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Chapter 9 - Derek POV

I had no clue what was going on. I could hear Taylor and Sean sounding very stressed, but not full out panicked but I couldn’t hear their words. I needed to know what was going on with my wife. I heard Sepiah and Erin arrive. Then I heard Spencer and Jessie, of course the Doctor and nurse thought they were hiding him in here. So the chances where they were going to work out someone was still in here. Then I heard Judah arrive I decided then that was enough guards as mine where only in there room. That was when the rain started in the apartment. The rain stopped I was wet but I decided I needed to get to my wife. I hated not having a clue what was going on. I wanted to be with her. Even if I had to use everyone to force the doctor into helping her. I opened the door in time to hear the nurse ask “How Strong is she?” “Oh she’s the strongest Amaris ever born.” I said trying not to shock them to much with my presence. It was too late both stared at our group in shock. “You’re not in trouble unless you don’t treat her.” I told them seriously. Both nodded their understanding tongues tied. Well everyone knew who I was now. I really had fitted into this future king role better than I would of ever thought imaginable. “Now what is wrong with my wife?” I asked them worriedly. “She’s burnt out.” The doctor explained nervously. “What does that mean?” Sepiah asked before I could. “It means she will lose her magic for a few weeks whilst her body rests and heals.” Judah explained before the doctor could, I looked at him. “Is this normal?” I asked generally. “For a 300 year old. Yes. For a 19 year old Amaris no. she has been doing far too much.” the doctor explained. “Well of course she has, she’s changing the world. It’s not easy.” I told him trying not to be angry he was helping my wife after all. He stood holding a sedative waiting In case earth made an appearance. “If she makes an earthquake we needed to stop it quick.” He explained looking at Sam with worry. “Actually she’s more likely to make a tree start growing inside.” I told him trying to stay calm. But of course that was what Sam started doing. Yep I knew my wife. Even burning out she was still into healing earth than wrecking it. The doctor injected her. “So
how often does this actually happen?” I asked worriedly. “I have dealt with 8 cases in 300 years.” The doctor said. I nodded. “So rarely?” Sean said looking at Sam worriedly. “This is the worst case I’ve ever seen. How long since she last rested?” The doctor asked. We all looked at each other. “We kind of relaxed last summer.” Jessie suggested. “No we didn’t we still practised daily.” Sean reminded him. “Whilst she lived as a human.” I said working it out. “About 4 years ago, she hasn’t been able to rest since she got found.” I suddenly realised. Sam hadn’t rested at all in 4 years. This summer had been the most shattering but even then it had been a lot before. “4 years?” the doctor asked amazed. “She’s defiantly run herself down.” Judah said looking at Sam with pure worry. “Wait does this mean she’s powerless?” Sean asked worriedly. “Will she go crazy with the elements again?” Erin asked. “She won’t go crazy with the elements again. If she does she needs the sedative. When did she last drink from a human?” the doctor said. “Alysa has never drunk from a human. She was raised similarly to Halflings in the human world. Not knowing others like her.” I explained slightly explaining a bit of my wife. “Wait she was?” the Halfling nurse asked fascinated. No one really knew much of Alysa story. The IV was empty the doctor changed the bag calmly. Although he seemed so nervous. “Will she be okay?” Sepiah asked the doctor calmly before I could ask my next question. “She should be fine. She just needs loads of blood and rest. Till she gets her strength back.” The doctor told us calmly. “So what can we do to help her?” I asked. “Well first you should bloody hold your wife.” Sepiah told me looking worriedly at me. I looked at her. I knew I felt like screaming and shaking the doctors for answers, and all I wanted was to hold Sam and not let go. “Is it safe to hold her?” I asked the doctor he nodded but I noticed he still had his sedatives out. “She should be completely knocked out.” he told me although he didn’t look certain. I nodded and picked Ally up like the tiny thing she actually is. She looked so fragile asleep. She always did.

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