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Dragon Soul

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When you bring back the dead there's always a price to pay but,what happens when you bring back a dragon soul from the gates of limbo? Nadia's destiny has been chosen in the most unexpected way.

Fantasy / Adventure
Nicole Rosario
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Chapter 1

She ran so fast, her feet were hardly touching the ground for more than a millisecond. The wind blew her long, black hair, and the sun was being unforgivably violent. Her breath was getting short. I do not care. I have to run. I can't let Thomas and his friends catch me, Nadia thought as she continued running as though her life was depending on it. The big crowd of adults standing in the middle of the street market was no obstacle for Nadia in that moment. After she kindly asked Joseph the baker for some of his bread, he gave her a good piece. But as she left the bakery, Nadia noticed Thomas and his friends waiting outside to steal her precious and warm piece of bread. Nadia started to run at the sight of the boys.

She jumped over one of the streets vendors. Adults were whispering and gossiping all around about the girl. "That girl is nothing but trouble," one of the older ladies said as her eyes followed Nadia running.

“Oh excuse me sir, ma'am,” she says hurriedly as she runs through the crowd of adults. I have to endure this a little longer, at least until I get outside of the town.

When she finally saw the exit, her body was covered in sweat, her heart racing. The little girl fell to her knees, feeling the dry grass. Nadia touched her chest to verify that her heart was still there. Those brats. They are too slow for me, Nadia said as she began to indulge in the delicious bread which scattered crumbs on her dress. When finished, she laid on the grass and gazed at the sky with a smile. Ha! I won. Now is the perfect time to go back home . . . before those kids arrive.

She somehow felt the presence of the boys getting closer. I dont care. I ate my bread--what they are going to do? If they want a fight, a fight they will get.

Thomas was the skinny boy with freckles all over his face. He looked at Nadia with disgust; for a ten-year-old boy, he looked scary. His eyes gave her chills, like Nadia could feel the darkness running through his body. Thomas had awfully dark brown eyes that could easily be mistaken for black. I wouldn't be surprised if that boy didnt have a soul, Nadia said to herself in silence.

“Well, well, Nadia took what was mine once again,” Thomas said.

The kid to the right of him was Jimmy, and to his left was Joe. They went everywhere with Thomas; Nadia sometimes imagined that they even followed him to the bathroom. Thomas was never alone because he was a coward, and used his friends to do his dirty work.
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Thomas gave a signal.[4] The brothers each one take one of Naida’s arms and grab them tight. Jimmy who is the chubby one shake a little and haste to grab her arm. He clearly knows this is not right but he obeys the orders of Thomas as the loyal servant he is.

“But, Thomas she’s a girl. Momma told me that boys shouldn’t hit girls”

Thomas looked at Nadia with anger me he points her face with his finger. He looks at Nadia as if she is less of a human and if she’s a toy that he has the right to play with. Thomas“ that?” he laughs “ that isn’t a girl. Haven’t you look at her eyes? They are strange looking and besides everyone from Aengus has hazel or brown eyes not that weird emerald eyes. That thing is too fast to be a girl too strong and her skin is different from ours” he grabs her face and looks at her with his empty eyes.

“so don’t worry Jimmy is okay to teach that a lesson” he thinks he knows everything.

“ You think that you are that tuff ? hu?” Nadia said

“I don’t think that am tuff you know that I am” he said proudly, while he pulls back his hair.

“ you just talk, talk and no show. If you were that strong you wouldn’t need your slaves to do all the dirty work for you. You know what you are? A big and weak sissy!” she spoke out those words as a bomb ready to explode.

Thomas punches her stomach without hesitating. Sissy? He thought what the hell she think she is to call me that “ shut up! You monster!” Nadia took a deep breath the word monster triggers her. Nadia the weird girl, the poor orphan who fights to survive as everyone here. Everyone will whisper about her ever since she can remember any kid wanted to play with her no one wanted their child near her. Nadia doesn’t look from this town because her mother is originally from another kingdom but, despite that she stands out in a way that makes everyone feel uneasy. Sun kissed skin with crystal green eyes than can be mistaken for beautiful jewels. I’m not a monster I’m just a kid. She repeats to herself several times.

