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“Sam it’s not safe.” “Yeah if it’s not safe it’s a no.” “You expect saving the world to be safe?” I questioned. “No but I don’t see how walking straight into a trap, could be the way to go.” The 6th book in the Amaris series. Its all got a bit crazy. Book 6 starts off 2 weeks after book 5 ended. This is first draft.

Fantasy / Adventure
Katy Rayne
4.9 11 reviews
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Chapter 1 Harmony

There comes a day when what is green turns red with blood, the Royal child will decide if there is to be a time of war and a world of darkness. Or the beginning of a better future and an era of harmony. Only the child can decide if she is to be the destroyer or the healer. It shall be then, when the darkness rises once more. That her choice will see the combining of 2 worlds into one. Only she can renew the Amaris’s humanity.

If Harmony fails all that shall be left is Hope.


I looked at my husband sadly. “I’m fine Sam.” he assured me. “It’s been 2 weeks Derek, I’m sorry.” I told him. “It’s not your fault.” He assured me. “Yeah it is.” I told him. “Are you safe?” he asked me. I watched the sea hit the sand and run over a shell dragging it into the sea in the backwash. “We are on a beach do you think I would meet you here if I wasn’t safe?” I asked him with a weak smile. “Yes it’s you. Where are you really?” he asked me. I looked at the sea. “Currently I am in a tent waiting on werewolves to arrive, who Rhys claims are safe. Erin and Peter are watching me.” I told him. He nervously laughed. “I really don’t know how I feel about so many werewolves. When we were brought up believing they were myths.” “Yeah he says the same about vampires after we got attacked yesterday.” I told him laughing. “When is Erin leaving you?” He asked me worried. “She’s leaving later. We’re going to let Sepiah find somewhere safe to be with the kids before we make moves then she will leave a long trail away. The queen granted the kids leaving and Sepiah’s and Jessie’s pardon. It will just look like she was sent to leave a trail away from them.” I admitted. “Where’s Georgina?” he asked me worried. “Last I got hold of that group they were on their way to Washington to warn people what is coming.” I admitted. “It will take them a few weeks they keep getting attacked on their way and can’t be too obvious where there going. There sleeping in the day whilst I’m sleeping at night. If you can reach them let me know.” I admitted. “But your safe?” he said pushing a curl from my face. “I’m safer than you are.” I admitted. My husband was sat in a jail cell with my dad, my stepmother, my aunt and uncle, their guards and until 2 days ago my cousins, half-sister and his cousin. We were currently in the strange place that I wasn’t sure was in our heads or on a different plane of existence. Normally people have to be pulled here by me or Rhys and it turns out Derek. Yep it looks like we were destined to find each other. I wonder sometimes if there were others who could come here. If they would help me. I am not actually a vampire I am an Amaris. We are kind of like vampires in the fact we drink human blood. Which we steal from hospitals in blood bags. We should drink from humans, but my group wont. We are also like what humans consider witches. I can’t wait to meet my first real witch and see if they are like us in anyway. A normal Amaris has strong elemental magic in either earth water fire or air. They also have weak in the other elements that aren’t there chosen. I on the other hand am the princess of the Amaris. Because of this I don’t have one element I have all of them. I am also the strongest Amaris born in 20 generations, of the royal family. Well actually 21 generations but the queen can’t know that I know that she is my grandmother, not my mother. Currently I’m still sick. I’m getting there though, I have earth back to full strength and thanks to Erin I now have water too. I just need to reconnect with Fire and Air. Before I go face the