Um” I said. “Okay I’m going to need the truth or I can’t treat her.” the doctor told us looking angry. “The truth?” I said trying to stay calm. “The truth is her fathers a royal and her mother’s a guard. No one knows. She also never specialised she’s one of those very rare twins” Taylor tried. That seemed to satisfy the Doctor. “Do you know which royal?” I looked at Sam she really did look like Drew and Marco with her black hair. The door opened then and Erin came in with Sepiah chatting away calmly carrying ice-creams. They suddenly seemed to realise something big was going on. “What’s going on?” Lady Sepiah said looking worriedly at the Doctor and then they took in Sam with the IV. “I thought she was just tired.” Sep said panicked. That was also when Spencer and Jessie walked in the door still open from the girls. “Erin Jessie get King Spencer out of here.” I said as calmly as I could. That was of course when Sam decided to start being water. It was like the room suddenly started raining. “Get in and shut the door.” Taylor yelled. Worriedly. “What’s going on?” Judah said worriedly coming in before they could shut the door. He must have just arrived as he still held a box. “GET IN AND SHUT THE DOOR.” I yelled. He complied. “Can you give her another sedative?” I asked the doctor wondering if Sam could be given anymore. He injected her with another injection and the rain suddenly stopped. “How Strong is she?” the Halfling nurse asked looking shocked at Sam. “Oh she’s the strongest Amaris ever born.” Derek said coming out his room obviously deciding it was time for them to treat her knowing who she was or they wouldn’t be leaving this room.

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