Thomas walked away from her . The brothers looked at him concerned “ are you okay Thomas?”

He looked back at her “I bet that’s why the king send to kill your parents because a monster like you doesn’t deserve them” he smiled at me her in the most sinister way. He could feel how his words stabbed her heart. Nadia eyes stared to look at the ground. How he dares to mention my parents? He doesn’t know anything. Nadia eyes were looking at his shadow. You think you can talk about my parents and get with it?. As he goes walking back to her Nadia closed her eyes she could count every beat of his heart. As Thomas was ready to punch her again Nadia opened her eyes and gave him a sharp kick directly to his chin. The brothers gasp. They let Nadia free and run towards Thomas. His mouth was fill of blood. Nadia stuck out her tongue at him.

“bye sissy” she said as she run as fast she could. Nadia finally arrived to her small rustic house her little hands opened the door and the walked into the empty room. She could hear her own thoughts there. An enormous echo wrapped the insides of the house. She went to her parents room. White wall with pictures of them together. Her innocent hands open the cabinets and she takes their clothes and threw them towards the bed. Nadia goes to lay om the bed and hugs the clothes. She hugged them tight and smell their parents aroma. Their scent was to her the sweetest perfume she knew. “mom , dad I’m back home” she said as she pressed their clothes on her chest. Nadia eyes felt heavy and tired. She fell asleep while thinking if tomorrow would be a better day.

The wind made its entrance through her window . The wind whispers into her ears and made her to wake up. She heard some kind of voice calling her. A women’s voice. suddenly her body felt unbalanced as if she lost a part of its own control.

“Lost souls dancing in sorrow, lonely kids crying, lonely kids shattering. Come with me…” she heard the phrase. The song felt like it was commanding Nadia’s body to leave the house. What the heck is happening? She asked to herself freighted. Her body went directly to door and left the house she stared to yell at her legs. “ stop! Stop!” that song is pulling her into the forest.

As she walks into the depths of the dark forest the song becomes louder and her body wasn’t hers anymore. She saw the figure of a women. The light of the moon showed her face. She was pale as paper her eyes are big like plates. She’s signing that phrase like evoking a spell. Different children approach hypnotized by her song.

The women hugs one of the kids gently as a mother. She plays with his hair and grabs one of his arms and rips it off. The kid doesn’t cry or move. The women is a demon that disguises herself as a gentle women and her song is the weapon she uses in order to catch her prey. Nadia looked closely at her she was able to see a strange dark glow. Sometimes Nadia is able to can see some type of light around people her is black. She felt a really heavy and wicked presence from her. Nadia’s body shake. The wicked demon grabs the childish body with her two skinny hands and go after his neck and start biting it hard and eating his flesh. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing in front of her eyes. I have to get out of here! She said in her mind. I can’t shout or move an inch Nadia thought frustrated. Her eyes were wondering around all the kids are still as statutes none of them aware of this massacre. The demon chews the kids flesh with her sharp fangs and devours the kids in minutes.

As she finish her body is now cover with blood. She opens her mouth and starts to sing again that song. Her signing is making Nadia’s body to approach her. I have to think fast. I don’t want to die not now Nadia mind was trying to make a perfect plan but, fear was holding it back. The air was starting to feel too heavy to breathe. Nadia was walking slowly but firm each step was getting her closer to her own death. She licks the top of her lips to clean the blood on her mouth. She grabbed Nadia and seated her on her lap she sings her song while she smells her neck. The little girl could feel as if her lungs can’t function anymore. Fear was controlling her overpowering herself.

As she keeps smelling her she turns Nadia in front of her and looks carefully at her face. “what a beautiful pair of eyes you have” she says amazed she kiss her forehead. Nadia felt fire burning her back. The biter lips of the demon made Nadia body to have goosebumps. Something was staring to change inside of her. Her heart was racing fast than normal the fire burning her skin become greater and her body was becoming hers once again as if the fire was fading away the spell of the demon. The demon was ready to place her fangs into Nadia’s neck. Nadia bite the demon hands when she tried to grasp her neck “you little bastard!” she shouts and slaps the little girl. Nadia fell from her lap and spit out the evil taste of the demon skin.