problems. What’s best is to keep under the radar. People want to get hold of me. Although they will kill anyone who protects me I’m not 100% sure if they would kill me or keep me alive. I’m not sure if the werewolves know what they’re getting into. Rhys claims they do. But I think the fact hes there pack leaders son and next leader, they kind of have to do what he says. But there helping us so much. Sepiah told me last night about the 6 she now has with her. They are keeping the kids and that group perfectly safe although they weren’t very happy that she took them to a different country. Sean wasn’t impressed but Rhys insisted he had 3 with him too, they should arrive with his group today as well. I have to laugh sometimes at my real name, Harmony. I really am anything but currently. I have a lot of names, Harmony, Moon, Princess Alysa, Princess Harmony, Samira, Sam, and Ally I have even gone by Sally. I am still going through a bit of an identity crisis. I would go by Moon. But it’s important that my grandmother doesn’t know I know. So Georgina one of my friends and body guards goes by Alysa. She is like always pretending to be the princess. Keeping people as far away from me as possible. The nice thing about the name Sam is it can represent most my names. S – Samira. A – Alysa. M – Moon. Derek looked at my auburn hair I had today. “Sometimes I wonder why you think just by changing your hair colour you will be safe.” He half-heartedly joked. “Hey I better be I have 10 wigs now. If there a waste I might cry.” I tried to tease. “You in a car yet?” Derek asked me teasingly trying to lighten the stress over both of us. He had his arm wrapped around me. There was a beautiful sunset in front of us. If only this was real. “No Rhys is still insisting that motorbikes are safer.” I moaned. He laughed I had told both him and Rhys a lot that I didn’t like being on the bike. “They feeding you all okay?” I asked him worried. “We get daily blood, daily food. Even daily visits from the queen.” He admitted. “Oh she still not gave up?” I asked trying not to sound defeated. I just hoped she would. “Nope she’s saying that she will find you eventually.” He admitted. “Yeah good luck.” I told him. “I wonder what would happen when and if the Amaris ever know what she’s done.” I asked him. “When I am out of prison I think me and you need a holiday.” Derek told me. I nodded. “Beach and cocktails for real?” I asked him with a smile. “Defiantly.” He said with a matching smile. “It’s a good thing you look so young you can redo college.” Derek teased me. I had to laugh. “We will both redo college. This time we will be in same year.” I told him. It felt strange only 2 weeks ago I was a college student in my second year Derek his 3rd. Now Derek was being held prisoner and I was being hunted yet again. I would give up, but millions of people needed me to be strong and fight, not just survive this time. But here was hoping I do survive or the world kind of ends. No pressure really. So it’s possibly in people’s best interest to keep me alive. But no one seems to see it that way. I think there dumb but I am apparently the dumbest genius out there. I felt the tug back in the human world someone needed my attention. “Hey so next week’s your birthday. It looks like we will be apart. Want to meet here and I’ll bring everyone or alone as a married couple?” Derek tried to joke. Marco had finally had enough of me not knowing and asked Beth when I was born. “I thought we weren’t legally married.” I teased him weakly. “I meant my vows Sally.” He told me kissing me gently. “I meant mine. I will meet you back here later if I can.” I told him. “But if not I will make sure I’m here by Wednesday.” I told him with a weak smile. He nodded. “I love you.” I told him. “I love you too darling.” He assured me. Holding my hand as the beach faded and we walked out the door. “Hey dad.” Derek said calmly to the man at the door. I gave him a quick kiss as I faded back to the real world. He stood looking sadly at me whilst talking to his dad.

