Star Cursed

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Chapter 2

Blinding light causes me to blink a couple of times before my gaze finally adjusts to see two tall figures, one holding the torch which was so bright it stung my eyes. I breathe a mental sigh of relief when my brain does a quick recount and recognises that the one I saw outside with the black eyes is not one of them.

These two wear grey, blue and white uniforms which is what the majority of the aliens seem to wear. They are soldiers. An alien gun rests on each of their hips on a thick black belt.

“Who are you?” I ask, my voice hardly shakes, and I stay crouched by my bed, holding the racket in my hand, the bed itself hides the fact I am holding a weapon of my own. If you can call a tennis racket a weapon.

“Stand up,” the language that I hear does not sound like English, yet I understand it anyway, ”Now, girl."

“She is marked,” the other alien explains, holding a square device in his hand. He is reading off it’s screen with quick and intelligent eyes, “As expected.”

When I do not stand, the first one that spoke, who was slightly taller and had dirty blondish hair, stalks over to me, grabbing a piece of tube-like string that glowed orange from the back of his belt. He holds it before him.

“Ok, ok, I’ll stand,” I say, as he comes closer. He slows with apprehension but stops close enough anyway. I spring to action a moment later by swinging my body around in a circle as I rise. I lift up the racket and as my arm flies down, it smacks into the side of the alien’s neck.

I hear swearing in their language, and I watch as the alien I hit, snaps the orange tube-string out. It wraps around one of my wrists on it’s own accord. Before he can grab my other wrist I press up against his chest, and look into his eyes as my other hand fumbles at his belt for the alien gun.

“You have got to be kidding if you think I’ll just give in to you abducting me,” I don’t know what makes me say it, but for some reason my instincts were telling me not to surrender and not to submit. When most people would be consumed with fear, my legs were not willing to run. I was standing my ground. I had to fight.

It’s as he registers that I’m about to take his gun that I lift it out of his belt and press any and all of the buttons on it, pointing it towards his friend who stands back.

The soldier I’m up against is quick, but not quick enough to stop the rays of electricity that shoot out and engulf his fellow soldier. He grabs my wrists, bringing them behind my back. I drop the gun and suddenly the orange alien rope manages to wrap around my other wrist and I stumble back as the taller alien turns around to his friend who is on the floor, convulsing.

He grabs a remote at his shoulder pocket and presses a button, ”First aid, quickly. Inform Commander Sabir we have detained the girl, but she has caused a casualty,” as he talks I try and run past him with my hands trapped behind my back but he snaps out an arm and simply grabs my elbow.

His fellow soldier is still convulsing on the floor.

“Let me go,” I hiss.

His eyes bore into mine, assessing, judging... and disapproving.

"You disgust me,” he snarls, looking from me to his friend.

“It’s called self-defence,” I snap.

"He will die,” he says in a cold tone, his dark menacing eyes penetrating right through my innocent pair, ”You will pay for this.”

The memory fades. I slowly come back to reality; the very persistent and white, abnormal space around me. The here. The now.

My living nightmare.

I hear footsteps echoing in the hall outside my small white room. I was trapped on an alien spaceship, on course to an alien planet.

And I had no idea what was going to happen to me.

All I did know was that I was one of the few humans to successfully kill one of the aliens. Despite their efforts to save him.

However, that put me in a spotlight I didn’t want to be in.

The alien with the black eyes, the one that caused my whole blood to feel like it would ignite, was due to speak with me soon. And I already knew, in the pit of my stomach, that it wouldn’t end well.

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