“how can a human break my spell?! Is impossible” The demon said astonished. No creature or animal and of course no human was able to break up her best spell. She looked at the girl with attention and analyzed her scent.

Nadia run without haste she could hear that demon commanding the kids to catch her. Her back was burning she could feel her skin getting rip off. I’m not even close to the end of this damn forest Nadia alleged . One of the kids a tall boy with brown eyes pulls her arm and behind him is a girl about her same age and she pulls her other arm. Nadia started to move and shout.

“let’s go” they say in a mechanic tone both of the kids only want to obey their master the demon that has them under her control.

“wake up! Or she’s going to eat us all!” Nadia shout to them but her words cannot reach them. She kicks both of them and keep running. kids stared come from every angle of the forest. I can fight them I know I can but, then she will devour each one of them. Nadia , think fast. Time was running and Nadia was trying to figure out what to do. She doesn’t want to leave things like this she wants to save everyone from this massacre. She decided to stop running and stay still. she let the kids to take her to where the demon was waiting her. Nadia stared to pray to her parents and asked her dad to lend her his strength as she opened her eyes at the end of the prayer she could see her sharp fangs waiting to chew her up. The kids pushed her towards the wicked women.

“ I beat your flesh tastes delicious a human like you has to have an unique taste” her mouth was watering she grabs Nadia with her both hands The little heroine could feel how her bones was going to crack any second. As Nadia was waiting to some miracle to happen she heard something flying towards her. I feel my dad presence Nadia said surprised. Nadia’s dad swords was flying on top of her she didn’t questioned how and why an object did this she just grabbed it and made a quick scar on her mouth. Is time to act now she has a weapon to defend herself and sent free the rest of the children. Nadia grabbed the word firmly pointing it to the monster in front of her.

“You little bitch, I have no more patience for you”

The fire burning Nadia’s back become greater and intense the sword had this heavy presence of Nadia’s dad. She felt brave as if her dad was next to her.

The demon goes after her running the demon mouth become wider and her fangs looks like a swords blade. She tries to trap her into her mouth but Nadia block her moves with the sword. she jumped backwards to gain space. Nadia tries to contain her breath.

“I’m going to eat you!” the demon exclaimed

Her mouth becomes bigger than her own face. The demon is determinate to eat Nadia. A little girl this strong? Hu? I never thought food can be so troublesome the demon thought as she set her eyes on her prey. Our protagonist’s small body can’t take any longer this heavy sword. Endure this a little more I cannot die not yet. She closed her eyes for a second and she heard a tranquil voice whispering to her ear “Look at her aura” the calm voice said and continued by saying “look at her weakness. An odd light should show you her weak spot”

Nadia opened it. she sees the demon running after hear with her mouth watering and with her tongue out.

“I see it!” she shout. She run after her and the wicked beast opened her mouth. Nadia got inside of it. It feels like being inside of a cell. Is dark and slippery Nadia sees the light is right on the center of her tongue. This has to be the weak spot. It has to be. Nadia stuck the sword deeply. Blood stared to come out from all the walls of her mouth Nadia took the sword from the demon’s tongue and kicked her teeth and broke an exit. Her childish body is now covered by blood. She couldn’t believe that she was able to see the wick spot of the demon. Behind her is the now a dead body. She looked around and the kids they are all shaking in fear. Now that the demon has fallen the spell had fade away. The kids are confuse and scare. They look at Nadia covered on blood and with a sword on her hand. “Let’s run! She’s a monster!” one of the kids shout. “She has a sword she’s going to slay us” they run on terror. Okay a thanks for saving my butt would be nice. Nadia sighs. She stares the sword how did you flew all over here? Nadia is puzzled with so many questions. How and why this sword flew when I was in danger. Nadia turn back when she heard the demon whispering the demon is covered on blood and had lost its scary and fearful looks. “Child…you are curse and gifted at the same time you are a…” her eyes closed and her body transformed into dust. The moonlight illuminated Nadia’s body. Nadia and the moon witnessed the demon last words. What am I? The little girl asked herself as she looked her hands covered on blood.





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