I woke up to Erin prodding me. “Hey what’s wrong?” I asked as greeting. “You said to wake you if you were longer than 3 hours.” She told me. “Sorry there is no time there.” I pointed out. She nodded, but looked really worried. I sat up. Peter was sat in the tent with us. “I don’t like it.” she said. I rolled my eyes we had been having this conversation since, well since I agreed to have more werewolves with me. “They aren’t bound to you.” she pointed out. Like I didn’t know that already. “Sepiah says her groups nice.” I said shrugging. “Cole loves them.” I pointed out. “Coles just happy to be outside again.” Peter pointed out. “I wish I could stay.” Erin told me. I nodded I wished she could stay too. But someone had recognised her. So she needed to go. “You’re wanted. You’re putting us in more danger.” Peter pointed out. “I know. It’s a good job no one actually knows what you look like.” She told me I nodded. If anyone had to describe Sam they would always say little and cute with longish black hair which she used to hide her face. If they had to describe Alysa they would describe Georgina. That was about all my people could do, it was not very flattering really. Currently I had auburn hair but I was wearing a blonde wig with blue eyes yesterday in a little pink dress that made me look like a lady, when we were attacked. No one realised who I was. My eyes had to always be hidden. If someone saw my actual green we might be in more trouble than we got for having Erin with us. “In fact they had told Peter he could take his lady and leave.” Which he reluctantly did. We had to trust Erin. Peter got me on the back of his motorbike and we were of. Rhys waiting about for Erin. She had managed to escape but she was being followed. “I have to go. If I could get Taylor to you I would.” she told me hugging me tight. “Taylors got to protect Alysa.” I pointed out. She nodded reluctantly. “It’s a good thing the queen hasn’t got a clue what you are actually like.” Peter pointed out. I nodded sadly, it was a good job, but I would have loved to have got to know her and none of this to happen. “I wish we were all home at college.” I admitted. Erin hugged me tight. “Sammy I wish the world could just be safe for you.” She told me. “It never has been, it never will be. We just got to deal with it.” I told her with a weak smile. “How are Derek and everyone?” Peter asked me. “There all okay. They miss the kids and are worried they want daily updates.” I informed them. They both smiled weakly. “It’s a shame the queen didn’t grant Kayla and Marianna leaving.” Erin said sadly. “We all knew she wouldn’t. She doesn’t care about kids growing up with their parents. Or she would never have done what she did to dad and then to do it again, I try to forgive her but she makes it so hard. She also knows they can stand up to her and wouldn’t be silenced.” I said sadly trying not to cry. I wished the kids could be with their parents. I wished none of this was happening. If it was the best for my people I would go to the court and hand myself in. but it wasn’t, that much I knew. Peter handed me a blood bag I put it in a plastic cup and covered it with Fizzy. “Hey at least I have a car now.” Erin piped up. I had to laugh. “Can I admit I want to steal the car?” I asked her. She laughed. “I miss everyone.” I admitted. “One day if we all survive, we can all have a nice holiday?” Peter tried to keep it light. “Yeah a holiday would be nice.” I told him. Rhys popped his head in the tent and looked at us worriedly. “They here?” Peter asked trying not to let on any of his own nerves but failing. Well we had seen Rhys in battle in both human and Wolf mood. Rhys was 6 foot of pure muscle he makes us look weak and we are a lot stronger than humans. He looked a similar age to my uncle Andrew but then Drew would look that age for at least a 100 years, if he lived that long. I had asked Rhys how old he was as he keeps calling me kid. He is 27 so only 7 ish years older than me. But then I am still a kid in Amaris terms too. If I live my whole life I could possible live till I am about 500. I personally am worried I’m not going to make it to 21. Make that 20. I now know my birthday is Wednesday so I can hope that I at least make it to 20. Spencer’s older than me. He turned 20 last week, I apparently ow him not just 1 6 pack but 8 and a birthday cake, if I live I will personally make him the cake and go buy him the beer. He has been set free. Yes I know it was shocking. He apparently was discharged from all wrong doings as long as he disappeared and never bothered the Amaris again. I knew he was safe he was back at college with Hannah and Paula with Cyrus and Dyna still undercover, my grandmother could not get in his head, he isn’t bound but I have a lock on his head. Thanks to my mum’s advice on how to keep anyone else from compelling him, he doesn’t know it but the lock doesn’t allow me to either. I have made him completely safe from any future compulsion. The girls were safe they claimed to not know Alysa and the queen brought it, they also knew how to act like they could be compelled, even though there bound so can’t be by anyone but me. I knew they all wanted to join me but they were safe and getting there college education that was all that mattered to me. I wished I could.

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