Star Cursed

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Chapter 18

“Drusilla Maderia Citrine. Isa Maderia Citrine. Valencia Maderia Citrine. Seraphine Obsidian,” I take in a deep breath as I focus to say the last name, a feeling of euphoria already flowing through me, “K-Kaeyln... Obsidian!”

The gate to the closed spaces of my mind cracks open, channels to my suppressed magic quickly expand and memories return.

My vision cancels out as my brain is overwhelmed with images from the past.

...My favourite place was our balcony, even though Sabir hated it when I lounged out here too long. It wasn’t my fault I liked sun baking while watching him with the other Dark Gems, shirts off, backs glistening with sweat as they built the foundations of a new pool...

“...I want to have a bite,” I complain, pouting up at Sabir as he reaches for one of the highest fruits on the tree. He pauses and glances down at me, those thick eye lashes shining in the sun as he observed me through narrowed eyes. “You want a taste my little blue eyed princess?” he asks, to my disappointment, with condescension. I nod and he leans down to my eye level, “Then you better tell me why Celeste and you were playing out in the forest when you weren’t allowed,” I frown. I hate repeating myself. He never listened. We had fun in the near forest, we didn’t even go far...

“...Hraken,” Sabir snarls at the one man who stopped me escaping, “I’ll look after my own, don’t get involved next time,” I glance up at Hraken with sad eyes, sorry because he felt the same way Sabir could only feel around me. The difference was Hraken was balanced, Sabir was too far gone in his darkness. He would never let it go...

“...Traegr goes too far,” I sit with Celeste in the sun of the garden, on the edge near the forest as we longingly look at freedom we can not gain. She reaches up a hand and a golden butterfly lands on her fingers while she tells me, “I love what he does to me, but I hate him equally so. At least I find some solace with you, Sapphire. We handle the darkness well,” I can’t help but smile mischievously, “You have to tell me what he did this time, Celeste,” I give her a wink and then lower my voice, “Seraphine is coming in a few days...”

...A black swirl down one cheek from the corner of her right eye. A black swirl rising from the corner of her left eye, curving onto her forehead. The deep brown of her irises held passion beyond the scope of understanding to most. She yielded to no one...

“...Who is she?” Sabir growls at one of the prisoners, a girl captured from the outside, confined to a small cell. She stands at the bars, defiantly glaring at him with real bravery, “She is no one and she is everyone!” she screams at him. I stand back, in my own cell, because I flooded his room with water – but that was another story, “I’ll get the answer out of you one way or another,” Sabir lowers his voice and I close my eyes as he unlocks the girl’s door. I didn’t want to see the betrayal he was about to commit. But this was a part of my punishment....

...I hide in the corner of one of the many halls in the Golden Palace, wrapping my arms around my knees. I hold them close to my chest as I’m hidden in darkness. I gave Seraphine the access she needed. Now I was terrified Sabir would find out. He always found out. One way of another. There is a flash of light as lightening strikes in the clouds, it briefly lights the wide corridor and red deep carpet to show a tall slender figure approaching. Celeste! Another flash of lightening, rumbling thunder, I see the tears running down her face. She runs to my side, falls to her knees and shakes her head. “No,” I let out a whimper, my heart breaking. “It’s over,” Celeste gasps out grabbing my hand, “We have to get out of here...!”

“...I can’t believe we are stealing their Galaxy 5000-Explorer Spaceship,” I grin, standing with Celeste at the controls, the whole ship, medium sized, was full of girls strapped into their seats. I glance out the window and along the field. Just through the trees, I see a huge, familiar, heavily muscled figure. A quick glance of those cruel eyes... Traegr! “I see him,” Celeste says quietly as she grabs the throttle and pulls it down, “This is for freedom,” she says and I grab the vile from my bra I had hidden before we had put this plan into action, “To a fresh start,” I swing back the vile of liquid and instantly black out...

“What do you remember? Sapphire?” Celeste asks me.

“Why is she spacing out while staring at the wall?” Kaelyn snaps.

“Is she okay?” Lilo asks, worried.

I turn to face them; the girls I knew so well. Just as I had known deep inside the recesses of my mind, the most prevalent thoughts echoed through my mind first. The ones I cherished or feared.

“Say something,” Kaelyn waves a hand in front of my eyes and I snatch her wrist to stop her annoying waving.

“I’m here,” I say calmly.

“Tell us, how much shit are we really in right now?” Kaelyn snaps, jerking her wrist away from my grasp.

“You mean with our enslavers?” I ask, “The Others – they are Dark Gems. Dark, empty, bottomless pits of want and desire. If you want to remember for yourself, read the lineage,” I look from Kaelyn to Celeste and smile slowly.

“You seem pretty calm,” Kaelyn snaps, bringing my attention back to her before she chooses to suddenly lower her voice, “Seriously, Sapphire, before we all say the lineage and remember. Just tell us. How much crap are we in right now? Are we in real danger?”

“We’re at war,” I say, “We need to avenge Seraphine.”


“She’s dead, she will be reborn in another generation,” I explain, “You were her niece, Kaelyn. You have a tendency to Shadow Fire.”

“What the hell?” she asks, confused and I just roll my eyes.

I point to the lineage and shrug.

“You want to remember, you know what to do,” I turn back to Celeste once more and take a step forwards, grabbing her into one tight hug before letting her go.

“I’m sorry for taking your memories,” Celeste says, her eyes tearing up.

“Why are you apologizing? You don’t even remember half of what happened either. You need to read it too,” I put a hand on her back and guide her to the line of girls already preparing to read the lineage. Kaelyn had just finished and was also spacing out, remembering prominent memories first.

To be perfectly honest, the realisation that I was back on Kiyr was too much. Perhaps this was just another beautiful nightmare.

But the warm forest breeze on my cheeks, the pulsing in my veins, the breath moving in and out of my lungs was real and I knew this wasn’t a dream.

Concerning my safety, however?

I was in denial.

I knew feeling numb and refusing to admit the enormity of the situation, would keep me sane. Denial was fine with me. I’d cherish it. I knew when I stopped pretending everything was going to be fine, I’d slowly go insane.

I didn’t want to focus on the fact that Sabir would go absolutely mental when he found out – as he always did – the truth.

I had never won the game, he was too cunning.

Perhaps this time I could.

I just had to stay out of his clutches, I had never managed it since that day I fell for his trap.

At least this time I had a head start, in fact I was back where I belonged. For now, I was safe in the forest!

This really was a fresh beginning, a new game.

I find myself slowly smiling.

Perhaps this time I could win!

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